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Spears and described
Tariq ( described as a young tearaway ) steals a laptop, not suspecting that it belongs to the head of the DCP, John Spears.
Spears described the shoot as " hectic ", adding it was filmed " in a record-breaking five hours ".
Feminist author Camille Paglia described the moment as great ; she noted that the kiss was like Madonna saying to Spears, " I ’ m passing the torch to you.
" Chuck Taylor of Billboard, in his writing about Britney Spears on October 24, 1998 issue, described the song as " bombastic and ultra-challenging.
Spears is described on the cover as ' the ultimate video performer ', and watching the 20 promos contained within, it's difficult to argue.
The clip for Spears ' cover of " My Prerogative " was described the video as " an element of old Hollywood glamour and mystery ".
The video for Spears's fourth number one single Hold It Against Me was highly complimented from her dancing to her maturity in it. Her single Till the World Ends features Spears at a dance party and is described as very sexy & erotic. I Wanna Go's video received positive revews from critics, naming it one of her best dancing videos. The video for Criminal ( Britney Spears song ) was complimented for her acting and sexy moves. It features her real-life boyfriend.

Spears and teen
While they were viewed as Green Day " acolytes ", critics also found teen pop acts like Britney Spears, the Backstreet Boys, and ' N Sync suitable points of comparison for Blink-182's sound and market niche.
1990s and early 2000s teen pop artists entered hiatuses and semi-retirements (* NSYNC, Dream, Destiny's Child ) or changed their musical style, including the Backstreet Boys, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Jessica Simpson, Mandy Moore, 3LW, Aaron Carter and Hanson.
Miramax marketed the film heavily towards * NSYNC's teen fans, and the film's soundtrack featured songs by teen pop sensations Mandy Moore and BB Mak, along with previously unreleased tracks by * NSYNC and Britney Spears.
" The staff members were therefore forced to change her opening line to " I'm teen sensation Britney Spears.
The teen pop ballad was written and produced by White, and features Spears singing about the loss of a first love and how breaking up can be hard.
Described by Spears as a " soulful " ballad, it draws influence from teen pop and lasts for five minutes and ten seconds.

Spears and movie
It was also released in select FYE stores with the movie Crossroads, which starred Britney Spears.
First unofficial Ms. QuakeCon event, first appearance of Doom III theater, also the first appearance of The Sinus Show ( then known as the Mister Sinus Theater ), an Austin, Texas-based MST3K troupe, lambasting Britney Spears ' movie Crossroads.
Spears commented that she " talked to and told her what I wanted the movie to be about and she elaborated on it.
John Anderson of Los Angeles Times commented " Spears acquits herself as well as anyone might, in a movie as contrived and lazy as this one ".
Bret Fetzer of Amazon. com also gave a positive review, noting that the movie " could have been trite schmaltz, but the script has some grit and the direction is fresh and relaxed -- and, most significantly, Spears is far more sympathetic and engaging than you might expect ".
At 17, Spears landed a part in the movie Malcolm X.
An accompanying music video was directed by Dave Meyers, and portrays Spears as herself and a melancholy movie star Lucky, who just want to have some fun in life.
A music video for the single, which was directed by Wayne Isham, was released along with Crossroads ( 2002 ), Spears ' first movie as a protagonist.
In early 2001, Spears her team started to develop a script for a movie where the singer could be the main role.
" I talked to and told her what I wanted the movie to be about and she elaborated on it ," Spears said.
Innosense was an opening act for both * NSYNC and Britney Spears, and it had lukewarm success in Europe and minimal impact in the U. S. The group had a cameo in the movie Longshot before calling it quits in 2001.
Steve Plunkett-When the original group disbanded in 1989, Plunkett became a staff writer and producer for All Nations Music, where he had over 170 of his songs released, including over 40 in movies like Rock Star, " Brave New Girl " ( Britney Spears penned movie for ABC Family ) and Gods and Monsters.

