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Statutory and Burglary
In Virginia, there are degrees of burglary, described as " Common Law Burglary " and " Statutory Burglary.

Statutory and is
In the UK, where Boxing Day is a bank holiday, if Boxing Day falls on a Saturday, a substitute bank holiday is given on the following Monday, but if 26 December falls on a Sunday – which means that Christmas Day, another holiday, fell on a Saturday – then the Statutory Holiday for Christmas is moved to Monday 27 December and the Statutory Holiday for Boxing Day is moved to Tuesday 28 December.
In most but not all modern states the constitution has supremacy over ordinary Statutory law ( see Uncodified constitution below ); in such states when an official act is unconstitutional, i. e. it is not a power granted to the government by the constitution, that act is null and void, and the nullification is ab initio, that is, from inception, not from the date of the finding.
* Personal Information Protection and Electronics Document Act ( PIPEDA ) – An Act to support and promote electronic commerce by protecting personal information that is collected, used or disclosed in certain circumstances, by providing for the use of electronic means to communicate or record information or transactions and by amending the Canada Evidence Act, the Statutory Instruments Act and the Statute Revision Act.
Statutory remedies are often provided for defects which merely render the product unusable ( and hence cause economic injury ) but do not cause physical injury or damage to other property ; the " economic loss rule " means that strict liability is generally unavailable for products that damage only themselves.
Statutory law or statute law is written law ( as opposed to oral or customary law ) set down by a legislature ( as opposed to regulatory law promulgated by the executive branch or common law of the judiciary in a typical democracy / republic ) or by a legislator ( in the case of an absolute monarchy ).
Unavoidable absence is referred to as Statutory Absence.
Statutory emergency fire service is provided by the London Fire Brigade.
Statutory emergency fire service is provided by the London Fire Brigade.
Statutory emergency fire service is provided by the London Fire Brigade.
Berthoud is a Statutory Town in Larimer and Weld counties in the U. S. state of Colorado.
The Town of Timnath is a Statutory Town located in Larimer County, Colorado, United States.
Wellington is a Statutory Town in Larimer County, Colorado, United States.
The historic town of Creede is a Statutory Town that is the county seat of, and the only incorporated municipality in Mineral County, Colorado, United States.

Statutory and defined
Routes of all regional roads in Ireland are defined by Statutory Instrument No. 188 of 2006, the Roads Act 1993 ( Classification of Regional Roads ) Order 2006 ; which specifies townlands, villages, towns, other settlements through which the route passes, as well as road names applied to route sections where applicable.
Statutory bodies are defined by Indonesian Taxation Law as groups of persons and / or capital which constitutes a unit.

Statutory and any
Afterwards, discussions were being focused towards imposing a new ' code of conduct '; in order to avoid any similar action in future, rather than of the issue at hand ( that being the legality of the plant cannabis itself ) also this is not under Common law offences, the basis for Statutory law in the UK.
Many Statutory Instruments ( indeed, the largest group after those subject to the negative resolution procedure ) are not required to be laid before Parliament at all, and are therefore not subject to any Parliamentary control.
Once the Statutory Interpleader action is commenced, the court may restrict all claimants from starting or continuing any action which would affect the stake.
This legislation places both anabolic steroids and some prohormones on a list of controlled substances ( a new type of " regulatory control "). Statutory definition of Anabolic steroids: “ The term ' anabolic steroid ' means any drug or hormonal substance, chemically and pharmacologically related to testosterone ( other than estrogens, progestins, corticosteroids and dehydroepiandrosterone )”.
It also contains other information on things such as hearing and tribunals, proposed changes and any thing else the government feels should be told to the public in the time period stated in the Statutory Instruments Regulations.
Statutory Corporations like Food Corporation of India are compensated by the government for any potential losses. Progressive attempts since Liberalization have been made both at the state and the central level to rationalize these subsidies through commoditization & economies of scale with varying results.
It did not specify any names of districts, nor indeed the borders of the non-metropolitan districts in England — these were specified by Statutory Instrument after the passing of the Act.
The direction of any given route ( that is, which end is the start and which is the termination ) is determined by the route description in the Statutory Instrument, thus any route can be listed in the form " Start, Intermediate Destinations, Final Destination " as below:

Statutory and person
Minister of the Crown includes the Welsh Ministers and various Acts provide that delegated legislation, although made by another person ( for example, the General Dental Council ), is also to be made by Statutory Instrument.
As with all delegated legislation, because Statutory Instruments are made by a person exercising a power conferred by an Act of Parliament for a specified purpose, rather than by Parliament exercising its sovereign law-making powers, they can be struck down by the courts if it is concluded that they are ultra vires ( literally, outside the powers conferred by the parent Act ).
Where property is passed from an owner to a person an implied express trust, but no gift is made by the owner to that person, it is therefore held for the owner by the person, and this is the Resulting trust ; where property should for some reason of public policy or rule of Equity be held by a person for someone other than the legal owner, this is either the Statutory trust or the Constructive trust ; but where legal title to property is held by someone ' on trust ', this is the Express trust.

