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from Brown Corpus
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Some Related Sentences

Sometimes and up
Sometimes he didn't seem to because he hid them so well he couldn't find them himself or because he looked and didn't find anything and figured he hadn't hid one after all or had drunk it up.
Sometimes a burst of aggressiveness will sweep over a man -- or his wife -- because he or she feels age creeping up.
Sometimes I got on the wrong car and didn't get to school at all, but wound up at the ocean, or some other dismal place, and had to spend the day there.
Sometimes she took the path that winds up around my cottage to the walk at the edge of the cliff.
Sometimes a significant amount of alcohol ( up to 27 % vol ) is added, as a carrier for the flavor, to provide " bite ".
Sometimes he is sociable, but at other times he shuts himself up in his room.
Sometimes the whole space is taken up with the inscription.
Sometimes a misdealt card ( such as one of the down cards in poker that has flashed during the deal ) will be used as the burn card — in those cases, the card should be immediately placed face up on the deck after the deal is complete.
Sometimes the auguste is confused or is foolish and is screwing up less deliberately.
Sometimes, Nobita's friends ( usually Suneo or Gian ) steal Doraemon's gadgets and end up misusing them.
Sometimes the transfer is so one-sided for a molecule near the surface that it ends up with enough energy to ' escape ' ( evaporate ).
Sometimes an exaggerated finish, pulling the hands further up the chest than would be possible on water, is used.
Sometimes the children dress up and act out the story of Esther for their parents.
Sometimes fierce waves springing up unexpectedly have led to dramatic rescues ; in one instance, a Cleveland resident trying to measure the dock near his house became trapped but was rescued by a fire department diver from Avon Lake, Ohio:
Sometimes there was a false outer keel to take the wear while being dragged up a beach.
Sometimes the skins would stay in the unhairing bath for 8 or more days depending how concentrated and how warm the solution was kept — unhairing could take up to twice as long in winter.
Sometimes the convincing force is just time itself and the human toll it takes, Kuhn said, using a quote from Max Planck: " a new scientific truth does not triumph by convincing its opponents and making them see the light, but rather because its opponents eventually die, and a new generation grows up that is familiar with it.
Sometimes the stamps make up a greater picture.
Sometimes capital market transactions can have a negative effect on the primary borrowers-for example, if a large proportion of investors try to sell their bonds, this can push up the yields for future issues from the same entity.
Sometimes, unintentional whistles can be set up.
Sometimes, they swarm in large numbers and can be found washed up in flotsam, especially along the coast of eastern Australia.
Sometimes a paper or plastic target is set up in front of straw bales, which serve to support the target and provide a safe backdrop.
Sometimes triads will be asked by the facilitator to come up with a new question.
Sometimes this theorem is stated as follows: every non-zero single-variable polynomial with complex coefficients has exactly as many complex roots as its degree, if each root is counted up to its multiplicity.

Sometimes and middle
Sometimes a combination of the two styles occurs, wherein the middle, ring and fourth fingers are straight, but still stacked, or where all fingers may be touching the back of the racket, but are also in contact with one another.
Sometimes the language changes in the middle of a story.
Sometimes only X or Y is acceptable, with no middle ground possible.
Sometimes a fire was kept in the middle of the house and a hole in the roof let out the smoke.
Sometimes a gag is shown pushed back between the victim's front teeth into the mouth (' cleave gag '), or with a hard ball in its middle (' ball gag ') or reinforced by pushing small cloth items or even underwear into the mouth (' stuff gag ').
Sometimes an even-point scale is used, where the middle option of " Neither agree nor disagree " is not available.
Sometimes the sky is divided into Jiutian ( 九天 ) " the nine sky divisions ", the middle sky and the eight directions.
Sometimes they will go to great lengths to try to conceal the middle rail on Lionel track, and will replace the oversized couplers that came with their trains from the factory with scale versions.
Sometimes several times a year, the Somer rose up during prolonged rainfall and flooded shops, particularly where the high street is at its lowest point in the middle between Martin ’ s newsagent and the former Palladium cinema.
Sometimes referred to as Jamia Mosque, it is situated in the middle of Victoria Park, Manchester close to the Curry Mile.
Sometimes he stopped in the middle of a sentence and was unable to continue.
Sometimes the zipper runs straight down the middle.
Sometimes the shield is divided into three parts per pale, with the husband's arms in the middle section and the arms of each of his wives to each side of him.
" Born to Make You Happy " was performed for the last time on Dream Within a Dream Tour, where Spears emerged from the middle of a giant musical box on the stage as a ballerina, to perform the song in a medley with " Lucky " and " Sometimes ", right after the performance of " Overprotected ".
Sometimes what's considered in one place to be a middle school, may be classed as elementary or high school elsewhere ( even within the same province ), so it may be necessary to look at one of the other categories if a school is not present here.
Sometimes it only refers to the block arrangement in the right-hand-side diagram, where the largest block ( in red ) must be moved to the bottom middle location ( marked in blue ).
Sometimes the Aptian is subdivided in three substages or subages: Bedoulian ( early or lower ), Gargasian ( middle ) and Clansayesian ( late or upper ).

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