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Speakers and have
Speakers of the Akkadian language seem to have already been present in Mesopotamia at the dawn of the historical period, and soon achieved preeminence with the first Dynasty of Kish and numerous localities to the north of Sumer, where rulers with Akkadian names had already established themselves by the 3rd millennium BC.
Speakers of British English and American English sometimes have this problem, which was alluded to in George Bernard Shaw's statement " England and America are two countries separated by a common language ".
Speakers of a language have in their heads a set of rules for using that language.
Speakers at Techkirti have included APJ Abdul Kalam, Vladimir Voevodsky, Dougulas OSheroff, Oliver Smithies and Richard Stallman.
Speakers of Quebec French from outside Montreal usually have other names to identify their speech, such as Magoua in Trois-Rivières, and Chaouin south of Trois-Rivières.
Speakers of North-Western Indo-European might have arrived with the Corded Ware culture around 3200 / 3100 BC.
Speakers of Old East Norse would have said dansk tunga (" Danish tongue ") or norrønt mál (" Nordic speech ").
In fact, former American Psychological Association presidents Robert Perloff and Nicholas Cummings have both been Keynote Speakers at recent NARTH conferences and have strongly decried the efforts of the major professional associations, in their opinion, to marginalize reparative therapists and allegedly promote gay activism instead of scientific impartiality.
Speakers using such techniques can reproduce sound with a wide directivity pattern ( paradoxically somewhat like a point source ) and have been used in some computer speaker designs and bookshelf loudspeakers.
Previous Speakers have been minority leaders ( when the majority party changes, as they are already the House party leader, and as the minority leader is usually their party's nominee for speaker ), or majority leaders ( upon departure of the current speaker in the majority party ), assuming that the party leadership hierarchy is followed.
Speakers tended to have very short tenures ; for example, from 1839 to 1863 there were eleven Speakers, only one of whom served for more than one term.
Nevertheless, the United States government takes the place of the Speaker in the line of succession seriously enough that, for example, since shortly after the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, Speakers have used military jets to fly back and forth to their districts and for other travel.
Speakers which use these mechanical crossovers have some advantages in sound quality despite the difficulties of designing and manufacturing them, and despite the inevitable output limitations.
Speakers of Metropolitan French and even of other Canadian dialects sometimes have minor difficulties understanding Acadian French.
Speakers of various dialects normally do not have problems understanding each other.
Speakers have included Stephen Ambrose, Benazir Bhutto, Harry Browne, Russell Kirk, Harvey Mansfield, Charles Murray, Ralph Nader, P. J.
Speakers of Old English ( OE ) considered each noun to have a grammatical gender — masculine, feminine or neuter.
* Speakers tend to have difficulty pronouncing the letter.
* Speakers often have difficulty with the following phonemes, which may depend in some cases upon where in Vietnam they are originally from:
Speakers have included Darl McBride and Rob Enderle.
Speakers have persuasive effect not only by the reasoning of their words, but by their cadence and tone – the musical qualities of their voice serve as " the commentary of the emotions upon the propositions of the intellect ," as Spencer put it.
Speakers of Southern languages and Sinhalese, which do differentiate and, do not have difficulty making this distinction.
Speakers of Proto-Hungarian would have come into contact with Turkic peoples during the 7th or 8th century, in the context of the Turkic expansion, as is also evidenced by numerous Turkic loanwords in Proto-Hungarian.

Speakers and included
Speakers included several members of Engelbart's original Augmentation Research Center ( ARC ) team including Don Andrews, Bill Paxton, Bill English, and Jeff Rulifson, Engelbart's chief government sponsor Bob Taylor, and other pioneers of interactive computing, including Andy van Dam and Alan Kay.
Speakers of eastern Algonquian languages included the Mi ' kmaq and Abenaki of the Maritime region of Canada, and likely the extinct Beothuk of Newfoundland.
Speakers at the latter service included Hall of Famers Harmon Killebrew, Cal Ripken and Dave Winfield, and many former teammates and coaches.
Speakers at the event included Heinrich Hermann Riemann, a veteran of the Lützow Free Corps, the philosophy student Ludwig Rödiger, and Hans Ferdinand Massmann.
Speakers included Dr. Ian McDonald, Levente Erdeos ( architect, and former curator of San Michele ), the Swedish author Bengt Jangfeldt, Dr. Peter Cottino ( from Capri ), Mårten Lindståhl, Dr. Katriona Munthe-Lindgren, and Professor Alden Smith from the Department of Classics at
Speakers included Voter March founder Lou Posner, singer songwriter Patti Smith, former Students for a Democratic Society President professor Todd Gitlin, author / professor Mark Crispin Miller, and Democrats. com founder Bob Fertik.
Speakers included Clark descendant Peyton " Bud " Clark, Lewis collateral descendants Howell Bowen and Tom McSwain, and Stephanie Ambrose Tubbs ( the daughter of the author Stephen Ambrose, who wrote Undaunted Courage, an award-winning book about the Lewis and Clark expedition ).
Speakers included James Lovelock, George Wald, Mary Catherine Bateson, Lewis Thomas, John Todd, Donald Michael, Christopher Bird, Thomas Berry, Michael Cohen, and William Fields.
Speakers included Tony Benn, Jesse Jackson, Charles Kennedy, Ken Livingstone, and Harold Pinter.
Speakers included MP George Galloway ( then member of Labour Party now expelled and joined Respect ), Scottish National Party leader Alex Salmond and Vietnam War veteran Ron Kovic.
Speakers from across the world included Cindy Sheehan, the American mother whose son died in Iraq ; and Hassan Juma, president of the Iraqi Southern Oil Workers Union.
Speakers included all six civil-rights leaders of the so called, " Big Six "; Catholic, Protestant, and Jewish religious leaders ; and labor leader Walter Reuther.
Speakers at the event included baseball commissioner Ford Frick, Cardinals broadcaster Harry Caray, and Cardinals owner Gussie Busch, who announced that Musial's uniform number " 6 " would be retired by the team.
Speakers at the opening dedication in 1925 included Professor George Lincoln Burr of Cornell University, who worked to complete the manuscript of Lea's Materials for a Study of Witchcraft ; Professor Dana C. Munro of Princeton University, vice president of the American Historical Association, who had used Lea's collections as a young scholar ; and Hampton L. Carson, Philadelphia historian and former attorney general of Pennsylvania.
Speakers at the rally included MacNeill, Patrick Pearse, and Michael Davitt, son of the Land League founder of the same name.
Speakers at the 2007 national conference included political commentator Chris Trotter and publisher Jack Yan.
Speakers at IYDU events have included current and former heads of state and other prominent political figures from the centre-right family.
Speakers and guests of honour at these luncheons have included all the great literary figures, and celebrities from the world of politics, the media, the military and the theatre.
Speakers during that week included Duncan Campbell and Bruce Kent.
Speakers included: Red Cloud, Little Raven, and Alfred B. Meacham and a delegation of Modoc and Klamath Indians.
Speakers included then-newly elected Congresswoman Gwen Moore ( WI ), Senator Barbara Mikulski ( MD ), and Governor Jennifer Granholm ( MI ).
Speakers have included emergent church spokesperson and author Brian McLaren.

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