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Statues and King's
* Statues of Vancouver are located in front of Vancouver City Hall, in King's Lynn and on top of the dome of the British Columbia Parliament Buildings.

Statues and name
Statues of Budai form a central part of I Kuan Tao shrines, where he is usually referred to by the Sanskrit name Maitreya.
* Gallery of the Statues ( Galleria delle Statue ): as its name implies, holds various important statues, including Sleeping Ariadne and the bust of Menander.
Statues and tapestry images of the god can be found in a number of historical California joss houses ( a local term for Taoist temples ), where his name may be given with various Anglicized spellings, including Kwan Dai, Kwan Tai, Kuan Ti, Kuan Kung, Wu Ti, Mo Dai, Guan Di, Kuan Yu, Kwan Yu, or Quan Yu.
Statues of Rigas Feraios stand at the entrance to the University of Athens and in Belgrade at the beginning of the street that bears his name ( Ulica Rige od Fere ).
Statues and monuments to him are found throughout Argentina, and his name is honoured with several streets, squares, towns, and associations.
The king ’ s pyramid has three smaller queen ’ s pyramids associated with it and five boat pits .< ref name =" PM "> Porter, Bertha and Moss, Rosalind, < cite > Topographical Bibliography of Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphic Texts, Statues, Reliefs and Paintings Volume III: Memphis, Part I Abu Rawash to Abusir.
Norden published some test-drawings from his voyage in 1741, under the long name " Drawings of Some Ruins and Colossal Statues at Thebes in Egypt, with an account of the same in a Letter to the Royal Society ".

Statues and by
Statues and other monuments that stood there were stolen, mostly by the waves of Crusaders.
Statues of Nurmi were also sculpted by Renée Sintenis in 1926 and by Carl Eldh, whose 1937 work Löpare ( Runners ) depicts a battle between Nurmi and Edvin Wide.
Statues of Bolesław I and Mieszko I by Christian Daniel Rauch in the Golden Chapel, Poznań Cathedral
Statues of Luther ( by Schadow ), Melanchthon and Bugenhagen embellish the town.
Statues of James W. Rouse ( right ) and his brother, Willard, in Columbia, Maryland, by artist William F. Duffy.
Statues portraying Sobekneferu also combine elements of traditional male and female iconography and, by tradition, may have served as inspiration for these works commissioned by Hatshepsut.
Statues of Robert the Bruce by Thomas Clapperton and William Wallace by Alexander Carrick were added to the gatehouse entrance in 1929
A political perspective on art also underpinned his next project, co-directed with Chris Marker, Les statues meurent aussi ( Statues also Die ), a polemic about the destruction of African art by French cultural colonialism.
Statues of Mathew stand on St. Patrick's Street, Cork by JH Foley ( 1864 ), and on O ' Connell Street, Dublin by Mary Redmond ( 1893 ).
The city is also home to two La Salle Statues, including a bronze monument, dedicated in 1936 by the DAR, to celebrate the explorations of the famous French explorer.
His little treatise On the Statues destroyed by the Latins ( perhaps altered by a later writer ) is of special interest to the archaeologist and art historian.
Statues of Queen Victoria, Edward VII and George V were added in 1914 to commemorate the coronation of George V. The cross is fifty-two feet six inches ( 16 metres ) high, and topped by a gilt cross.
Statues used by triads tend to hold the halberd in the left hand, and statues in police stations tend to hold the halberd in the right hand.
Statues and action figures are produced by Art of War.
National interpretations existed in France as well, where Jean Fouquet painted the Queen of Heaven in 1450 with the face of the mistress of King Charles VII Statues and pictures of Mary were crowned by kings in Poland, France, Bavaria, Hungary and Austria, sometimes apparently using crowns previously worn by earthly monarchs.
Statues such as the Lady of Baza and the Lady of Elx are thought to have been made by Iberians relatively well acquainted with Greek art.
Statues of Massasoit by sculptor Cyrus E. Dallin stand near Plymouth Rock ; outside the Utah State Capitol building ; on the campus of Brigham Young University ; at the
In early 1762 Dance was measuring and drawing the Temple of Vesta, Tivoli and later that year he entered a competition organised by the Accademia di Parma to design A Public Gallery for Statues, Pictures & c .. His drawings were dispatched to Parma in April 1763, and a few weeks later it was announced that he had won the Gold Medal, and his designs were exhibited at the Ducal Palace.

Statues and Bishop
Statues of the Bishop and the Mayor commemorate their heroism on the site of the town's historic synagogue, destroyed in the earthquake of 1953.

Statues and Henry
Statues on the grounds commemorate several notable figures including John H. Stevens, Gunnar Wennerberg, Hiawatha and Minnehaha, Little Crow, and Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.

Statues and May
An exhibition, Statues de chair: sculptures de James Pradier ( 1790 – 1852 ) at Geneva's Musée d ' Art et d ' Histoire ( October 1985 – February 1986 ) and Paris, Musée du Luxembourg, ( February – May 1986 ) roused some interest in Pradier's career and aesthetic.
* August 2004 – May 2009 – Member, Joint Parliamentary Committee on the Installation of Portraits / Statues of National Leaders and Parliamentarians in Parliament House Complex

Statues and called
For example, two years before Captain Kangaroo, it served as the wrap-up music for an episode of the radio program Rocky Fortune called " Murder Among the Statues ".
It is one of a set called the Statues of the Liberators.

Statues and for
Statues were placed in the tombs to serve as substitutes for the deceased.
Examples include the episodes Mystery of the Broken Statues, A Ghost for Scotland Yard, The Man in the Lead Mask, and The Golden Vulture.
His first significant poem was " The Isle of Statues ", a fantasy work that took Edmund Spenser for its poetic model.
So much of the 1 Ed 6 c 12 ( An Act for the Repeal of certain Statues concerning Treasons, Felonies, etc.
Statues of Tai Sui deities responsible for individual years of the sexagenary cycle
# Whenever the Curator turns around, the Statues must freeze in position and hold that for as long as the Curator looks at them.
" The Diverse Quests for Professional Statues " in African American Art and Artists.
They later signed to independent label Alternative Tentacles, for which they released the Weathered Statues EP and the Beneath the Shadows album which featured, for the first time, keyboard player Greg Kuehn.

Statues and common
Statues and tomb monuments of commanders continued to be the most common site until the more general war memorial commemorating all the dead began to emerge in the period of the Napoleonic Wars.

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