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Statement and 4
*" Geraldo Rivera Official Statement Regarding Embedment Controversy ", 4 April 2003 – Rivera tells the story of his Iraq " Map in the Sand " ( archive )
* United States Coast Guard, Environmental Impact Statement, Goethals Bridge Replacement, Newsletter 4, October 2006 Howard / Stein-Hudson Associates, 517 W 35th St., 7th Fl., NY, NY 10001
* The United States Needs a Clear and Realistic Encryption Policy, Statement of Edward Gillespie, Executive Director, Americans for Computer Privacy, March 4, 1999.
At the death of Henrietta King, the appraiser's Statement of Gross Estate, Mrs. H. M. King listed a net total of $ 5. 4 million, as the owner of 997, 444. 56 acres ( 4, 036. 5 km < sup > 2 </ sup >), which did not include the Santa Gertrudis headquarters, nor did it include the Kleberg's Stillman and Lasater tracts, which were not of the estate.
Among important articles by Williams Cornish one might include the following: "' Linguistically sound principles ': the case against Kernewek Kemmyn ", Cornish Studies, 4, ( 1997 ); " Pre-occlusion in Cornish ", Studia Celtica 32 ( 1998 ); " Indirect Statement in Cornish and Breton ", Cornish Studies 6, ( 1998 ); " Saint in Cornish ", Cornish Studies 7 ( 1999 ) and the review, "' A modern and scholarly Cornish-English dictionary ': Ken George ’ s Gerlyver Kernewek Kemmyn ( 1993 )", Cornish Studies, 9 ( 2001 ).
By 1746, St Helens, composed of the greater area of the 4 Townships ( and their collieries ) beyond Prescot, was referred to in a Statement in Parliament related to the extension of the Liverpool to Prescot Turnpike.
* Devil's Slide Improvement Project, San Mateo County, California, Draft Second Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement, Caltrans District 4 ( 1999 )
Statement 4: Let I be an ideal in the Jacobson radical of R, and suppose that M is finitely-generated.
On September 4, 2003, in Paris, these countries detailed the principles governing the PSI in a document titled the " Statement of Interdiction Principles ".
The signature of Don Emiliano does not appear in the Founding Act of the Centro Democratico, neither in the Public Statement of July 4, 1908, initiated by Albino Jara and closed by Adolfo Riquelme.
* Immigration into Palestine – Statement by President Truman, 4 October 1946

