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Speaking and at
Speaking of breakfast, the President inaugurated a new custom -- that of conducting business at the breakfast table.
Speaking in a low voice of loathing she went up to the girl, who stood with the same upright, scornful bearing and did not even look at the knife.
More than 40 have subsequently been produced in the West End, at the Royal National Theatre or by the Royal Shakespeare Company since his first hit Relatively Speaking opened at the Duke of York's Theatre in 1967.
Speaking at 30th anniversary celebrations on 26 July 2006, Commander Bradley Bower said that the greatest challenge facing the navy of a maritime country like Fiji was to maintain sovereignty and the maritime environment, to acquire, restore, and replace equipment, and to train officers to keep pace with changing situations.
Speaking at the 2007 budget session, Peter Caruana, the Chief Minister said " The scale of Gibraltar's economic success makes it one of the most affluent communities in the entire world.
" Speaking in tongues " has been used at least since the translation of the New Testament into Middle English in the Wycliffe Bible in the 14th century.
" Speaking at the opening of the Michael Reagan Center in Spring, Texas, October 7, 2005, Michael said, " At 8 years old, I thought I was going to hell.
The Public Address events include Informative Speaking, Persuasive Speaking, Rhetorical Criticism, and After Dinner Speaking ; the Limited Preparation events include Impromptu Speaking and Extemporaneous Speaking ; and the interpretation events include Poetry, Prose, Dramatic Interpretation, Dramatic Duo Interpretation ( in which at least one dramatic piece is presented by two speakers working together ), Duo Interpretation ( in which two speakers present a scene or scenes from any source ), and Programmed Oral Interpretation ( in which speakers use material from multiple genres with a common theme ).
Extemporaneous speaking is split into two events, International ( Foreign ) Extemp, and United States ( Domestic ) Extemp, and Extemp Commentary is offered at the national tournament as a supplemental event, while Impromptu Speaking and Storytelling are offered limited preparation consolatory events.
Speaking at the Ninth National Women ’ s Rights Convention on May 12, 1859, Anthony asked " Where, under our Declaration of Independence, does the Saxon man get his power to deprive all women and Negroes of their inalienable rights?
Speaking at a National Party conference following the news of Biko's death then-minister of police, Jimmy Kruger said, " I am not glad and I am not sorry about Mr. Biko.
Speaking at a conference in 2009, Hoare apologized for inventing the null reference:
*" Actuarially Speaking: A Plain Language Summary of Actuarial Methods and Practices for Public Employee Pension and Other Post-Employment Benefits ," from the California Research Bureau ( CRB ) at the California State Library
" Speaking on " Lies, Misreporting, and Catastrophe in the Middle East ," at the First Congregational Church of Berkeley, 22 September 2010, Fisk stated, " I think it is the duty of a foreign correspondent to be neutral and unbiased on the side of those who suffer, whoever they may be.
Speaking at the event, Glenn criticized the " unfortunate " decision to end the Space Shuttle program, expressing his opinion that grounding the shuttles delayed research.
Speaking to his agent from a telephone box in Leicester Square, London, he looked around for inspiration, noted that The Caine Mutiny was being shown at the Odeon Cinema in 1954, and decided to change his name to " Michael Caine ".
Speaking to him in Nahuatl, the local language, she asked that a church be built at that site, in her honor ; from her words, Juan Diego recognized the Lady as the Virgin Mary.
There is a Speaking Library at School 116 for the visually impaired.
Speaking to his agent from a telephone box in Leicester Square in London, Micklewhite looked around for inspiration, noted that The Caine Mutiny was being shown at the Odeon Cinema, and thus changed his name to " Michael Caine ", which he has retained since.
" Speaking after an honorary arts doctorate was conferred on him by the National University of Ireland, Sheen joked that he would be the " oldest undergraduate " at the National University of Ireland ( NUI ), Galway, when he started his full-time studies there in the autumn of 2006.

