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Spherical and errors
* Spherical errors occur when the optical power of the eye is either too large or too small to focus light on the retina.

Spherical and when
Spherical concave backing surfaces support the diaphragm when excessive pressures are applied and prevent the stresses within the diaphragm from exceeding the elastic limit.
** Spherical aberration, which occurs when light rays strike a lens or mirror near its edge
Spherical aberration occurs due to the increased refraction of light rays that occurs when rays strike a lens, or a reflection of light rays that occurs when rays strike a mirror near its edge in comparison with those that strike nearer the center.

Spherical and have
Spherical objects with this surface area have a radius or diameter in the range 89, 000 km to 564, 000 km.
Spherical lenses have a single power in all meridians of the lens, such as + 1. 00 D, or − 2. 50 D.
Spherical triangle groups can be identified with the symmetry groups of regular polyhedra in the three-dimensional Euclidean space: Δ ( 2, 3, 3 ) corresponds to the tetrahedron, Δ ( 2, 3, 4 ) to both the cube and the octahedron ( which have the same symmetry group ), Δ ( 2, 3, 5 ) to both the dodecahedron and the icosahedron.

Spherical and are
Spherical fullerenes are also called buckyballs, and they resemble the balls used in soccer.
Spherical mechanisms are constructed by connecting links with hinged joints such that the axes of each hinge passes through the same point.
Spherical coordinates, projected on the celestial sphere, are analogous to the geographic coordinate system used on the surface of the Earth.
Spherical waves are waves whose amplitude depends only upon the radial distance r from a central point source.
Spherical geometry obeys two of Euclid's postulates: the second postulate (" to produce a finite straight line continuously in a straight line ") and the fourth postulate (" that all right angles are equal to one another ").
Spherical harmonics are often used to approximate the shape of the geoid.
Spherical harmonics are important in many theoretical and practical applications, particularly in the computation of atomic orbital electron configurations, representation of gravitational fields, geoids, and the magnetic fields of planetary bodies and stars, and characterization of the cosmic microwave background radiation.
Spherical mirrors are easier to make than parabolic mirrors and they are often used to produce approximately collimated light.
Spherical codes are higher-dimensional analogues of Tammes problem, which arose as an attempt to explain the distribution of pores on pollen grains.
which regular solutions for positive energies are given by so-called Bessel functions of the first kind ' so that the solutions written for R are the so-called Spherical Bessel function
Spherical coordinates are one of the most used curvilinear coordinate systems in such fields as Earth sciences, cartography, and physics ( in particular quantum mechanics, relativity ), engineering, etc.
Spherical 3-manifolds are sometimes called elliptic 3-manifolds or Clifford-Klein manifolds.
Spherical tokamaks are not limited by the same instabilities as tokamaks and as such the area is receiving considerable experimental attention.
Spherical astronomy is the branch of astronomy that is concerned with where celestial objects are located and how they move on the celestial sphere.
Spherical groups with a radially fibrous structure and bristled with crystals on the surface are not uncommon.

Spherical and with
* Still Life with Spherical Mirror, lithograph ( 1934 )
* Hand with Reflecting Sphere also known as Self-Portrait in Spherical Mirror, lithograph ( 1935 )
** M. C. Escher used special shapes of mirrors in order to achieve a much more complete view of his surroundings than by direct observation in Hand with Reflecting Sphere ( also known as Self-Portrait in Spherical Mirror ).
Spherical geometry is not elliptic geometry but shares with that geometry the property that a line has no parallels through a given point.
Early in 1942, Wallis began experimenting with skipping marbles over water tanks in his garden, leading to his April 1942 paper " Spherical Bomb — Surface Torpedo ".
Spherical harmonics were first investigated in connection with the Newtonian potential of Newton's law of universal gravitation in three dimensions.
* Cradle – Spherical bowl turned on its side, typically connected with a bowl.
Along with her test she was required to take courses showing broader knowledge as well as prepare a thesis which was entitled Algebraic Groups of Spherical Trigonometry.
Spherical buildings arise in two quite different ways in connection with the affine building X for SL < sub > n </ sub >( Q < sub > p </ sub >):
His publications include " Spherical Gravitational Waves " ( a collaboration with Peter Bergmann, former research assistant to Albert Einstein ), " Contributions to the Quantization Problem in General Relativity ", and " The Normal Modes Of A Hanging Oscillator Of Order N ".
Spherical trigonometry is a branch of spherical geometry which deals with polygons ( especially triangles ) on the sphere and the relationships between the sides and the angles.
* Wolfram's mathworld: Spherical Trigonometry a more thorough list of identities, with some derivation
Struycken is also an avid photographer with a website devoted to his Spherical Panoramas.
As an inventor, Sperling created, with Mike Simmons, the Astroscan telescope for Edmund Scientific, as well as " The Stars Above " star-finder for Spherical Concepts.
Still Life with Spherical Mirror is a lithography print by the Dutch artist M. C. Escher which was first printed in November, 1934.
es: Still Life with Spherical Mirror
Hand with Reflecting Sphere also known as Self-Portrait in Spherical Mirror is a lithograph print by Dutch artist M. C. Escher, first printed in January 1935.
* Still Life with Spherical Mirror
* Still Life with Spherical Mirror
This sculpture first appears in Escher ’ s 1934 lithograph Still Life with Spherical Mirror.

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