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Speaking and against
Speaking out against the president was strictly prohibited.
Speaking against her became treason in AD 20, and in AD 24 he granted his mother a theatre seat among the Vestal Virgins.
Speaking at Maryborough, now Port Laoise, on the 16 August 1914, he addressed a 2, 000 strong assembly of Irish Volunteers, some armed, and according to the report in the Irish Times stated, " recently, I took the liberty of saying in the English Parliament that, for the first time in the history of the connection between England and Ireland, it was safe to-day for England to withdraw her armed troops from our country and that the sons of Ireland themselves, North and South, Catholic and Protestant, and whatever the origin of their race might have been – Williamite, Cromwellian, or old Celtic – standing shoulder to shoulder, would defend the good order and peace of Ireland, and defend her shores against any foreign foe.
He expressly stated that “ if he ever had a political leader, his leader was John Bright, not Mr Gladstone .” Speaking in 1886, he referred to his " standing by the side of John Bright against the dismemberment of the great Anglo-Saxon community of the West, as I now stand against the dismemberment of the great Anglo-Saxon community of the East .” These words form the key to his views of the future of the British Empire.
Speaking about the unflattering portrayal of homosexuality in Midnight Cowboy, he stated that he was against political correctness and the self-censorship it encourages, which would prevent such a film from being made today.
Speaking on Joy Radio, a station he owns, on May 12, 2008, Muluzi denied any plot against Mutharika and expressed exasperation with threats made by Mutharika.
Speaking to Capital Radio on 22 February 2009, Muluzi accused the government of using intimidation against his presidential candidacy and warned that such conduct could lead to " problems ".
Speaking in 2010 Chris Waddle said: " The great thing about Gazza is that he didn't respect who he was playing against.
Speaking out against Southern secession from the Union, he lived long enough to see his son, Lt. Col. Horace Porter, later a general, gain honor through many Civil War battles.
Speaking against the proposals during the debate MP Greg Mulholland however said that sometimes governments get things wrong and added " I am voting against the government today because I simply cannot accept that fees of up to £ 9, 000 are the fairest and most sustainable way of funding higher education.
Speaking at the IDC's Herzliya Conference in Israel in January 2008, Dutch Foreign Minister Maxime Verhagen criticized the actions of the Human Rights Council actions against Israel.
Speaking against the original wording during the Dail debate Alan Shatter TD argued that:
Speaking against the alternative wording Michael Woods TD said that:
Speaking in 2008, Safina stated: " that was a great experience in my life [...] it also boosted my confidence because I showed I could play well even with the crowd against me.
Speaking against what he terms " quasi mystical association ," historian Nicolas Kinloch writes that " with the publication of Raul Hilberg ’ s monumental book ," the subject had risen to be considered " an event requiring more, rather than less, stringent historical analysis.
Speaking in retrospect, he argued against claims made by Nanu, according to which Ion Antonescu had thus indicated his willingness to step down and hand leadership of Romania to King Mihai I.
Speaking at a pro-IRA rally in 1982 in Nassau County, New York, King pledged support to " those brave men and women who this very moment are carrying forth the struggle against British imperialism in the streets of Belfast and Derry.
Speaking to an MGM official, Ertegün threatened that " If the movie is made, Turkey will launch a worldwide campaign against it.
Speaking in the Parliament, Jaitley led the charge against the report and against Justice Liberhan personally.
Speaking in Turkey, Russia's President Putin strongly warned against foreign interference in Ukraine's new election, accusing Western countries of trying to impose their definition of democracy on Ukraine.
Speaking much about the struggle against poverty, Dubuc, Ouimet and Paquette showed themselves favourable to a guaranteed minimum income system, something that Marois agreed to.

Speaking and its
Speaking as a non-Jew I believe that its primary contribution is in the realm of future policy.
Speaking to the Aldershot and North Hants Conservative Association on 4 February 1983, Powell blamed the United Nations for the Falklands War by the General Assembly resolution of December 1967 that stated " its gratitude for the continuous efforts made by the Government of Argentina to facilitate the process of decolonisation " and further called on Britain and Argentina to negotiate.
