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Springer and wrote
John Springer, who had arranged her speaking tours of the early 1970s, wrote that despite the accomplishments of many of her contemporaries, Davis was " the star of the thirties and into the forties ", achieving notability for the variety of her characterizations and her ability to assert herself, even when her material was mediocre.
Bush was known for her affection for her pet English Springer Spaniel Millie and wrote a child's book about Millie's new litter of puppies.
One of his early collaborators was Phil Springer, and a song they wrote together (" I Never Loved Him Anyhow ") was recorded by Carmen McRae in 1956.
Another song Ebb wrote with Springer was " Heartbroken " ( 1953 ), which was recorded by Judy Garland, the mother of his future protégée, Liza Minnelli.
However, many German newspapers, for example those owned by the conservative Springer company, always wrote " DDR " in scare quotes until 1 August 1989.
On that topic, he wrote " Statistics, Litigation and Conduct Unbecoming " in the book Statistical Science in the Courtroom, edited by Joe Gastwirth ( Springer Verlag, 2000 ).
In April 1999 activist Roman Catholic priest Michael Pfleger, pastor of St. Sabina parish in Chicago's Auburn Gresham neighborhood, wrote a letter to Chicago Police Superintendent Terry Hilliard complaining of the glorification of violence on The Jerry Springer Show, the nation's most popular television show, which was produced in Chicago.

Springer and two
Gutfreund, physically the largest of the hostages, was bound to a chair ( Groussard describes him as being tied up like a mummy ); the rest were lined up four apiece on the two beds in Springer and Shapira's room, and bound at the wrists and ankles and then to each other.
The Springer Correctional Center, operated by the New Mexico Corrections Department, is located two miles north of Springer.
However, on December 28, Roth announced that he had not talked to Eddie in two years, and a reunion with Van Halen could result in a " Jerry Springer style fight ".
He was succeeded by Dr. Marlene Springer, as the second president of the college, an English and American literature scholar, under whose leadership the College improved academic standards, introduced two doctoral programs and several master's programs, raised the level of the faculty, added research institutes, and introduced an Honors College, the Verrazano School, and the CSI High School for International Studies.
Entered from the Great Lawn and from the Alumni Walk, the Center houses two academic wings for programs in the arts ( 1P ) ( Studio Art, Art History, Dance, Dramatic Arts, Music, Music Technology, and Photography ) as well as superb public spaces: the 440-seat Clara and Arleigh B. Williamson Theatre, the 900-seat Marlene Springer Concert Hall, a recital hall, a lab theater, lecture halls, two art galleries, and a small conference center with a view of the magnificent, although now dormant, volcano which may or may not erupt within the next 50 years.
# The Arabic translation of the Books V – VII was first published in two volumes by Springer Verlag in 1990 ( ISBN 0-387-97216-1 ), volume 9 in the " Sources in the history of mathematics and physical sciences " series.
The theatre company in Gananoque is The Thousand Islands Playhouse which operates two theatre spaces: The Springer Theatre, and the Firehall Theatre, attracting international attention since 1982.
Springer Spaniel refers to two different breeds of dogs, both of which are commonly called simply Springer Spaniel:
Under their editorship, the Journal of Biosemiotics was launched by Nova Science Publishers in 2005 ( two issues published ), and with the same five editors the Biosemiotics was launched by Springer in 2008.
Robert Clyde " Bob " Springer ( born May 21, 1942 ) is a retired American astronaut and test pilot who flew as a mission specialist on two NASA Space Shuttle missions in 1989 and 1990.
Stewart Lee teamed up with Thomas, and the two began to write Jerry Springer: The Opera.
* Constance Reid: Hilbert, as well as Courant, Springer ( The two biographies contain some information on Siegel.
The two routes begin in Springer and head east towards Abbot, where they serve as the northern terminus of State Road 39.
In 2009, Cinven and Candover sold Springer to two private equity firms, EQT Partners and Government of Singapore Investment Corporation.
In 2003 Wolters Kluwer sold Kluwer Academic Publishers to two private equity funds who shortly after merged it with BertelsmannSpringer to form Springer Science + Business Media.
In addition to publishing some landmark papers, Carleson has also published two books: First, an influential book on potential theory, " Selected Problems on Exceptional Sets " ( Van Nostrand, 1967 ), and second a book on the iteration of analytic functions, Complex Dynamics ( Springer, 1993, in collaboration with T. W. Gamelin ).
The Indian Appropriations Bill of 1889 was passed and signed into law with an amendment by Illinois Representative William McKendree Springer, that authorized President Benjamin Harrison to open the two million acres ( 8, 000 km² ) for settlement.
Throughout the 1930s, Curtis Springer gave lectures throughout the midwestern United States, claiming to either to be the " Dean of Greer College ", or that he represented / attended the fictional institutions of the National Academy, The Springer School of Humanism, the American College of Doctors and Surgeons, the Westlake West Virginia College, and two non-existent osteopathy schools in Meyersdale, Pennsylvania and New Jersey.
Jerry Springer also made sure Peter was " up front and full on ", on his ITV Friday Night hit programme, and his subsequent Late Night With Jerry Springer for Five which ran for two series.

Springer and Friedrich
The rise of comic book specialty stores in the late 1970s created / paralleled a dedicated market for " independent " or " alternative comics " in the U. S. The first such comics included the anthology series Star Reach, published by comic book writer Mike Friedrich from 1974 to 1979, and Harvey Pekar's American Splendor, which continued sporadic publication into the 21st century and which Shari Springer Berman and Robert Pulcini adapted into a 2003 film.

Springer and Christoph
* Christoph Arndt: Information Measures, Information and its Description in Science and Engineering ( Springer Series: Signals and Communication Technology ), 2004, ISBN 978-3-540-40855-0

Springer and Leipzig
Anton Heinrich Springer ( July 13, 1825, Prague-May 31, 1891, Leipzig ) was a German art historian and writer.

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R. Springer, author of The National Problem ( 1909 ), also cited by Stalin in his discussion of this matter, held similar views.
David Hanna ), Springer.
( companion web site contains online cryptography course that covers public-key cryptography ), Springer, 2009.
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