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Specific and agents
Specific agents are to be included only in the subcategory: Category: Climate forcing agents.
Specific diseases and disease-causing agents under investigation include anthrax, West Nile Virus, smallpox, and cryptosporidiosis, among others.

Specific and are
Specific requirements for each of various types of enterprises are discussed on pages 8 to 14.
Specific events are dependent on threshold values for different tissues.
Specific exceptions are made for cases in which the addition of a period or comma could create confusion, such as the quotation of web addresses or certain types of data strings.
This is acknowledged by the American Institute for Conservation who advise " Specific admission requirements differ and potential candidates are encouraged to contact the programs directly for details on prerequisites, application procedures, and program curriculum ".
: Specific regions within a country or areas in dispute among countries, such as Kashmir, are not covered, but other areas of the world whose status is disputed, such as the Spratly Islands, have entries.
Specific materials are deposited best under specific conditions.
Specific obligations to support compliance with the domestic legislation or regulatory requirements of the contracting party providing genetic resources, and contractual obligations reflected in mutually agreed terms, are a significant innovation of the Nagoya Protocol.
Specific techniques under this broad heading are listed below.
Specific regions of the chromatin are enriched at the nuclear membrane, while other regions are bound together by protein complexes.
Specific parallels are seen in the 20th-century deforestation occurring in many developing nations.
Specific episodes are made easier to remember and recall by repeatedly exposing oneself to them ( which strengthens the links in the memory space ) allowing for faster retrieval when remembering.
Specific examples are speech compression and transmission in digital mobile phones, room correction of sound in hi-fi and sound reinforcement applications, weather forecasting, economic forecasting, seismic data processing, analysis and control of industrial processes, medical imaging such as CAT scans and MRI, MP3 compression, computer graphics, image manipulation, hi-fi loudspeaker crossovers and equalization, and audio effects for use with electric guitar amplifiers.
Specific Hugo Awards are given for fanzines, fan writing and fanart.
Specific facts about these offenses are gathered and reported in the NIBRS system.
So far, franchise agreements are covered under two standard commercial laws: the Contract Act 1872 and the Specific Relief Act 1963, which provide for both specific enforcement of covenants in a contract and remedies in the form of damages for breach of contract.
Specific to the Islamic gardens are the mosaics and glazed tiles used to decorate the rills and fountains that were built in these gardens.
Specific kinds of risk that may give rise to claims are known as perils.
* 1959 – Specific values for the international yard, avoirdupois pound and derived units ( e. g. inch, mile and ounce ) are adopted after agreement between the U. S. A., the United Kingdom and other Commonwealth countries.
Specific course-related resources are usually provided by the library, such as copies of textbooks and article readings held on ' reserve ' ( meaning that they are loaned out only on a short-term basis, usually a matter of hours ).
Specific muscle groups are affected by different types of muscular dystrophy.
Specific events are dependent on threshold values for different tissues.
Specific commercially available op-amps and other components are then chosen that meet the design criteria within the specified tolerances at acceptable cost.

Specific and associated
Specific alters may react negatively to therapy, fearing the therapists goal is to eliminate the alter ( particularly those associated with illegal or violent activities ).
* Specific volumes, articles or other identifiable parts of a periodical, may have an associated Serial Item and Contribution Identifier ( SICI ).
* Specific taxes on technologies and products which are associated with substantial negative externalities.
Specific treatment depends on associated symptoms and the degree of dysfunction.
Specific common associated archetypes include: squatting man, caterpillars, ladders, eye mask, kokopelli, spoked wheels, and others.
Specific zones are associated with sexual response, and include areas of the genitals, notably the foreskin and corona of the glans penis, clitoris, vulva and perianal skin, and lips.
Specific dances are often associated with a specific song or songs, for example " San Antonio Stroll ", " Orange Blossom Special " and " Cotton-Eyed Joe ".
Specific objectives include inducement of war weariness, curtailment of civilian standards of living and civil liberties associated with greater security demands, economic hardship linked to the costs of war ; hopelessness to defend against assaults, fear, depression, and disintegration of morale.
Specific enzyme inefficiencies are associated with characteristic patterns of over-or underproduction of mineralocorticoids or sex steroids.
According to an 80-year old and ongoing research started in 1921, by psychologist, Lewis Terman, upon over 1, 500 ten-year-old Californians, " The strongest predictor of long life was conscientiousness " Specific behaviors associated with conscientiousness may explain its influence on longevity.
* Specific encryption systems and ciphers have key types associated with them, e. g. PGP key, DES key, AES key, RC4 key, BATON key, Kerberos key, etc.
Specific disorders associated with thrombophlebitis include superficial thrombophlebitis ( affects veins near the skin surface ) and deep venous thrombosis ( affects deeper, larger veins ).