Once a referent has been established as the topic of the current monolog or dialog, then in ( formal ) modern Japanese its marking will change from wa to ga. To better explain the difference, the translation of the second sentence can be enlarged to " As for the sun, it rises " or " Speaking of the sun, it rises "; these renderings reflect a discourse fragment in which " the sun " is being established as the topic of an extended discussion.
Speaking for the majority, Taney ruled that because Scott was simply considered the private property of his owners, that he was subject to the Fifth Amendment to the United States Constitution, prohibiting the taking of property from its owner " without due process ".
Speaking generally, the further his genealogy goes back, the more numerous and varied will his ancestry become, until they cease to differ from any equally numerous sample taken at haphazard from the race at large .” This is incorrect, since a child receives its genetic makeup exclusively from its parents.
Speaking about the series following its release on DVD Simon Callow said: " I loved doing it and it's one of the most popular things I ever did.
Zenith's chief virtue is conformity, and its religion is “ boosterism .” ( Prominent boosters in Zenith include Vergil Gunch, the coal-dealer ; Sidney Finkelstein, the ladies '- ready-to-wear buyer for Parcher & Stein's department-store ; Professor Joseph K. Pumphrey, owner of the Riteway Business College and “ instructor in Public Speaking, Business English, Scenario Writing, and Commercial Law ;” and T. Cholmondeley " Chum " Frink, a famous poet of dubious talent.
Speaking in opposition to Islam and publishing an attack on Islam or its prophets are prohibited.
The European Baptist Convention ( English Speaking ), not to be confused with the European Baptist Federation, has its roots in the Association of Baptists in Continental Europe ( ABCE ) and mission work by the Southern Baptist Convention ( SBC ).
Speaking before the vote, the representative of China stressed that a Member State of the United Nations should truly implement the obligations of the United Nations Charter and seriously abide by the resolutions of the General Assembly, in particular its resolution 2758.
Speaking during the debate, the author of the report on which the government proposals were based, Lord Browne, said that he believed the reforms were " essential for this nation to maintain its hard-won pre-eminence in higher education ".
" Speaking in a 2005 radio interview with Brooke Gladstone, after receiving the Pulitzer Prize, Neil described the symbiotic relationship between the automobile industry and its critics:
The Verse Speaking Choir worked under contract with NBC Radio and its participants included Mercedes McCambridge (' 37 ), Academy Award and Golden Globe winner.
Speaking about Baghdad bridge stampede that occurred on August 31, 2005 when up to 1, 000 people died he said: " offers its condolences and sympathy with the Iraqi people and government.
Speaking at the 6th commemoration of The African Traditional Medicine Day in Cameroon's capital of Yaoundé, she said that the continent should benefit more from its ancient traditional knowledge.
Speaking at a conference of the H. R. Nicholls Society where he told the audience that the coalition " knew its reform to WorkChoices were not popular but the process of change must continue ", and that " there is still a long way to go ... awards, the IR commission, all the rest of it ...", he went on to say " The fact is the great majority of the Australian people do not support what we are doing on industrial relations.
Speaking about its launch, TEAMtalk Media Group sports director Ian Holding said: " Sports fans will come to know TEAMtalk 252 as the only station where they can tune in and guarantee to find sport.
Speaking with that reporter he expressed unfavorable opinions and statements about Microsoft Corporation and its employees which he had developed as a result of hearing the evidence and witnesses in the trial.
Speaking at Magelang in Central Java, Nasution declared that ABRI should adopt a " middle way in its approach to the nation.
A notable difference between WSDC and the World Individual Debating and Public Speaking Championships – the other major international competition of its type – is that WSDC's primary focus is on ranking each country's team as opposed to its individual participants.
Speaking on behalf of the NHL, Brian O ' Neill said that: " There is no justification for any player to swing his stick in retaliation and this is especially the case for a goaltender whose stick, because of its weight, can cause serious injury.
The Abbot was fitted with both line and radio ( Larkspur B48, then Clansman UK / PRC 352 ) communications to its battery command post, which used the Apparatus Loud Speaking No 23, this enabled the gun No 1 to acknowledge his fire orders merely by clicking his pressel switch.

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