Speaking and now
Speaking recently in Miami, Governor Rockefeller said that `` to assure the sufficiency of our own weapons in the face of the recent Soviet tests, we are now clearly compelled to conduct our own nuclear tests ''.
Speaking of his wife, Desdemona, Othello the Moor says, " Her name that was as fresh / As Dian's visage, is now begrim'd and black / As mine own face.
Speaking of his previous life the man remarks: ‘ I know now, all that was just … play ’, but what then is the meaning of ‘ all this?
Speaking in 2009, Iwona Blazwick the director of the Whitechapel Art Gallery said, " The YBA moment is definitely now dead, but anyone who thinks they were a cut-off point is wrong.
He expressly stated that “ if he ever had a political leader, his leader was John Bright, not Mr Gladstone .” Speaking in 1886, he referred to his " standing by the side of John Bright against the dismemberment of the great Anglo-Saxon community of the West, as I now stand against the dismemberment of the great Anglo-Saxon community of the East .” These words form the key to his views of the future of the British Empire.
Speaking in the House of Commons on November 17, 1965, he said: " We now have the worst of both worlds — not just inflation on the one side or stagnation on the other, but both of them together.
These include the House Music Competition, Dixon Cup ( drama ), Smedley Cup ( rugby ), House 7's, House Netball and Public Speaking ( which is now incorporated into Dixon Cup ).
Speaking to another aspect of the book, Mark Danner, in his review for The New York Times, writes that " the revelation of an effort to steal and sell fissile material in Georgia ’ s now celebrated ' breakaway region ' of South Ossetia ... is only the most terrifying of a dozen or more newsworthy disclosures in this book.
Speaking on the governments victory Business Secretary Vince Cable said the coalition had been through a " difficult test " and added " I think the job now is to try and explain this policy to the country.
Speaking about a " marvellous article " in the Daily Mirror, by now under the ownership of Robert Maxwell, he said:
Bennett's book Instrumentally Speaking was published in 1975 by Belwin-Mills, but is now out of print.
Both the TOEIC Listening & Reading and the TOEIC Speaking & Writing tests are now available in the United States.
* Introducing Howard Cosell's Speaking of Sports segment: " And now it's time to broach the coach.
Speaking about its inclusion on " Greatest Hits ", he said ' the way the world works now, if you really want people to hear about a greatest hits record, you need that new song '.
* Speaking of Animals shorts produced by Jerry Fairbanks ( now owned by Shields Pictures ).
Speaking about his decision to leave, Werkmeister said " When I started on Neighbours I was only thirteen, I didn't shave or drive a car so I really have grown up on the show, I've learnt so much, worked with some great people who are now some of my closest friends.

Speaking and on
Speaking on Channel Nine TV on 25 November 2006, he said x-rays of the urn had shown the pedestal and handles were cracked, and repair work had to be carried out.
Speaking in the House of Lords on 27 March 1923, he made it clear that he entertained serious doubts as to the validity of the British government's interpretation of the pledges which he, as foreign secretary, had caused to be given to Hussein in 1915.
Speaking of the 3rd edition ( 1788 1797 ), Britannica's chief editor George Gleig wrote that " perfection seems to be incompatible with the nature of works constructed on such a plan, and embracing such a variety of subjects.
Speaking from a platform erected on the steps of Rathaus Schöneberg for an audience of 450, 000, Kennedy said,
Speaking before a National Assembly session, Bagoudou said that the 42. 2 billion CFA francs spent on medical costs for road accident victims accounted for around 25 % of the 2008 budget of the Nigerien Ministry of Public Health.
Speaking in Lokoja, Nigerian President Umaru Yar ' Adua stated that the project would lead to " all-year-round navigability " on the River Niger and that he hoped that, by 2020, Nigeria would have become one of the twenty most industrialised nations in the world.
Speaking on May 11, 1947, Leopold remarked:
To be recognized as certified lay speakers, they must be recommended by their pastor and Church Council or Charge Conference, complete the basic course and one advanced lay speaking course, and be interviewed by the District or Conference Committee on Lay Speaking.
Speaking with Himmler and Heydrich on 25 October, Hitler said, " Let no one say to me we cannot send them into the swamp.
Speaking to the Aldershot and North Hants Conservative Association on 4 February 1983, Powell blamed the United Nations for the Falklands War by the General Assembly resolution of December 1967 that stated " its gratitude for the continuous efforts made by the Government of Argentina to facilitate the process of decolonisation " and further called on Britain and Argentina to negotiate.
Speaking on fifty inches of wind pressure, it is among the most powerful organ stops in the world.
* Geopolitically Speaking: Brzezinski on Eurasia Azerbaijan International, Winter 1995 ( 3. 4 ).
* Geopolitically Speaking: Brzezinski on the Caucasus Azerbaijan International, Summer 1997 ( 5. 2 ).
"Speaking at a private fundraiser and surreptitiously recorded by a reporter with the footage subsequently leaked on various news outlets, Houston, Texas, July 18, 2008
Speaking at the London School of Economics on 28 February 2006, he said: " The rejection of the Constitutional treaty by voters in France was a mistake that should be corrected.
Speaking on Jordanian television via satellite, Hussein reassured the Jordanian people that the cancer was curable.
In May 2011, Byrne contributed backing vocals to the Arcade Fire track " Speaking in Tongues " which appeared on the deluxe edition of their 2010 album The Suburbs.
Speaking in 2009, Chicago Mayor Richard Daley announced that Chicago would have a surveillance camera on every street corner by the year 2016.

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