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Stephanie and McMahon
* 1976Stephanie McMahon, American wrestler
Together with his wife Linda McMahon, and their children Shane McMahon and Stephanie McMahon-Levesque ( WWE Executive Vice President of Creative ), the McMahons hold approximately 70 % of WWE's economic interest and 96 % of the voting power in the company.
As a result, Gowen and Stephanie McMahon were put in a match against The Big Show, in what McMahon billed as the first " real " handicap match ( referring to Gowen and his amputee status in addition to the two vs. one parameters of the match ).
With help from both Kurt Angle and Brock Lesnar, Gowen and Stephanie McMahon defeated the Big Show, winning Gowen a contract.
Born on September 24, 1976 in Hartford, Connecticut to Linda and Vince McMahon, Stephanie Marie McMahon appeared at the age of 13 in World Wrestling Federation ( WWF ) merchandise catalogs, modeling T-shirts and hats.
In early 1999, at the suggestion of WWF writer Vince Russo, Stephanie McMahon debuted as the sweet and innocent daughter of Vince McMahon during an on-screen storyline involving Vince and The Undertaker.
In 2000, with Vince McMahon absent as a result of injuries inflicted upon him by Triple H at the Armageddon event in 1999, Triple H and Stephanie became the on-screen owners of the WWF, a period known as the " McMahon-Helmsley Era " and dominated by the McMahon-Helmsley Faction.
Stephanie reconciled with her father and brother at WrestleMania 2000 when they helped Triple H defend his title against The Rock, leaving Linda McMahon as the only fan-favorite in the McMahon family.
On the taped edition of Raw that aired September 3, 2007, Stephanie, along with her mother Linda and her brother Shane, made several appearances to confront Mr. McMahon about the child, who was later revealed to be Hornswoggle, turning into a fan favourite.
In May 1999, the Brood broke away from The Ministry after Christian was attacked by Ken Shamrock and forced to reveal the location of the captive Stephanie McMahon.
As a member of The Alliance, Rhyno feuded with Chris Jericho ( who had insulted Stephanie McMahon, the on-screen owner of ECW, on numerous occasions ), including Goring him through the Smackdown!

Stephanie and née
Stephanie Zimbalist was born in New York City, the daughter of Loranda Stephanie ( née Spalding, 1933 – 2007 ) and actor Efrem Zimbalist, Jr ( born 1918 ).
Russell was born in Fountain Valley, California, the daughter of Stephanie ( née Stephens ), a homemaker, and David Russell, a Nissan Motors executive.
Honor Stephanie Alexander-Harrington ( née Honor Stephanie Harrington ) is a fictional character invented in 1992 by writer David Weber as the heroine of the eponymous " Honorverse ", a universe described in a series of best-selling military science fiction books set between 4002 and 4022 AD, in which mankind has spread through the galaxy for 1920 years since the first slow ships left Earth.
He is the son of Stephanie Rosemary ( née Wagner ) and Arthur Altschul, a former partner at Goldman Sachs.
During X's first hiatus ( 1980 – 1983 ), he formed the post punk outfit Sardine v, with his then wife, Stephanie Rilen ( née Hancock ) on keyboards and lead vocals.
* Jennifer " Jennie " Malloy ( née Slattery ) ( Stephanie Hodge ): Jack's irritable and promiscuous wife, who gets along with no one in particular and is prone to jealousy.

Stephanie and Marie
The Mercury / Polygram single, co-produced by Kurt, included the collaborative efforts of Stephanie Mills, Whitney Houston, New Edition, El Debarge, James " JT " Taylor, The Fat Boys, Menudo ( Ricky Martin ), Teena Marie and Run DMC.
* The play Rudolf ( 2011 ) by David Logan dramatises the last few weeks of the life of Crown Prince Rudolf and features his relationship with his parents Emperor Franz Joseph and Empress Elisabeth as well as his wife Crown Princess Stephanie, his cousins Marie Larisch and Archduke Johan Salvator and his two loves Mary Vetsera and Mitzi Caspar.
She was a first cousin of Queen Carola of Saxony, Queen Stephanie of Portugal, King Carol I of Romania, and Countess Marie of Flanders ( mother of King Albert I of the Belgians ).
On 16 February 1847 at Rödelheim Chlodwig married Princess Marie of Sayn-Wittgenstein-Sayn, daughter of Ludwig Adolf Friedrich, 2nd Prince of Sayn-Wittgenstein-Sayn and his first wife Princess Caroline ( Stephanie ) Radziwill.
* Stephanie Marie Antonie ( 6 July 1851, Schillingsfürst-18 March 1882, Munich ); married ( 12 April 1871, Schillingsfürst ) Count Arthur von Schönborn-Wiesentheid ( 30 January 1846, Würzburg-29 September 1915, Wiesentheid )
Through her mother, she descends from Marie de Lorraine-Guise-Armagnac, Karl, Grand Duke of Baden, Stephanie de Beauharnais, Lady Mary Victoria Douglas-Hamilton, Rainier III of Monaco and Grace Kelly.
The two have a son, Kevin Davison, born in 1995, and a daughter, Stephanie Marie, born in 1997.
Former choreographers have included: Stephanie Andros, Willi Bietak, Marie Carr, Kevin J. Cottam, Francis Demarteau, Sarah Kawahara, Karen Kresge, Jerôme Savary, Ted Shuffle, Anthony Van Laast, MBE, Frank Wentink and Bart Doerfler.

