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StarzPlay and was
From 2008 to 2012, Netflix featured Starz content on its " Watch Instantly " streaming service under the branding StarzPlay, which also featured most of the network's original programming and series content acquired by Starz from domestic and international distributors ; it was the third subscription video-on-demand online streaming service operated by Starz: Starz Ticket operated from 2004 to 2006, under a joint venture between Starz Entertainment and RealNetworks.

was and created
The land over which he sped was the land he had created and lived in: his valley.
`` There was always and at all times a contemporary music and it expresses the era in which it was created.
They recognized that slavery was a moral issue and not merely an economic interest, and that to recognize it explicitly in their Constitution would be in explosive contradiction to the concept of sovereignty they had set forth in the Declaration of 1776 that `` all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among them are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
We also know that the Saxon Shore as reflected in the Notitia was created as a part of the Theodosian reorganization of Britain ( post A.D. 369 ).
For a time it appeared that a common European army might be created, but the project for a European Defense Community was rejected by the French National Assembly in 1954.
A titre personnel and a special office was created in the Ministry of the Interior to plan and to conduct the elections.
the granular texture thus created likewise called attention to the reality of the surface and was effective over much larger areas.
Proceeding from Parry's conclusions and adopting one of his schemata, Francis P. Magoun, Jr., argues that Beowulf likewise was created from a legacy of oral formulas inherited and extended by bards of successive generations, and the thesis is striking and compelling.
The value of products from these industries was 15.8 billion dollars, of which about one-third was created by manufacturing processes.
Before he was forty Griffith had created the art of the film.
An equally tenable thesis is that the dearth of new thought was created by the Senate's own penchant for crucifying anyone whose ideas seem unorthodox to the next generation.
for he was created not exactly immortal, nor yet exactly mortal, but capable of immortality as well as of mortality.
Man was created with the capacity for immortality, but the devil's promise of immortality in exchange for disobedience cost Adam his immortality.
Such efforts almost always find themselves compelled to ask whether Adam was created capable of growing old and then older and then still older, in short, whether Adam's life was intended to be part of the process of time.
Pakistan was created in 1947 expressly as a Muslim state, but when the army took over eleven years later it did so on a wave of mass impatience which was directed in part against the inability of political and religious leaders to think their way through to the meaning of Islam for the modern political situation.
Since the organization was created thirteen years ago, it is obvious that this is not the original company ; ;
That kind of poverty was regarded as the exclusive property of the East, which created depressions with their stock markets and their congested populations and their greedy centralization of industries, protected by discriminatory freight rates.
Lincoln denounced the decision, alleging it was the product of a conspiracy of Democrats to support the Slave Power Lincoln argued, " The authors of the Declaration of Independence never intended ' to say all were equal in color, size, intellect, moral developments, or social capacity ', but they ' did consider all men created equal — equal in certain inalienable rights, among which are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness '.
Lincoln warned that " The Slave Power " was threatening the values of republicanism, and accused Douglas of distorting the values of the Founding Fathers that all men are created equal, while Douglas emphasized his Freeport Doctrine, that local settlers were free to choose whether to allow slavery or not, and accused Lincoln of having joined the abolitionists.
In 272 words, and three minutes, Lincoln asserted the nation was born not in 1789, but in 1776, " conceived in Liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal.
The only addition to the Oscar since it was created is a minor streamlining of the base.

was and late
He was a man in his late forties, with graying hair, of medium height ; ;
It was not until he moved across the porch that he became aware of them, and then it was too late.
Now, he was just in the late poems of Holderlin and therefore had most of the nineteenth century before him -- plus next semester's class preparation.
The only drawback now to the plan he'd decided on was that someone else might fail to do his work, too, and the teacher would have that person stay late along with Jack.
On April 10, 1904, his first child was born, a son named George after the late Senator.
In late December, the American army moved from Whitemarsh to Valley Forge, and although the distance was only 13 miles, the journey took more than a week because of the bad weather, the barefooted and almost naked men.
Despite the rejection of the traditional accounts on many points of detail, as late as 1948 it was still possible to postulate a massive and comparatively sudden ( beginning in ca. 450 ) influx of Germans as the type of invasions.
They, however much they were in disagreement with the late Victorians over the method by which Britain was Germanized, agreed with them that the end result was the complete extinction of the previous Celtic population and civilization.
That is, there was no trace of Anglo-Saxons in Britain as early as the late third century, to which time the archaeological evidence for the erection of the Saxon Shore forts was beginning to point.
We know that the Saxon Shore was a phenonenon of late Roman defensive policy ; ;
Lady Greville, daughter of the late Lord Chancellor Bromley and niece of Sir John Fortescue, was offered twenty pounds by the townsmen to make peace ; ;
A report of Sr. Edw Grevyles minaces to the Baileefe Aldermen & Burgesses of Stratforde '' tells how Quiney was injured by Greville's men: `` in the tyme Mr. Ryc' Quyney was bayleefe ther came some of them whoe beinge druncke fell to braweling in ther hosts howse wher thei druncke & drewe ther dagers uppon the hoste: att a faier tyme the Baileefe being late abroade to see the towne in order & comminge by in hurley burley came into the howse & commawnded the peace to be kept butt colde nott prevayle & in hys endevor to sticle the brawle had his heade grevouselye brooken by one of hys ( Greville's ) men whom nether hymselfe ( Greville ) punnished nor wolde suffer to be punnished but with a shewe to turne them awaye & enterteyned agayne ''.
It was late, and Blackman was ready to go to sleep, but Lewis was not.
By late afternoon the train inched into the marshaling yards in the railhead at Lublin, which was filled with lines of cars poised to pour the tools of war to the Russian front.
She stayed too late, and when she left, it was dark and time to go home and cook supper for her husband.
It was late, we were playing kissing games, and Jessica and I were called on to kiss in front of the others.
The founder of the Junior Showmanship Competition the late Leonard Brumby, Sr. ( for whom the trophy is named after at Westminster ) was an outstanding Handler and believed a Junior should have an opportunity to exhibit in a dog show starting with the Junior Showmanship Division.
Of majestic build, rubicund and slash-mouthed, he resembled the late General Winfield Scott, who was said to be the most imposing general of his century, if not of all centuries.
It seems clear, from the counter-balanced shape of the series of arrows in Figure 5 that there was about an equal number of early and late Onsets and Completions for the 34 girls.

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