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Soon and thereafter
Soon thereafter he began to write the history of Bremen / Hamburg and of the northern lands in his Gesta.
Soon thereafter, Gongshan Furao — a retainer of the Ji family — revolted and took control of the forces at Bi.
Soon thereafter, the National Academy of Sciences asked Drake to convene a meeting on detecting extraterrestrial intelligence.
Soon thereafter he published his findings, proving that an electric current produces a magnetic field as it flows through a wire.
Soon thereafter Ritter discovered the process of electroplating.
Soon thereafter, Captain Christopher Billopp sailed around it within the allotted time.
Soon thereafter " Imperator " became however a title reserved exclusively for the ruling monarch.
Soon thereafter, Raphael visited Florence and befriended the friar.
Soon thereafter, he landed a credited role in I Want to Live !, a 1958 prison drama starring Susan Hayward.
Soon thereafter, the other prize-awarding organisations were designated or established.
Soon thereafter, the Livonian Order established a stone fort at Pöide.
Soon thereafter, Sassou Nguesso declared himself President and named a 33-member government.
Soon thereafter, Korea joined the Vietnam War, eventually sending a total of 300, 000 soldiers to fight alongside US and South Vietnamese troops.
Soon thereafter, they are sent to Japan to assess the national mood of the country — Clark is under cover as a Russian reporter.
Soon thereafter, a group of ten Congregationalist ministers: Samuel Andrew, Thomas Buckingham, Israel Chauncy, Samuel Mather, James Noyes, James Pierpont, Abraham Pierson, Noadiah Russell, Joseph Webb and Timothy Woodbridge, all of whom were alumni of Harvard, met in the study of Reverend Samuel Russell in Branford, Connecticut, to pool their books to form the school's first library.
Soon thereafter, the Soviet Union, Czechoslovakia, and Yugoslavia dissolved, the latter violently over several years, into successor states, many rife with ethnic nationalism.
Soon thereafter, the cities of Munich, Hamburg, St. Petersburg, Dresden and Buenos Aires welcomed the opera.
Soon thereafter the Imperial army retreated from Poland without making any permanent gains.
Soon thereafter, Patton had Omar Bradley reassigned to his corps as deputy commander.
Soon thereafter came her star-making role as a call girl who seduces a high-school student played by Tom Cruise in Risky Business.
Soon thereafter an unsuccessful assassination attempt against Hugh was attributed to Fulk or his supporters.
Soon thereafter, she and several of her followers were arrested as British spies or sympathizers and jailed.
Soon thereafter the office of the Comintern Chairman was abolished and Zinoviev lost his last important post.
Soon thereafter, Henry agreed to convene Parliament to address the calls for reform.
Soon thereafter, a lively trade in various derivatives, among which options and repos, emerged on the Amsterdam market.

Soon and Portuguese
Soon after the voyages of Christopher Columbus to the Americas, both Portuguese and Spanish ships began claiming territories in Central and South America.
Soon thereafter, in February 1988, he released Nada como el sol, a selection of five songs from Sun sung ( by Sting himself ) in Spanish and Portuguese.
Soon, the British forces fighting Napoleon in Portugal found that the Portuguese army had a very capable semaphore system giving the Duke of Wellington a decisive advantage in intelligence.
Soon, a process of miscegenation between Portuguese settlers and indigenous women started.
Soon after, Simão ceremoniously executed a Portuguese and barred other foreigners ( mostly Siamese and other South East Asians ) from trading on the island, which drew even more attention to him.
Soon Mota Pinto became the single leader, and Vice-Prime Minister during the Portuguese Central Block.
Soon after contact with Portuguese traders in the year 1543, firearms were adopted in the nation and an era of gunpowder warfare followed for several decades, culminating at the famous Battle of Nagashino in 1575, where volley fire was introduced.
Soon the British displaced the Dutch and Portuguese as the main western economic and political influence in Siam.
Soon editions in Italian, Dutch, French, Spanish, Swedish, Bulgarian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Ukrainian, Serbian, Japanese, Russian, Hebrew, Arabic, Thai, Norwegian, Chinese, Turkish, Korean, Hungarian, Greek, Esperanto, Czech and Albanian ( in that chronological order ) were set up.
Soon it became a trading centre for saltpetre, urging other Europeans — French, Danes, Dutch and Portugueseto compete in the lucrative business.
Soon all that was left of his legacy was Marrakesh, local warlords, the Portuguese and the Spanish having taken over the rest.
Soon the revolutionaries disliked Mendes Cabeçadas ' attitude ( which tried an approach similar to that of the late Portuguese First Republic ) and he was replaced by Gomes da Costa in both posts in a meeting in Sacavém on June 17, 1926.

Soon and were
Soon they were all shouting greetings, exchanging smiles, and rejoicing to think that they were all back together again.
Soon he was playing in the Cologne Municipal Orchestra, and during World War 1,, when musicians were scarce, he joined the opera orchestra as well.
Soon they were picking their way along the edge of the stream which glowed in the night.
Soon we were deep in a conversation that was interrupted many times by little things like Jennie's holding her breath and pretending to black out, Miranda's dumping the contents of the sugar bowl on the table, and various screeches, thuds, and giggles.
Soon they all were removed to Central Laboratory School where their delicate transformation began.
Soon both armies were in their lines on the same bank of the Guadalquivir.
Soon after the water-based acrylic binders were introduced as house paints, artists and companies alike began to explore the potential of the new binders.
Soon the Allied infantry could no longer keep up, but their cavalry were off the leash, heading through the gathering night for the crossings on the Dyle river.
Soon after, he confided in her, " For so long we were ruled over by a madman and a murderer, and now by a fool and a pig.
Soon after, turnpikes were built: the Cambridge and Concord Turnpike ( today's Broadway and Concord Ave .), the Middlesex Turnpike ( Hampshire St. and Massachusetts Ave. northwest of Porter Square ), and what are today's Cambridge, Main, and Harvard Streets were roads to connect various areas of Cambridge to the bridges.
Soon the notoriety of Bimba's Capoeira proved to be a problem to traditional capoeiristas, who were gradually losing visibility and were still distrusted by society.
Soon others began to ask her to teach her healing method and she claimed that her students were able to approximate her ability to heal.
The first single " Better Be Home Soon " peaked at number two on both Australian and New Zealand singles charts and reached top 50 In the US, though the following four singles were less successful.
Soon artists generally were using silver to make drawings and underdrawings.
Soon the hobby spread to other sports as well and by 1988, USA Today estimated that five hundred thousand people were playing.
Soon the Roman troops were being slaughtered.
Soon after his divorce, de Klerk and Georgiades were married.
Soon afterwards the government banned the Social Democratic Party, which had voted against the Act, while the other parties were intimidated into dissolving themselves rather than face arrests and concentration camp imprisonment.
Soon many gas wells were drilled in the area, and the gas-lit streets of Fredonia became a tourist attraction.
Soon political meetings were outlawed.
Soon Italians began taking positions in Albania's civil service, and Italian settlers were allowed into the country.
Soon after, a British group alleged that the teenagers were executed for consensual homosexual acts and not rape.

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