Statutory and at
* All United Kingdom Acts of Parliament from 1988 onwards and Statutory Instruments from 1987 onwards are available free on-line under Crown copyright terms from the Office of Public Sector Information ( HMSO ) at http :// www. opsi. gov. uk /
* Acts of the Scottish Parliament and Scottish Statutory Instruments are available free on-line under Crown copyright terms from HMSO at http :// www. scotland-legislation. hmso. gov. uk
According to the ISO standard ( and also under a UK Statutory Instrument ), the red area must take up at least 35 % of the total area of the sign within the outer circumference of the " prohibition sign ".
In his academic career, he was a Statutory Lecturer in the Department of Political Science and Sociology at University College Galway and was a Visiting Professor at Southern Illinois University.
Seventeen Lectures on the Study of Medieval and Modern History and Kindred Subjects ; Delivered at Oxford, Under Statutory Obligation in the Years 1867-1884 ; with Two Addresses Given at Oxford and Reading.
In July 2011, Mr Justice Floyd stated: ‘ Alexander and Ashley acquired the status of legitimacy by reason of the law of the domicile of each of their parents .’ Statutory provisions of England require the children of a bigamous marriage to be recognised as ‘ lawfully begotten ’ if at least one of the spouses reasonably believed it to be valid.

Statutory and time
* Statutory Maternity Pay, the form of parental leave in the United Kingdom, an employee benefit that provides time off work to care for a child
The last time the House of Commons annulled a Statutory Instrument was in 1979 when it rejected the Paraffin ( Maximum Retail Prices ) ( Revocation ) Order 1979 ( SI 1979 / 797 ).
The last time a draft Statutory Instrument subject to affirmative procedure was not approved by the House of Commons was on 12 November 1969 when the House rejected four draft Orders relating to parliamentary constituencies.
The parliamentary controls, by which delegated legislation made by Statutory Instrument may either need to be approved by a vote of each House of Parliament before it is made, or be subject to a veto by either House within a certain period of time after it is made, are described in detail in the article on Statutory Instruments.
# Statutory Meetings-The Council shall assemble twice each year, such meetings to be held on the last Saturday in January and the last Saturday in June ( subject to alteration from time to time by resolution of the Council with the approval of the University Court ).

Statutory and office
For example an office worker who works only Monday to Friday would get to the Statutory holidays on the Monday ( or Tuesday for days that fell on Sundays ).

Statutory and other
By 2006, such was the confusion from these multiple Acts, each amending the others ( and not all of which were ever actually commenced and thus were in the public record but not enforced as actual legislation ); and the amendments of Irish firearms legislation by other Acts ranging from the Wildlife Acts ( mostly relating to hunting law ) to the Road Traffic Acts ( relating to how and where firearms could be transported ) and others ; the large amount of secondary legislation ( Statutory Instruments, which set out regulations, the design of application forms for licences and so forth, as well as the details of when various parts of the Acts came into force ); as well as the introduction of EU firearms law into the canon of Irish legislation ; led the Irish Law Reform Commission to recommend that all the extant legislation be restated a legal process by which all the existing primary and secondary legislation would be read as one and a single document produced as the new Firearms Act ( and all prior Acts would be repealed ).
This scheme was originally planned to proceed as a High Quality Dual Carriageway ( HQDC ), which would have seen it built to many of the same engineering standard as a motorway, with a design speed of 120 km / h, however a Statutory Instrument was passed on 17 July 2008, re-designating this and many other new HQDC schemes as motorway.
Apart from Good Friday the other New Zealand Statutory Holidays have been Mondayised.
Certain other benefits including Statutory sick pay, Statutory paternity pay, Statutory maternity pay, Statutory adoption pay, Employment and Support Allowance, Bereavement benefit, Carer's allowance and JSA ( C ) itself also count towards Class 1 contributions and are called " Credited Class 1 contributions ".
Scientifically, when later analyzed, some quantities are designated as fundamental units meaning all other needed units can be derived from them, whereas in the early and most historic eras, the units were given by fiat ( See Statutory law ) by the ruling entities and were not necessarily well inter-related or self-consistent.
Other sub-labels have included Lowell records, which only published local rock, punk, and metal bands from Lowell, Massachusetts ; Statutory Tapes, which reissued music originally published by Kinky Music Institute, G. R. O. S. S, ZSF Tapes, and Beast 666 Tapes ; Pure, a series of low-cost CDs by new and established harsh noise bands, again to encourage listeners to take a chance on what might be a new name ; RRReport, a magazine and CD set that existed for two issues ; Stomach Ache, a collaborative label by Lessard and other unknown participants that published cheap vinyl singles of dubious provenance.

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