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Specific and materials
Specific materials are deposited best under specific conditions.
* Specific classification schemes for particular subjects or types of materials.
Specific gravity is commonly used in industry as a simple means of obtaining information about the concentration of solutions of various materials such as brines, sugar solutions ( syrups, juices, honeys, brewers wort, must, etc.
Specific attention is divided into: the site, location and solar orientation of the building, local sun path, the prevailing level of insolation ( latitude / sunshine / clouds / precipitation ( meteorology ) ), design and construction quality / materials, placement / size / type of windows and walls, and incorporation of solar-energy-storing thermal mass with heat capacity.
Specific organic materials can conduct electrical currents, and in a so-called field-effect transistor ( a refined implementation of the transistor effect, which was pioneered in 1947 in the same laboratory ) the conductance can be switched on or off, a basic function in the field of electronics.
Specific label directions are given on materials that are toxic to bees, because these pollinators are considered an important environmental resource.
Specific gravity is commonly used in industry as a simple means of obtaining information about the concentration of solutions of various materials such as brines, hydrocarbons, sugar solutions ( syrups, juices, honeys, brewers wort, must etc.
Specific volume is a property of materials, defined as the number of cubic meters occupied by one kilogram of a particular substance.

Specific and have
: Specific regions within a country or areas in dispute among countries, such as Kashmir, are not covered, but other areas of the world whose status is disputed, such as the Spratly Islands, have entries.
Specific games, as chess, have their own code systems to record the matches ( chess notation ).
Specific programs in media studies that focus on the study of media effects have emerged at Fielding Graduate University, Penn State UCLA, and Touro University Worldwide.
Specific emotions were found to have different effects on the opponent ’ s feelings and strategies chosen:
Specific poetic forms have been developed by many cultures.
Specific examples of services which warrant the Purple Heart include any action against an enemy of the United States ; any action with an opposing armed force of a foreign country in which the Armed Forces of the United States are or have been engaged ; while serving with friendly foreign forces engaged in an armed conflict against an opposing armed force in which the United States is not a belligerent party ; as a result of an act of any such enemy of opposing armed forces ; or as the result of an act of any hostile foreign force.
Specific sites linked to Robin Hood include the Major Oak tree, claimed to have been used by him as a hideout, Robin Hood's Well, located near Newstead Abbey ( within the boundaries of Sherwood Forest ), and the Church of St. Mary in the village of Edwinstowe, where Robin and Maid Marian are historically thought to have wed. To reinforce this belief, the University of Nottingham in 2010 has begun the Nottingham Caves Survey with the goal " to increase the tourist potential of these sites ".
Specific studies have found pedestrian walking speeds ranging from 4. 51 km / h to 4. 75 km / h for older individuals to 5. 32 km / h to 5. 43 km / h for younger individuals, although a brisk walking speed can be around 6. 5 km / h and champion racewalkers can average more than 14 km / h over a distance of 20 km.
Specific phobias have a one-year prevalence of 4. 4 % in the USA.
Specific current examples include the Eurozone and the Schengen Area which not all members have elected to join.
Specific types of long-term central lines are the Hickman catheters, which require clamps to make sure the valve is closed, and Groshong catheters, which have a valve that opens as fluid is withdrawn or infused and remains closed when not in use.
Specific parts of ' the Broads ' have been awarded a variety of conservation designations, for instance:
Specific immunomodulatory therapies, such as the TNFα antagonists ( e. g. etanercept ), the B cell depleting agent rituximab, the anti-IL-6 receptor tocilizumab and the costimulation blocker abatacept have been shown to be useful in treating RA.
* Specific volumes, articles or other identifiable parts of a periodical, may have an associated Serial Item and Contribution Identifier ( SICI ).
Specific subtypes of shock may have additional symptoms.
Specific features of Slovincian are the nearly missing oxytones ( final stress ), and a preservance of stress for quantity distinction though acutes and circumflexes have shortened and new long stressed vowels have resulted from various accent shifts in Slovincian evolution.
Specific data gathering methods, such as recording EMF readings at haunted locations have their own criticisms beyond those attributed to the participant-observation approach itself.
Specific considerations for business intelligence systems have to be taken in some sectors such as governmental banking regulations.
However, some have questioned the placement of SAD within the sexual dysfunction category of the DSM and have called for its placement within the Specific phobia grouping as an Anxiety Disorder.
Specific integers known to be far larger than Graham's number have since appeared in many serious mathematical proofs ( e. g., in connection with Friedman's various finite forms of Kruskal's theorem ).
Specific algorithms have found significant gender differences in over 70 % of cases in one review.

Specific and technical
Specific epigenetic processes include paramutation, bookmarking, imprinting, gene silencing, X chromosome inactivation, position effect, reprogramming, transvection, maternal effects, the progress of carcinogenesis, many effects of teratogens, regulation of histone modifications and heterochromatin, and technical limitations affecting parthenogenesis and cloning.
Specific regiments and corps of the British Armed Forces have become increasingly popular as career choices for former pupils, leading to many ad-hoc Old Boys ' Associations: the Royal Navy, the Royal Air Force, the Army's technical Corps, the Brigade of Guards, and particularly the Royal Marines ' Commandos and the Parachute Regiment are popular destinations for both enlisted personnel and officers.
Specific technical resources are available to providers and researchers such as on Section 8 or housing vouchers ( portable vouchers )

Specific and data
Specific exceptions are made for cases in which the addition of a period or comma could create confusion, such as the quotation of web addresses or certain types of data strings.
Specific examples are speech compression and transmission in digital mobile phones, room correction of sound in hi-fi and sound reinforcement applications, weather forecasting, economic forecasting, seismic data processing, analysis and control of industrial processes, medical imaging such as CAT scans and MRI, MP3 compression, computer graphics, image manipulation, hi-fi loudspeaker crossovers and equalization, and audio effects for use with electric guitar amplifiers.
Specific partitions can then be easily added or dropped to help manage large data sets.
* Specific hardware and special software programs are required to obtain and process the data.
Specific experiments included: Environmental Radiation Measurements to ascertain ionizing radiation levels aboard Mir ; Greenhouse-Integrated Plant Experiments, to study effect of microgravity on plants, specifically dwarf wheat ; and Assessment of Humoral Immune Function During Long-Duration Space Flight, to gather data on effect of long-term spaceflight on the human immune system and involving collection of blood serum and saliva samples.
The CAP data structure is backward-compatible with existing alert formats including the Specific Area Message Encoding ( SAME ) used in Weatheradio and the broadcast Emergency Alert System as well as new technology such as the Commercial Mobile Alert System ( CMAS ), while adding capabilities including:
# REDIRECT 64-bit computing # Specific C-language data models
Specific alterations to the theory have been proposed to help it accommodate the data ; a bequest motive, capital market imperfections such as liquidity constraints, a changing individual utility function over time or a particular form of expectation as to future income.
Specific applications include DCT data quantization in JPEG and DWT data quantization in JPEG 2000.
Specific activities involve securing " last-mile connections " and upgrading existing connections to the telescopes, updating the correlator to process up to 16 data streams at 1 Gbit / s each in real time and research possibilities for distributed computing to replace the centralized data processor.
* " Specific ELNs " contain features designed to work with specific applications, scientific instrumentation or data types.
* Specific country data from UNAIDS
Specific objectives were to collect data on sea-surface winds, sea-surface temperatures, wave heights, internal waves, atmospheric water, sea ice features and ocean topography.

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