Statement and then
Effect is given to this strategy through a series of layers of control including the Local Government Amendment ( Auckland ) Act, the Regional Policy Statement and then via District Plans.
Melville Herskovits prepared a draft " Statement on Human Rights " which Executive Board of the American Anthropological Association revised, submitted to the Commission on Human Rights, and then published.
The debates over the Statement on Human Rights, then, was not merely over the validity of cultural relativism, or the question of what makes a right universal.
Along with other sources, the Statement was then used to prepare the United Nations ’ Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which the General Assembly adopted on December 10, 1948.
The Port Huron Statement is the manifesto of the American student activist movement Students for a Democratic Society ( SDS ), written primarily by Tom Hayden, then the Field Secretary of SDS, and completed on June 15, 1962 at an SDS convention at what is now a state park in Lakeport, Michigan, a community north of Port Huron.
In August 1996, then Governor-designate Ian Macfarlane and the Treasurer issued a Statement on the Conduct of Monetary Policy which restated the roles of the Reserve Bank and the Government of Australia.
It was quickly realized, that if a Destination Statement was created at the beginning of the design process then it was much easier to select strategic Activity and Outcome objectives to respond to it.
On July 22, 1999 Falun Gong founder Li Hongzhi, then in exile in the United States, published a statement entitled " A Brief Statement of Mine " in which he urged " all governments, international organizations, and people of goodwill worldwide to extend their support and assistance to us in order to resolve the present crisis that is taking place in China.
When Socrates and Phaedrus proceed to recount the various tools of speechmaking as written down by the great orators of the past, starting with the " Preamble " and the " Statement Facts " and concluding with the " Recapitulation ", Socrates states that the fabric seems a little threadbare. He goes on to compare one with only knowledge of these tools to a doctor who knows how to raise and lower a body's temperature but does not know when it is good or bad to do so, stating that one who has simply read a book or came across some potions knows nothing of the art. One who knows how to compose the longest passages on trivial topics or the briefest passages on topics of great importance is similar, when he claims that to teach this is to impart the knowledge of composing tragedies ; if one were to claim to have mastered harmony after learning the lowest and highest notes on the lyre, a musician would say that this knowledge is what one must learn before one masters harmony, but it is not the knowledge of harmony itself. This, then, is what must be said to those who attempt to teach the art of rhetoric through " Preambles " and " Recapitulations "; they are ignorant of dialectic, and teach only what is necessary to learn as preliminaries.
While it seems common sense that academic freedom aligns with the values of democratic rights and free speech, O ' Neil also notes the ideas of academic freedom at the time were not entirely well received, where even the New York Times criticized the declaration, but that today the statement remains “ almost as nearly inviolate as the U. S. Constitution ”, The AAUP notes that following a series of conferences beginning in 1934, the association officially adopted the " 1925 Statement of Principles on Academic Freedom and Tenure ," which then started to become institutionalized in universities only since the 1940s.
The detention centre on the South Pacific island nation of Nauru was based on a Statement of Principles, signed on 10 September 2001 by the President of Nauru, René Harris, and Australia's then Minister for Defence, Peter Reith.
* The character Randolph Carter is the protagonist in the 1988 film The Unnamable which was loosely based on the short story and then again in the film's 1993 sequel The Unnamable II: The Statement of Randolph Carter.
Since then, the area of protected land has increased to .< ref >" Fact Sheet and Mission Statement.
Statement 2: With conditions as above, if I is contained in the Jacobson radical of R, then necessarily M = 0.
He then satirized the incident in a fake " Statement by the Vice President " on Whitehouse. org on Feb. 20th 2003 titled " Irate Vice President Cheney Issues a Punctilious, Legally Precise ' Oh, Wise Guy, Eh?
It started with the Statement of 99 and the establishing of the Committees of Civil Society, then the Statement of 1000 was issued carrying the signature of 1000 Syrian intellectuals in 2001.

Statement and basis
Statement of American war aims by Wilson, served as basis for Treaty of Versailles and the League of Nations.
Under Australian Taxation Office rules, businesses who account for GST on an accruals basis are entitled to claim an Input Tax Credit for all of the GST contained in the purchase price of the goods on their next Business Activity Statement.
As Minister responsible for Native Affairs during the entire tenure of the Rae government, Wildman instituted a regime of dealing with First Nations on a government to government basis, signing a " Statement of Political Relationship " with Ontario First Nation Chiefs, and concluded a number of land claims settlements.
This declaration forms the basis of the Statement of Commitment ( see below ) adopted for Holocaust Memorial Day.
The IDF Doctrine Statement is not a religious document, but the underlying religious basis was articulated by Chief Rabbi Shlomo Goren ( 1917 – 94 ), who
The information below shows the basis of the Conservation Area Designation Statement.

Statement and M
* The Sharon Statement ( 1960 ), by M. Stanton Evans et al.
M. Stanton Evans — journalist and writer of Young Americans for Freedom's " Sharon Statement "
In " Statement of Alan M. Dershowitz " featured on a faculty webpage at Harvard Law School,
The precise date of transfer of ownership is not known but it is thought to have been in early 1960 as it was mentioned in Isidore M. Gluckstein's Statement to Shareholders dated 10 June 1960.
* Statement of Timothy B. Vail, D. V. M On behalf of Vail & Vickers Company Santa Rosa Island, California before the Subcommittee on National Parks of the Committee on Energy and Natural Resources Legislative Hearing on S. 1209 Held on May 15, 2007
* Irish Political Prisoners, Speeches of John O ' Connor Power M. P., in the House of Commons on the Subject of Amnesty, etc., and a Statement by Mr Michael Davitt, ( ex-political prisoner ) on Prison Treatment ( March, 1878 )
Statement 1: Let I be an ideal in R, and M a finitely-generated module over R. If IM
Statement 3: If M
: Proof: Apply Statement 2 to M / N.
: Proof: Apply Statement 2 to N = M / Σ < sub > i </ sub > Rm < sub > i </ sub >.
*" Margaret Bridgman ," Member's Statement by James Rajotte, M. P., House of Commons Debates Vol.
It also requires removing language from the Institutional Mission Statement which might give the impression of excluding any Texan from attending Prairie View A & M University.

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