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Soon and after
Soon after the method changed, visitors began asking how he managed to irrigate his soil to keep it looking moist, when in reality, it was the soil treatment alone that accomplished this.
Soon after 10 A.M., when police reached the 1-1/2-story brick home in the Franklin Manor section, 15 miles south of here on the bay, in response to a call from the Dresbach's other son, Lee, 14, they found Mrs. Dresbach's body on the first-floor bedroom floor.
Soon after Loper leaked the news that Frankie had ordered `` two of everything '' just `` in case he spills anything '', Frankie got so mad at the chic designer that he vowed he would not wear a stitch of Loper clothing.
Soon after Hermias ' death, Aristotle was invited by Philip II of Macedon to become the tutor to his son Alexander in 343 BC.
Soon after acquiring the undisputed possession of the Roman empire, Theodosius died at Milan in 395, and two years later ( April 4, 397 ) Ambrose also died.
Soon after Abner's death, Ish-bosheth was assassinated as he slept ( 2 Samuel 4 ), and David became king of the reunited kingdoms ( 2 Samuel 5 ).
Soon after the accession of Muhammad Shah Qajar to the throne of his grandfather, Fath Ali Shah, the Imam Hasan Ali Shah was appointed governor of Kerman in 1835.
Soon after March 1841, Hasan Ali Shah set out for Kerman.
Soon after, Rufinus ' own soldiers hacked him to death.
Soon after assuming the throne, he conducted a campaign to reincorporate the Balearic Islands into the Kingdom of Aragon-which had been lost due to the division of the kingdom by his grandfather, James I of Aragon.
Soon after he became a messenger boy.
Soon after this period he appears to have been constantly employed under his grandfather.
Soon after the palace was constructed, a Cyclopean massive circuit wall was built, 760 meters long, up to 10 meters high, and ranging from 3. 5 to 6 meters thick.
Soon after, he volunteers to go on a patrol and kills a man for the first time in hand-to-hand combat.
Soon after 21: 00 on December 14, 1989, Sakharov went to his study to take a nap before preparing an important speech he was to deliver the next day in the Congress.
Soon after the water-based acrylic binders were introduced as house paints, artists and companies alike began to explore the potential of the new binders.
Soon after graduating from Berkeley, he moved to New York, mainly to be near the conductor Arturo Toscanini.
Soon after its London premiere, Achurch brought the play to Australia in 1889.
Soon after, BBS software was being written for all of the major home computer systems of the late 1970s era-the Apple II, Atari, Commodore and TRS-80 being some of the most popular.
Soon after, Ellenborough was forced to resign over an entirely separate matter involving the current Governor-General, Lord Canning.
Soon after, the rear freewheel was developed, enabling the rider to coast.
Soon after a press conference, the alleged Bigfoot body arrived in a block of ice in a freezer with the Searching for Bigfoot team.
Soon after this he decided, as all successful people must decide at some time or another, to be his own boss again-and he has been that ever since .’ these notes fail to account for his early band, known as the Four Aces of Western Swing.
Soon after, the band's name was revised to Bill Haley & His Comets.
Soon after his graduation in 1963, he was hired as a professor at Kabul University.

Soon and returned
Soon after Summer of Night, Simmons, who had written mostly horror fiction, began to focus on writing science fiction, although in 2007 he returned with a work of historical fiction and horror, The Terror.
Soon after, Peart confirmed that Nick Raskulinecz had returned as co-producer.
Soon after, the group finally returned to the studio, but in an increasingly tense environment, as Simmons and McDaniels ' differences had begun to show.
Soon the Coxes returned to New York with Kyoko.
Soon after Otto II crushed Henry II's revolt in the south, the Emperor and his wife Theophanu returned to the old capital of Aachen in Lorraine.
Soon after Edward returned from Flanders, he headed north.
Soon after Walpole returned to the Cabinet, Britain was swept by a wave of over-enthusiastic speculation which led to the South Sea Bubble.
Soon after he returned during 1948, he was made a professor at the Institute of Archaeology, but spent part of the years 1949 and 1950 in Pakistan as Archaeological Adviser to the Government, helping to establish the Archaeological Department of Pakistan, and the National Museum of Pakistan at Karachi.
Soon, however, Sweyn accepted a further payment of Danegeld from William and returned home.
Soon after Harold Wilson's Labour Party returned to government, Heath appointed Whitelaw as Deputy Leader of the Opposition and Chairman of the Conservative Party.
Soon after he returned to his diocese in 1608, Richelieu was heralded as a reformer.
Soon after the founding of the Chinese Communist Party, in 1920, Chen accepted an invitation by a rebel governor in Guangzhou to serve as the head of the province's education board, but this position dissolved when the government returned to Nationalist control.
Soon thereafter, she returned to the health care profession and worked for many years in the Pediatrics Ward of the Pristina General Hospital.
Soon after, Keel was released from his contract and returned to his first love: the stage.
Soon after the first of the year in 1946, some soldiers returned to live in Atlanta, and at least two of the Germans applied for U. S. citizenship and returned as well.
Soon he returned to Poland and took up psychiatry at the Psychiatric Clinic of Collegium Medicum in Kraków.
Soon he returned with the Pecheneg army and attacked Yaroslav on the Alta River, but was once again defeated and fled to Poland, eventually dying on his way there.
Soon after he returned, Thalberg gave him his recommendations and Laemmle was impressed by his ability to understand and explain ongoing problems.
Soon, the other four guests join them: Dr. Roberts, a hearty, florid man ; Mrs. Lorrimer, a perfectly poised gentlewoman of late middle age ; Major John Despard, a dashing Army man and world traveller, recently returned from Africa ; and Anne Meredith, a shy, quiet, very pretty young woman.
" Soon after he returned to the Oakland area, he met Louisa Strentzel, daughter of a prominent physician and horticulturist with a fruit orchard in Martinez, California, northeast of Oakland.
Soon after during the period AD 742-746, Zhang Guo Lao fell ill and returned to die in the Heng Chou Mountains.
Soon after Falmouth returned to New York in August, Read was shocked to be " dropped from the Navy " on 13 September 1855 in compliance with the recommendation of a board of officers charged with carrying "... into execution an act Congress to promote the efficiency of the Navy.
After opening for Nirvana on the American Nevermind tour and Pearl Jam on the Vs. Tour, Urge Overkill returned to the studio to record another EP, Stull, in 1992 which featured the tracks, " Girl, You'll Be a Woman Soon " ( produced & mixed by Kramer ) and " Goodbye to Guyville.
Soon after, Helen Morgan returned to her native North Carolina.

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