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Soon and afterward
Soon afterward, he was named team captain, and in 1903 the team was renamed the " Naps " after a newspaper conducted a write-in contest.
Soon afterward, Göring detached the political and intelligence sections from the police and filled their ranks with Nazis.
Soon afterward, the development of printing by Caxton and others accelerated the development of a standardised form of English.
Soon afterward, however, Lewis denied that he was leaving the telethon at all, but on August 3, 2011, the MDA announced that Lewis resigned as chairman and telethon host, the circumstances leading to his resignation unknown.
Soon afterward, he went to Constantinople to pursue a study of Scripture under Gregory Nazianzen.
Soon afterward a group of painters ( Giacomo Balla, Umberto Boccioni, Carlo Carrà, Luigi Russolo, and Gino Severini ) co-signed the Futurist Manifesto.
Soon afterward he established the GRU ( military intelligence ) to provide political and military intelligence to Red Army commanders.
Soon afterward, Lyons, Fenton and four other right-wing Labor MPs -- Moses Gabb, Allan Guy, Charles McGrath and John Price -- resigned from the ALP in protest of the Scullin government's economic policies.
Soon afterward Warner Bros. moved to the First National lot in Burbank.
Soon afterward, Tubman escaped again, this time without her brothers.
Soon afterward, Liechtenstein joined the German Confederation ( 20 June 1815 24 August 1866, which was presided over by the Emperor of Austria ).
Soon afterward they released the album Phaedra, an eerie soundscape that unexpectedly reached # 15 in the United Kingdom album charts and became one of Virgin's first bona-fide hits.
Soon afterward, Ponzi started his own company, the " Securities Exchange Company ," to promote the scheme.
Soon afterward they are abandoned by the adults.
Soon afterward, the Helvetic executive directory sent him as government commissioner to Unterwalden for the purpose of restoring tranquility.
Soon afterward, the rights were licensed to Avalon Hill, which made several minor revisions and published the game for many years.
Soon afterward, Herzl wrote Der Judenstaat ( The Jewish State, 1896 ) and founded the World Zionist Organization, which called for the creation of a Jewish State in Palestine.
Soon afterward he is kidnapped by the psychotic Slayer Dana, who believes he was responsible for kidnapping and torturing her as a child.
Soon afterward, Lightcap is appointed to the Supreme Court.
Soon afterward, the limited commercial area of carambola under cultivation in south Florida ( 4 to 12 ha ) was top-worked to ' Arkin ' and this new cultivar led to a rapid increase in consumer demand for the fruit which further stimulated interest in establishing new commercial plantings.
Soon afterward, radio introduced millions of Americans to the same songs, often written by artists like Hoagy Carmichael, or sung in a more soothing, personal style by crooners like Rudy Vallée or Bing Crosby.
Soon afterward, Juror 11 ( George Voskovec ) questions whether the defendant would have reasonably fled the scene and come back three hours later to retrieve the knife, then also changes his vote.
Soon afterward, the spacecraft began its main imaging mission — providing panoramic images of the mountainous region of the Moon between 30 ° and 60 ° south latitude and between 20 ° and 80 ° east longitude.
Undeterred, Chayefsky and Gottfried shopped the script around to other studios, and eventually found an interested party in MGM Soon afterward, UA reversed itself and looked to co-finance the film with MGM, which for the past several years had distributed through UA in the US.

Soon and United
Soon after, a new contingent of Texans and volunteers from the United States arrived with more heavy artillery.
Soon after the start of the Mexican War, when the extent of the territories to be acquired was still unclear, the question of whether to allow slavery in those territories polarized the Northern and Southern United States in the most bitter sectional conflict up to this time.
Soon after the war though Douglas made a large advancement with the DC-4, although this could not cross the Atlantic at every point, it was able to make a nonstop flight from New York to the United Kingdom.
Soon after the establishment of the French Third Republic, the project of building some suitable memorial to show the fraternal feeling existing between the republics of the United States and France was suggested, and in 1874 the Union Franco-Americaine ( Franco-American Union ) was established by Edouard de Laboulaye.
) Soon after the United States entered World War II, Aaron Copland wrote A Lincoln Portrait for the Philharmonic at the request of conductor Andre Kostelanetz as a tribute to and expression of the " magnificent spirit of our country.
Soon, those who had stocked largemouth bass on their farm ponds began to pursue them on a burgeoning number of new reservoirs and impoundments built in the United States during the 1940s and 1950s.
Soon after that, the 105 Cahokia " heads of household " pledged loyalty to the Continental Congress of the United States.
( Soon the United States government would claim sole authority to negotiate with Native Americans.
Soon thereafter Perry stated that the United States would propose UN economic sanctions if North Korea did not allow international inspection of its planned withdrawal of spent fuel from a nuclear reactor fuel containing sufficient plutonium to produce four or five nuclear weapons.
Soon after the album's release, Danzig undertook the Blackest of the Black tour across the United States, replacing Circle of Snakes drummer Bevan Davies with Johnny Kelly ( of Type O Negative ).
Soon, campaigns started appearing in the United States, the United Kingdom, Israel, Austria, Germany, New Zealand, Japan, the Netherlands, France, and Norway.
Soon afterward, several commercial services began offering secular round-robin dating events across the United States.
Soon after in 1978, Nine switched their slogan to " Still the One " ( patterned after the campaign used by ABC in the United States ), which lasted until the ratings downfall in January 2006.
Soon after private ownership of gold was banned in 1933, all of the remaining types of circulating currency, silver certificates, Federal Reserve Notes, and United States Notes, were redeemable by individuals only for silver.
Soon, he embarked on another international tour that included more fights in the United States, several fights in Denmark, and one fight in Canada.
Soon after he was born, his father, David Rabi, emigrated to the United States.
Soon President Gerald Ford appointed Moynihan as be ambassador to the United Nations, where his outspoken advocacy of American values led to election to the Senate in 1976.
Soon afterwards, Smith resigned from the Conservative Party, and stood as a parliamentary candidate for the United Kingdom Independence Party in Portsmouth North where the Labour victory was claimed by the Conservative candidate to be a result of the UKIP candidacy, a claim also made by Richard North of the Bruges Group.
Yi is the main character in a full-color graphic novel published in the United States with the title Yi Soon Shin: Warrior and Defender.
Soon after, the new landlords, in combination with the club and supporters group Cambridge Fans United, announced that they had signed a Memorandum of Understanding to positively work together to achieve the relocation of the club to a new stadium.
Soon, much of the United States knew the tale of Lady ’ s death, and other reports of similar phenomena in Colorado emerged.
Soon after Story's appointment, the Supreme Court began to bring out into plain view the powers which the United States Constitution had given it over state courts and state legislation.

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