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Staging and process
* Staging ( theatre ), the process of selecting, designing, adapting to, or modifying the performance space for a play or film
* Staging, the process of aligning cars on the starting line in drag racing
Staging is the process of selecting, designing, adapting to, or modifying the performance space for a play or film.
Staging is also used to mean the result of this process, in other words the spectacle that a play presents in performance, its visual detail.

Staging and /
Then ES adopts Staging and Global File System ( GFS ) that offers a high-speed I / O performance.
These can include the bones, lungs, liver, and / or brain, as well as the lymph nodes in the neck .< ref >" Diagnosis and Staging of Inflammatory Breast Cancer.
Tests on Staging server / site should be passed before deployment of system on live server, i. e. production environment.

Staging and review
* Staging ( websites ), a website used to assemble, test and review its newer versions before it is moved into production
Staging site, in website design, is a website used to assemble, test and review its newer versions before it is moved into production.

Staging and techniques
* Staging ( cooking ), a chef works briefly and without pay in another chef's kitchen to learn to new techniques and cuisines

Staging and imaging
Staging is determined by combination of imaging studies and pathology findings if the tumor is operable.

Staging and information
* TNM Cancer Staging System Database ( information mostly outdated, from the 1997 edition of TNM )
** Staging ( data ), intermediately storing data between the sources of information and a data warehouse ( DW )

Staging and size
Staging can follow the TNM staging system, where the size and extent of the tumour ( T ), involvement of lymph nodes ( N ) and metastases ( M ) are classified separately.

Staging and extent
Staging, determining the extent of the disease, is done with the Rai staging system or the Binet classification ( see details < ref name =" NCI-CLL-page2 ">
The Masaoka Staging System is used widely and is based on the anatomic extent of disease at the time of surgery :< ref name =" pmid7296496 ">

Staging and its
" Narration and Staging in Hamlet and its afternovels " in Shaughnessy ( 2007, 114 – 133 ).
In addition to its fighter squadrons, from September 1956 to September 1960 North Bay operated a CF-100 Staging Detachment at Lakehead Airport, Fort William ( now Thunder Bay ), Ontario, at the western tip of Lake Superior.
The " International Neuroblastoma Staging System " ( INSS ) established in 1986 and revised in 1988 stratifies neuroblastoma according to its anatomical presence at diagnosis:
In response to the newly adopted Bow Trail Staging Report with its “ east-west downtown penetrator ” making community devastation almost a certainty, Chinatown residents, merchants and businessmen rallied together through the leadership of Calgary ’ s first Chinese-Canadian Alderman and then Member of the Legislature for Calgary McCall, George Holem.

Staging and .
Staging from rocky areas, the Ngoni impis would raid the Chewa ( also called Achewa ) and plunder food, oxen and women.
Staging is either serial where the rockets light after the previous stage has fallen away, or parallel, where rockets are burning together and then detach when they burn out.
The Lend-Lease Memorial in Fairbanks, Alaska | Fairbanks, Alaska commemorates the shipment of U. S. aircraft to the Soviet Union along the Northwest Staging Route.
Staging the second coast-to-coast Finals in league history, the Canucks were matched against the Presidents ' Trophy-winning New York Rangers.
These aircraft were later flown by U. S. pilots by way of the Northwest Staging Route through Canada, to Fairbanks, Alaska, and transferred to Soviet pilots who in turn flew them into Siberia via the Alaskan-Siberian Route ( ALSIB ).
" Staging Black Insurrection: Dred on Stage.
Staging sites, where migrating birds gather to rest and feed in the middle of their migration, may witness thousands of cranes gathering at once.
The needs of war dictated the final route, intended to link the airfields of the Northwest Staging Route that conveyed lend-lease aircraft from the United States to the Soviet Union.
Staging may not be complete until after surgery.
The International Staging System can help to predict survival, with a median survival ( in 2005 ) of 62 months for stage 1 disease, 45 months for stage 2 disease, and 29 months for stage 3 disease.
Then the testicular tumor is staged by a pathologist according to the TNM Classification of Malignant Tumors as published in the AJCC Cancer Staging Manual.
Staging increases the payload fraction, which is one of the reasons SSTO's appear difficult to build.
The Staging of Plays Before Shakespeare.
The Staging of Plays Before Shakespeare.
The Staging of Plays Before Shakespeare.
; Staging: Sometimes backup jobs are copied to a staging disk before being copied to tape.
* November 20 – The completion of the Alaska (" Alcan ") Highway allows the opening of the Northwest Staging Route.

carcinoma and refers
The term Carcinoma in situ ( or CIS ) refers to a small, localized carcinoma that has not yet invaded through the epithelial basement membrane delimiting the carcinomatous cells from adjacent normal cells.
Grading of carcinomas refers to the employment of criteria intended to semi-quantify the degree of cellular and tissue maturity seen in the transformed cells relative to the appearance of the normal parent epithelial tissue from which the carcinoma derives.
" In Latin, the term " in situ " means " in place ", so carcinoma in situ refers to an uncontrolled growth of cells that remains in the original location and has not shown invasion into other tissues.

carcinoma and process
In these patients, esophageal squamous cell carcinoma risk is increased ; therefore, it is considered a premalignant process.
Research Fellow Sachin H. Jain, Professor Michael E. Porter, and colleagues at Harvard Business School have published an extensive business school case study documenting the care process for a single patient with adrenal cortical carcinoma, " Ledina Lushko: Navigating Health Care Delivery.

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