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Spanish and news
With the arrival of news in May 1810 that southern Spain had been conquered by Napoleon's forces, that the Spanish Supreme Central Junta had dissolved itself, declarations of independence in Quito ( 1809 ), Gran Colombia ( 1810 ), Venezuela and Paraguay ( 1811 ) and other territories, established their own governments.
The news that Guatemala had declared the separation from Spain on September 15, 1821, the Provincial Government of Comayagua Honduras declared independence from the Spanish monarchy on September 15, 1821.
In the Spanish individualist anarchist magazine Ética and Iniciales " there is a strong interest in publishing scientific news, usually linked to a certain atheist and anti-theist obsession, philosophy which will also work for pointing out the incompatibility between science and religion, faith and reason.
The news that the Portuguese House of Braganza had regained control of the Crown from the Spanish Habsburgs took two years to reach Macau, arriving in 1642.
I have the pleasure to communicate to Your Excellency the praiseworthy news of the Isthmus ' decision of independence from Spanish dominion.
After García's murder by his Indian allies news of the raid reached the Spanish explorers on the coast and attracted Sebastian Cabot to the Río Paraguay two years later.
The news of funding led to a rise in risk premium Spanish to very high levels and a strong fall of the stock exchange in Madrid in June and July 2012.
On 17 October 1632, the Court of Star Chamber banned all " news books " because of complaints from Spanish and Austrian diplomats that coverage of the Thirty Years ' War in England was unfair.
Spanish is common among Sahrawi people and especially among the Sahrawi diaspora, with the Sahrawi Press Service, official news service of the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic, being available in Spanish since 2001 and the Sahara Film Festival, Western Sahara's only film festival, showing mainly Spanish-language films.
The War of the Spanish Succession ended in 1714, but some privateers were slow to get the news, or reluctant to accept it, and slipped into piracy.
When news of this invasion reached Ludovico Sforza, Duke of Milan, on 21 October 1496, he wrote to his ambassador in Spain, to request the Spanish monarchs make peace between England and Scotland.
After taking this Vernon news, immediately sent four ships to its fleet to intercept Spanish ships, finally getting these English circumvent controls and enter the port of Cartagena on April 21, 1740, landing there the new governor and several hundred of valuable veteran soldiers.
On December 14, 1818, the French privateer Hipólito Bouchard, sailing under the flag of the " United Provinces of Rio de la Plata " ( Argentina ), brought his ships La Argentina and Santa Rosa to within sight of the Mission ; aware that Bouchard ( today known as " California's only pirate ") had recently conducted raids on the settlements at Monterey and Santa Barbara, Comandante Ruíz had sent forth a party of thirty men ( under the leadership of a young Spanish lieutenant named Santiago Argüello ) to protect the Mission at first news of the approach on the 13th.
It is also interesting to note that when the Spanish Ambassador in Paris heard this news, the headlines were that Darnley “ had murdered his wife, admitted the exiled heretics, and seized the kingdom .” However on the 20 March, Darnley posted a declaration denying all knowledge of or complicity in the Rizzio conspiracy.
When news of the Scott Massacre on the Apalachicola reached Washington, D. C., Gaines was ordered to invade Florida and pursue the Indians but not to attack any Spanish installations.
It can range from free-hand writing in spray can and marker form, often carrying social or sexual commentary in English or Spanish, pictures in wheatpaste and stencils, consisting of stenciled renderings of personalities crucial to Hispanic culture from past and present eras, such as television news announcers or stars, but also extending to images of artists like Salvador Dalí.
* Reina Máxima-Biography, news, fashion, etc about Princess Máxima non-official website, in Spanish, English and Dutch
During the Spanish Civil War, the Nationalist forces received a powerful Telefunken transmitter as a gift of Nazi Germany to aid their propaganda efforts, and until 1943 Radio Nacional de España collaborated with the Axis powers to retransmit in Spanish news from the official radio stations of Germany and Italy.
In 2005, Canada broadcast in English, Chinese, Arabic, Russian, and Spanish There is a trend towards more TV ( e. g. BBC World, NHK World, CCTV-9 ), and news websites.
WCIW broadcasts music, news, and public affairs to listeners in Spanish, Haitian Creole and several indigenous languages, including Mam and Kan.
People so honored at the park include merengue singer Joseíto Mateo, salsa singer La India, Cuban musician Israel " Cachao " Lopez, Cuban tenor Beny Moré, Tito Puente, Spanish language television news anchor Rafael Pineda, salsa pioneer Johnny Pacheco, singer / bandleader Gilberto Santa Rosa and music promoter Ralph Mercado.

Spanish and outlets
Although Spanish pop music is currently flourishing, the industry suffered for many years under Francisco Franco's regime, with few outlets for Spanish performers during the 1930s through the 1970s.
" Spanish Moors focused on ascetic self-control and the limitation of sexual outlets as a point of honor, as well as emphasizing a strongly dichotomous and hierarchical gender system that valued males and masculinity far more than females and femininity.
The broadcast station was sold to Entravision Communications, a company better known for its Spanish language outlets ( because Clear Channel found itself over FCC ownership limits due to another merger ).
But the Spanish conquistador Juan de Salcedo laid siege to his fortress for eight months by blocking the river outlets.
Eroski is a Spanish supermarket chain with nearly 1, 000 outlets spread across Spain ( excluding franchises ).
He also became the first Spanish designer to open his own brand-name store in Madrid, which soon mushroomed into a chain with outlets across Spain and abroad.

