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Soon and Pei
Soon, however, Pei and his team won the support of several key cultural icons, including the conductor Pierre Boulez and Claude Pompidou, widow of former French President Georges Pompidou, after whom another controversial museum was named.

Soon and was
Soon he was playing in the Cologne Municipal Orchestra, and during World War 1,, when musicians were scarce, he joined the opera orchestra as well.
Soon he was in trouble there, for defending a woman who was accused of smiling in church.
Soon he was ready to go into a three-dimensional figure in clay.
Soon we were deep in a conversation that was interrupted many times by little things like Jennie's holding her breath and pretending to black out, Miranda's dumping the contents of the sugar bowl on the table, and various screeches, thuds, and giggles.
Soon after the method changed, visitors began asking how he managed to irrigate his soil to keep it looking moist, when in reality, it was the soil treatment alone that accomplished this.
Soon after Hermias ' death, Aristotle was invited by Philip II of Macedon to become the tutor to his son Alexander in 343 BC.
Soon after Abner's death, Ish-bosheth was assassinated as he slept ( 2 Samuel 4 ), and David became king of the reunited kingdoms ( 2 Samuel 5 ).
Soon after the accession of Muhammad Shah Qajar to the throne of his grandfather, Fath Ali Shah, the Imam Hasan Ali Shah was appointed governor of Kerman in 1835.
Soon Alexios III was threatened by a new and yet more formidable danger.
Soon after the palace was constructed, a Cyclopean massive circuit wall was built, 760 meters long, up to 10 meters high, and ranging from 3. 5 to 6 meters thick.
Soon, however, the Duke of Canossa, Alberto Uzzo, who had been advised of the rescue, arrived and carried her off to his castle, where she was besieged by Berengar.
Soon after 21: 00 on December 14, 1989, Sakharov went to his study to take a nap before preparing an important speech he was to deliver the next day in the Congress.
The trick was the little vamp on " Soon " which has five-and six-note chords.
Soon after, BBS software was being written for all of the major home computer systems of the late 1970s era-the Apple II, Atari, Commodore and TRS-80 being some of the most popular.
Soon after, Ellenborough was forced to resign over an entirely separate matter involving the current Governor-General, Lord Canning.
Soon, the seat tube was added, creating the double-triangle diamond frame of the modern bike.
Soon after, the rear freewheel was developed, enabling the rider to coast.
Soon, however, the Liberals faced another divisive crisis when a National Government was proposed to fight the 1931 general election with a mandate for tariffs.
Soon after, the band's name was revised to Bill Haley & His Comets.
Soon after his graduation in 1963, he was hired as a professor at Kabul University.
Soon after the estate was purchased the existing house was found to be too small.
Soon after, Ivinskaya was lying ill in Luisa Popova's apartment, when suddenly Zinaida Pasternak arrived and confronted her.

Soon and so
Soon after Loper leaked the news that Frankie had ordered `` two of everything '' just `` in case he spills anything '', Frankie got so mad at the chic designer that he vowed he would not wear a stitch of Loper clothing.
Soon after, he confided in her, " For so long we were ruled over by a madman and a murderer, and now by a fool and a pig.
Soon, rumours circulated that for the potatoes to be so well guarded they had to be of great importance.
Soon after his resignation a renewed attack of gout freed Chatham from the mental disease under which he had so long suffered.
Soon, however, < span lang =" fr "> Villèle </ span > proved himself to be nearly as cautious as his master, and, so long as < span lang =" fr "> Louis </ span > lived, overtly reactionary policies were kept to a minimum.
Soon after the razing of the village, several towns in various countries were named after it ( such as San Jerónimo-Lídice in Mexico City, Barrio Lídice and its hospital in Caracas, Venezuela, Lídice de Capira in Panama, and towns in Brazil ), so that the name would live on in spite of Hitler's intentions.
Soon after taking office, Zedillo announced his government would let the fixed exchange rate band increase 15 percent ( up to 4 pesos per US $), by stopping the unorthodox measures employed by the previous administration to keep it at the previous fixed level ( e. g., by selling dollars, assuming debt, and so on ).
Soon after the entry into force of the present Code of Canon Law at the end of 1983, the adjective " Sacred " was dropped from the names of all Curial Congregations ( it remained in use throughout 1984, as can be seen in the Acta Apostolicae Sedis of that year, but no longer appeared in the 1985 issues of that official bulletin of the Holy See ), and so the dicastery adopted its current name, the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.
Soon Vamana grew so large that one foot touched the entire Earth, another foot was touched by the heavens and did not have a third foot to provide.
Soon after, the area was recognised as a good place for water catchments, so the Maroondah and Upper Yarra dams were built.
Soon after, gold was discovered in the nearby hills, so much so that miners were restricted to claims of, and yet many of those claims were reported to have paid up to $ 20, 000.
Soon after the town was founded in its original location, it was determined that the Central Branch Union Pacific Railroad line would pass just to the south, so a new town was built on the railroad line near the Delaware River.
Soon after the war, Rothko felt his titles were limiting the larger, transcendent aims of his paintings, and so removed them altogether.
Soon afterward, Loy's mother needed a hysterectomy and insisted Los Angeles was a safer place to have it done, so she, Loy, and Loy's brother David moved to Ocean Park, where Loy began to take dancing lessons.
Soon, public demand for psychological services and information grew so fierce that the availability of legitimate research and real psychologists became insufficient.
Soon, the sanitarium had grown so that it was entitled to its own post office, which would sort and deliver mail to its many patients.
Soon they were compacted together so closely that they had little space to wield their weapons.
Soon after the granting of Catholic emancipation in 1829, it was decided by the " popular party " to run a Catholic candidate for Newry, then regarded as a stronghold of the ascendancy party, which resented " so insolent a proceeding on the part of the Catholics ".
Soon after her death, ex-husband Bob Geldof assumed foster custody of Tiger Lily with the willing consent of Hutchence's parents, so that she could be raised with her three older half-sisters, Fifi, Peaches and Pixie.
Soon he was barred from campaigning in Methodist congregations, so he became an independent evangelist.
Soon, there are so many people within the society that they cannot all gather in one place to make the laws, so they begin holding elections.
Soon after he was elected to the Lucasian chair he announced that he regarded it as part of his professional duties to help any member of the university in difficulties he might encounter in his mathematical studies, and the assistance rendered was so real that pupils were glad to consult him, even after they had become colleagues, on mathematical and physical problems in which they found themselves at a loss.

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