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Specific and are
Specific requirements for each of various types of enterprises are discussed on pages 8 to 14.
Specific events are dependent on threshold values for different tissues.
Specific exceptions are made for cases in which the addition of a period or comma could create confusion, such as the quotation of web addresses or certain types of data strings.
This is acknowledged by the American Institute for Conservation who advise " Specific admission requirements differ and potential candidates are encouraged to contact the programs directly for details on prerequisites, application procedures, and program curriculum ".
: Specific regions within a country or areas in dispute among countries, such as Kashmir, are not covered, but other areas of the world whose status is disputed, such as the Spratly Islands, have entries.
Specific materials are deposited best under specific conditions.
Specific obligations to support compliance with the domestic legislation or regulatory requirements of the contracting party providing genetic resources, and contractual obligations reflected in mutually agreed terms, are a significant innovation of the Nagoya Protocol.
Specific techniques under this broad heading are listed below.
Specific regions of the chromatin are enriched at the nuclear membrane, while other regions are bound together by protein complexes.
Specific chemotherapeutic agents are associated with organ-specific toxicities, including cardiovascular disease ( e. g., doxorubicin ), interstitial lung disease ( e. g., bleomycin ) and occasionally secondary neoplasm ( e. g., MOPP therapy for Hodgkin's disease ).
Specific parallels are seen in the 20th-century deforestation occurring in many developing nations.
Specific episodes are made easier to remember and recall by repeatedly exposing oneself to them ( which strengthens the links in the memory space ) allowing for faster retrieval when remembering.
Specific examples are speech compression and transmission in digital mobile phones, room correction of sound in hi-fi and sound reinforcement applications, weather forecasting, economic forecasting, seismic data processing, analysis and control of industrial processes, medical imaging such as CAT scans and MRI, MP3 compression, computer graphics, image manipulation, hi-fi loudspeaker crossovers and equalization, and audio effects for use with electric guitar amplifiers.
Specific facts about these offenses are gathered and reported in the NIBRS system.
So far, franchise agreements are covered under two standard commercial laws: the Contract Act 1872 and the Specific Relief Act 1963, which provide for both specific enforcement of covenants in a contract and remedies in the form of damages for breach of contract.
Specific to the Islamic gardens are the mosaics and glazed tiles used to decorate the rills and fountains that were built in these gardens.
Specific kinds of risk that may give rise to claims are known as perils.
* 1959 – Specific values for the international yard, avoirdupois pound and derived units ( e. g. inch, mile and ounce ) are adopted after agreement between the U. S. A., the United Kingdom and other Commonwealth countries.
Specific course-related resources are usually provided by the library, such as copies of textbooks and article readings held on ' reserve ' ( meaning that they are loaned out only on a short-term basis, usually a matter of hours ).
Specific muscle groups are affected by different types of muscular dystrophy.
Specific events are dependent on threshold values for different tissues.
Specific commercially available op-amps and other components are then chosen that meet the design criteria within the specified tolerances at acceptable cost.

Specific and given
The given theme was Specific characteristics of Sounds ().
Specific mention of the kelpie as a water horse in Loch Ness was given in a Scottish newspaper in 1879, and was commemorated in the title of a book Project Water Horse by Tim Dinsdale.
Specific dimensions are given for the shapes named macaroni, spaghetti and vermicelli.
Specific detectivity is given by, where is the area of the photosensitive region of the detector.
Specific purposes apart from commercial purpose are given attention by advanced countries to breed development for specific purposes like sericin production, sex limited breeds, thin / thick filament production etc.
They can be formulated as SMART criteria: Specific, Measurable ( or at least evaluable ) achievement, Achievable ( recently Agreed-to or Acceptable are used regularly as well ), realistic ( given the current state of organizational resources ) and Time terminated ( bounded ).
Specific impulse ( Isp ) measures how much thrust can be derived from a given mass of fuel, and is a standard figure of merit for rocketry.
Specific label directions are given on materials that are toxic to bees, because these pollinators are considered an important environmental resource.
Specific penalties are given within the individual acts and more generally are also covered by the " Misleading and Deceptive Conduct " provisions of the Trade Practices Act 1974, permitting fines in excess of A $ 10M.
Specific types, sorted chronologically from 1841 to 1997 and with designer given, are:
Specific training is given to vadam manju virattu bulls to understand the restraints of the rope.
Specific measurements are given for the new city ( Ezekiel 40-48, 4Q554 ), and the city is built with gold, sapphires, and emeralds ( Isaiah, Tobit ).
Specific high ranking naval and army officers were named ; and in addition, special mention was given to 55 naval aviators and 9 " members of a special attack flotilla " -- presumably miniature submarines taking part in the attack on Pearl Harbor.
Specific attention is given to the polder model as a way Dutch society has addressed its challenges and the " top-down " and most importantly " bottom-up " approaches that we must take now that " our world society is presently on a non-sustainable course " ( p. 498 ) in order to avoid the " 12 problems of non-sustainability " that he expounds throughout the book, and reviews in the final chapter.
Specific dates are given in the early books of the Demon Princes series, but not in the others.
Specific performances may be given when the audience is segmented as such.
Specific portfolios were given to certain elected members of the Legislative Council.
Specific attention was given to details such as brick dentils, render bands and granite.

Specific and for
Specific differences exist in the action of different drugs belonging to the same group as, for instance, between reserpine and chlorpromazine.
* Avionics Full-Duplex Switched Ethernet ( AFDX ): Specific implementation of ARINC 664 ( ADN ) for Commercial Aircraft
Specific localities may petition for exceptions for either on-site or off-site consumption.
Specific religious social teachings ( for example, the direction of prayer, or dietary restrictions ) may be revoked by a subsequent manifestation so that a more appropriate requirement for the time and place may be established.
Specific weaknesses in the text include: it does not stipulate guidelines for the ' non-detriment ' finding required of national Scientific Authorities ; non-detriment findings require copious amounts of information ; the ' household effects ' clause is often not rigid enough / specific enough to prevent CITES violations by means of this Article ( VII ); non-reporting from Parties means Secretariat monitoring is incomplete ; and it has no capacity to address domestic trade in listed species.
Specific methods exist for systems whose coefficients follow a regular pattern ( see system of linear equations ).
* Specific classification schemes for particular subjects or types of materials.
Specific high-temperature mica-insulated wire and cable is rated to work for up to 15 minutes in molten aluminium, glass, and steel.
The diagnostic criteria for 300. 29 Specific Phobias as outlined by the DSM-IV-TR:

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