Spanish and expressed
Several heads-of-state have expressed doubts about the success of multicultural policies: The United Kingdom's Prime Minister David Cameron, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Australia's ex-prime minister John Howard, Spanish ex-president Jose Maria Aznar and French President Nicolas Sarkozy have voiced concerns about the effectiveness of their multicultural policies for integrating immigrants.
On the foreign policy front, the major events were various speeches delivered by representatives of West European Marxist-Leninist parties, particularly the Italian, Spanish, and French, all of which expressed in varying ways ideological differences with the Soviet Union.
In a preface written for a Paris exhibition of Spanish painter Francisco Riba Rovira in 1945 — approximately one year before her death — she expressed her opinions of Picasso, Cézanne, Matisse and Juan Gris as well as Riba-Rovira, a familiar artist of her salon at rue de Fleurus.
The Arminians were perceived as ready to compromise with the Spanish, whereas the Dutch Calvinists were not, so Arminianism was considered by some to be political treason ; in 1617 – 8 there was a pamphlet war and Francis van Aarssens expressed the view that the Arminians were working for Philip IV of Spain.
The latter sentiment is expressed by historian Antony Beevor in his Battle for Spain: The Spanish Civil War, 1936-1939.
He made the acquaintance of the Spanish reformer Juan de Valdés at Rome, and got to know him as a theologian at Naples, being especially drawn to him through the appreciation expressed by Bernardino Ochino, and through their mutual friendship with the Lady Giulia Gonzaga, whose spiritual adviser he became after the death of Valdés.
Arvin's large Hispanic ( mostly Mexican ) cultural identity is well expressed in store front signs often in Spanish, shops and stores like carnicerias or meat markets, and the residents expressed a strong emotional pull to Mexico, some to Central and South America, and descendants of Basques arrived from Spain as shepherds and vineyard workers also made Arvin their home.
A historically influential paperfolder, from childhood to his last, difficult days, in several works Unamuno ironically expressed philosophical views of Platonism, Scholasticism, positivism, and the " science vs religion " issue in terms of ' origami ' figures, notably the traditional Spanish pajarita.
In Romance languages, negation is generally expressed by placing a negative adverb ( non in Latin and Italian, no in Spanish and Catalan, não in Portuguese, ne in French, nu in Romanian ) before the verb, but more negative adverbs or pronouns may appear elsewhere to indicate what kind of negation is being made.
Their literary works expressed early Spanish history in which Arabic-speaking Spaniards played a positive role.
At that time, he began to oppose the Spanish domination, and in 1917 he was imprisoned for having said that Spain should not extend beyond the already occupied territories ( which in practice excluded most of the uncontrolled areas of the Rif ), expressed his sympathy for the German cause during the First World War.
In his music, the passion of Spanish mysticism and religion is expressed.
The Union of Arras ( Dutch: Unie van Atrecht ) was an accord signed on 6 January 1579 in Arras ( Atrecht ), under which the southern states of the Netherlands, today in Wallonia and the Nord-Pas-de-Calais ( and Picardy ) régions in France and Belgium, expressed their loyalty to the Spanish king Philip II and recognized his Governor-General, Don Juan of Austria.
In 2001, Spanish Telefonica expressed an interest in buying KPN.
Benitez, who could only speak and write in Spanish, sent several letters to the District Court, in which he expressed dissatisfaction with his attorney and the plea agreement he was being encouraged to sign.
Voss ’ interpretations reveal the lived trauma that is often concealed by popular, romanticized, narratives of relationships established through colonial contact between indigenous peoples and Spanish colonizers The mission landscape became physical and conceptualized space where two genders ( male / female ) and heterosexuality were to be explicitly expressed and reinforced.
In his letters back home, he expressed appreciation for being able to observe Spanish military methods and estimate their strength during the time of war.
Following the departure of manager José Mourinho, the Spanish champions, Real Madrid, have once again expressed their interest in Carvalho.
In 2008 Conchita expressed her delight on seeing Rafael Nadal win the Men's singles at Wimbledon saying It is a big boost for Spanish grass court tennis again with a Spanish player winning Wimbledon like after her win in Wimbledon in 1994
Queen Sofía is often seen representing the Spanish Royal Family at weddings of other European royalty, most recently at the wedding of Victoria, Crown Princess of Sweden, and Daniel Westling in 2010 and the wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton in 2011 ; her husband had earlier expressed his wish that he not attend such royal functions.
Additionally, they stated that the " contingencies " Hitler described as the prerequisite for war were too unlikely to occur: such as the apparent certainty expressed in the document, of the Spanish Civil War leading to a Franco-Italian war in the Mediterranean or that France was on the verge of civil war.

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