Stephanie and ;
Sarandon then married and divorced model Lisa Ann Cooper during the 1980s ; they have three children, Stephanie, Alexis, and Michael Sarandon.
North American efforts include the 1993 founding of RadPsyNet Radical Psychology Network, the 1997 publication of Critical Psychology: An Introduction ( edited by Dennis Fox and Isaac Prilleltensky ; expanded 2009 edition edited by Dennis Fox, Isaac Prilleltensky, and Stephanie Austin ), and the action-focused PsyACT ( Psychologists Acting with Conscience Together ).
Some prominent examples of liberal talk radio shows currently in national syndication include: Dial Global talk show hosts Ed Schultz, Stephanie Miller, Thom Hartmann, and Bill Press ; The Young Turks ; Fox News host Alan Colmes, First Amendment Radio Network Libertarian host Jon Arthur, self-distributed Norman Goldman and Mike Malloy, and Premiere's Randi Rhodes.
* Martha B. Gilbreth ( November 5, 1909 – November 15, 1968 ) ( age 59 ); married Richard E. Tallman ; four children ( Janet, Blair, Mary, Stephanie ).
Crawford made three more TV appearances, as Stephanie White in an episode of The Virginian ( 1970 ), entitled " The Nightmare "; as a special guest who performed in multiple sketches on The Tim Conway Comedy Hour ( also in 1970 ) ; and as Joan Fairchild ( her final performance ) on an episode of the television series, The Sixth Sense, entitled, " Dear Joan: We're Going To Scare You To Death " ( 1972 ).
* He has three sons and a daughter, Timmy Hung Tin Ming ( 洪天明 ; born 1974 ), Jimmy Hung Tin Cheung ( 洪天祥 ; born 1977 ), Sammy Hung Tin Chiu ( 洪天照 ; born 1979 ) and Stephanie Hung Chao Yu ( 洪煦榆 ; born 1983 ) with Jo Yun Ok ( 曹恩玉 ), whom he grew up with in martial arts training school.
They had a daughter, Stephanie, before divorcing in 1959 ; by this marriage he also had a stepson, Chris Lemmon.
In 1211, after some desultory operations, he concluded a five years ' truce with Malik-el-Adil ; in 1212 he lost his wife, who left him a daughter, Yolande ( also known as Isabella ); soon afterwards he married the princess Stephanie, daughter of Leo I, King of Armenia.
Other regulars included the milkwoman ( Barbara Flynn ) with whom Granville had a romantic fling ; Mavis ( Maggie Ollerenshaw ) a young woman who can never make up her mind what to buy ; Mrs Blewett ( Kathy Staff ), with a critical word for everyone ; and Mrs Featherstone ( Stephanie Cole ), nicknamed " The Black Widow ", a sour-faced, miserly hag who admires Arkwright for being likewise and shows a degree of romantic interest in him.
Though at first Sally and Stephanie Forrester were bitter enemies, in later years they developed a friendship ; Sally even went to work at Forrester Creations after she finally made the decision to shut down her own company.
Similarly, Collins was contracted for only 13 out of the season's 22 episodes ; former Colbys character Sable ( Stephanie Beacham ) was brought in as both a platonic confidante for Blake and a nemesis for Alexis, and Tracy Scoggins also reprised her Colbys role as Sable's daughter Monica.
; Sabella " Sable " Scott Colby ( Stephanie Beacham ( original cast ), 1985 – 1987 )
* Orchard Park – A residential community, once a large apple orchard, situated along the northern part of Felters Road ; most of the streets in this community are named after women of the Greblick family ( e. g., Stephanie Lane, Angela Court, Karen Court, Cheryl Drive, and Bernice Boulevard ).
Following Rudolph's death, the resulting lack of Imperial support towards Stephanie impacted Elizabeth's relationship with her mother negatively ; the parent and child were never close.
Elisabeth and her daughter Stephanie did not have a good relationship ; she reportedly stated that she married her first husband based on the fact that her mother did not like him.
Stephanie suddenly wakes up from her dream and asks her husband, Triple H, if Vince was still in a coma, in which Triple H replies that Vince and the doctors believed that he was brain dead ; Stephanie responds by saying " thank God ," and then lays back down.

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