Specific and with
Specific staining by DEAE-cellulose treated Af and Af, although clearly distinguishable under the microscope from either nonspecific staining or autofluorescence of cells, was not satisfactorily photographed to show such differences in spite of many attempts with black and white and color photography.
Specific enhancements were made to add channel hopping and a variable time slot option compatible with ISA100. 11a.
Specific objects or even days can be holy, but they derive holiness from being connected with God — the seventh day, the tabernacle, and the priests all derive their holiness from God.
Specific examples of services which warrant the Purple Heart include any action against an enemy of the United States ; any action with an opposing armed force of a foreign country in which the Armed Forces of the United States are or have been engaged ; while serving with friendly foreign forces engaged in an armed conflict against an opposing armed force in which the United States is not a belligerent party ; as a result of an act of any such enemy of opposing armed forces ; or as the result of an act of any hostile foreign force.
Specific sites linked to Robin Hood include the Major Oak tree, claimed to have been used by him as a hideout, Robin Hood's Well, located near Newstead Abbey ( within the boundaries of Sherwood Forest ), and the Church of St. Mary in the village of Edwinstowe, where Robin and Maid Marian are historically thought to have wed. To reinforce this belief, the University of Nottingham in 2010 has begun the Nottingham Caves Survey with the goal " to increase the tourist potential of these sites ".
Specific ecoregions of Western Australia include: the sandstone gorges of The Kimberley on the northern coast and below that areas of dry grassland ( Ord Victoria Plain ) or semi-desert ( Western Australian Mulga shrublands ), with Tanami Desert inland from there.
Specific gravity usually means relative density with respect to water.
Specific seasons for bow hunting or muzzle-loading black powder guns are often established to limit competition with hunters using more effective weapons.
Specific rail-to-rail comparators with p-n-p input transistors, like the LM139 family, allow input potential to drop 0. 3 volts below the negative supply rail, but do not allow it to rise above the positive rail.
Specific burial customs were characterized by the dead being laid on their sides with their knees pressed against their breast, one hand under the head.
Specific punishments introduced in Moscow included beheading for alleged traitors, branding of thieves ( with execution for a third arrest ).
Specific language impairment ( SLI )-difficulty with language or the organized-symbol system used for communication in the absence of problems such as mental retardation, hearing loss, or emotional disorders.
Specific neurological symptoms usually then follow, often in the form of parkinsonism ( cogwheel rigidity, bradykinesia or slowed movements and a lack of balance are the most common parkinsonian features ) with or without a typical hand tremor, masked facial expressions, slurred speech, ataxia ( lack of coordination ) or dystonia ( twisting and repetitive movements of part of the body ).
Specific gravity is measured by comparing the weight of the gem in air with the weight of the gem suspended in water.
Specific settings include isolated forts, ranches and homesteads ; the Native American village ; or the small frontier town with its saloon, general store, livery stable and jailhouse.
Specific attention is divided into: the site, location and solar orientation of the building, local sun path, the prevailing level of insolation ( latitude / sunshine / clouds / precipitation ( meteorology ) ), design and construction quality / materials, placement / size / type of windows and walls, and incorporation of solar-energy-storing thermal mass with heat capacity.
Specific diagnosis of infection with is made by finding the virus in the child's stool by enzyme immunoassay.
Specific evidence for infection includes WBCs in normally sterile fluid ( such as urine or cerebrospinal fluid ( CSF )); evidence of a perforated viscus ( free air on abdominal x-ray or CT scan ; signs of acute peritonitis ); abnormal chest x-ray ( CXR ) consistent with pneumonia ( with focal opacification ); or petechiae, purpura, or purpura fulminans.
Specific fuel consumption of air-breathing jet engines at their maximum efficiency vary more or less inversely with speed, which in turn means that the fuel consumption per mile or km can be a more appropriate comparison metric for aircraft that travel at very different speeds.

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