Spears and with
The use of personal names as rhymes continued into the late 20th century, for example " Tony Blairs " meaning " flares ", as in trousers with a wide bottom ( previously this was " Lionel Blairs " and this change illustrates the ongoing mutation of the forms of expression ) and " Britney Spears ", meaning " beers ".
Britney Spears ' music video Gimme More was first released as a director's cut on iTunes, with the official video released 3 days later.
* 1999 – 2000: " For Those Who Think Young "/" The Joy of Pepsi-Cola " ( commercial with Britney Spears / commercial with Mary J. Blige )
Spears used primarily for thrusting may be used with either one or two hands and tend to have heavier and sturdier designs than those intended exclusively for throwing.
Spears began to lose fashion among the infantry during the 14th century, being replaced by pole weapons that combined the thrusting properties of the spear with the cutting properties of the axe, such as the halberd.
Across the county line in Bourbon County, an early distiller named Jacob Spears is credited with being the first to label his product " Bourbon whiskey ".
The piece was very much a farce, and included such moments as Lavinia singing an aria to the tune of " Oops !... I Did It Again " by Britney Spears, after her tongue has been cut out ; Saturninus and Lucius engaged in a swordfight, but both being played by the same actor ; Chiron and Demetrius ' played ' by a gas can and a car radio respectively ; the love child being born with a black moustache.
It was during his time as a Mouseketeer that Chasez befriended future bandmate Justin Timberlake, along with other future entertainers including Britney Spears, Ryan Gosling, Tony Lucca, Keri Russell, and Christina Aguilera.
Also, the idea of Scrappy actually may not have been all that new to the series, as he "... bore a resemblance to Spears ’ and Ruby ’ s initial idea for a feisty little dog ", which was one of the early ideas for the Scooby Doo character himself along with the " big cowardly dog " ultimately chosen.
Daughter Kathleen McNamara Spears is a forester with the World Bank.
Spears sent in three more players, blew his whistle and watched Bronko produce the same explosive results and after a third try with the same conclusion realized what a super player he had recruited.
Timberlake's 2006 hit songs " SexyBack " and " My Love ", both produced by Timbaland, were particularly notable for their electronic aesthetic, while The Neptunes worked with a range of acts from Britney Spears to Jay-Z.
In August 2004 Spears signed a development deal with Nickelodeon in which she'd star as the protagonist in her own scripted television series that would air on the network.
Following the move Spears begun work on a country music album with a number of local music producers.
Spears confirmed the couple's engagement in March 2008 after it was reported she was seen with a wedding ring.
In May 2008, Spears and Aldridge moved back to Liberty, Mississippi, and purchased a house, with Spears stating they would raise their child there.
Additional controversy surfaced because Spears was two years below the California age of consent, raising questions about her and Aldridge's age difference, and whether Aldridge could or would be charged with statutory rape ( although Spears was neither from California nor living there ).
It was later confirmed that Aldridge was just under two years older than Spears, which meant that he could be charged only with a misdemeanor under California law, since the crime is only charged as a felony if the two people having sex are at least three years apart in age.
The History of Menard & Mason Counties, Illinois credits Spears with the name, and notes that it was said to mean " dropping water ", but nothing in the area is especially related to dropping water ; the county tourist bureau claims that William G. Greene named the town, that it means " trickling water ", and that it is related to " abundant springs in the area ".
Although he developed a cult following with his performances, he was not able to develop any mainstream success, but other performers achieved charting success by recording songs Coe had written, including Billie Jo Spears ' 1972 recording " Souvenirs & California Mem ' rys " and Tanya Tucker's 1973 single " Would You Lay With Me ( In a Field of Stone )," which was a number one hit, and responsible for Coe becoming one of Nashville's hottest songwriters and Coe himself being signed by Columbia Records.
In 2002, Durst was tapped to write songs for Britney Spears, and later said that he was in a relationship with her.
Recent research has sought to integrate SIMCA with intergroup contact theory ( see Cakal, Hewstone, Schwär, & Heath ) and others have extended SIMCA through bridging morality research with the collective action literature ( see van Zomeren, Postmes, & Spears for a review ).

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