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Stephen and Sackur
Other more occasional presenters include the BBC's Stephen Sackur and Tim Franks.
Other cast included Dan Starkey as Haber's research associate Otto Sackur, Stephen Critchlow as Colonel Peterson, Conor Tottenham as Haber's son Hermann, Malcolm Tierney as General Falkenhayn and Janice Acquah as Zinaide.
* Stephen Sackur ( born 1964 ), British BBC journalist
* Stephen Sackur ( Fellow ' 86 )-host, BBC's HARDtalk
In May 2008, in an interview with Stephen Sackur of the BBC, he declared that any cabinet formed by him would exclude any MP known to be gay.
He has described himself in a BBC HARDtalk interview with Stephen Sackur as a ' technocrat '.
Under his editorship, The Observer's editorial view supported the invasion of Iraq, a stance that Alton, speaking to Stephen Sackur on BBC's HARDtalk, ( 22 August 2008 ) has since admitted may have been incorrect.
Since 2006, the show has been presented by Stephen Sackur, who was previously the BBC's correspondent in Washington and Brussels and who is an experienced interviewer who has grilled U. S. Presidents George W. Bush and Bill Clinton.
The current Hardtalk studio and presenter Stephen Sackur

Stephen and appears
According to Stephen Frederic Dale, the name Babur is derived from the Persian word babr, meaning " tiger ", a word that repeatedly appears in Firdawsī's Shāhnāma and had also been borrowed by the Turkic languages of Central Asia.
* Trev ( Stephen Curry ) appears as Jase's replacement as the sound recorder towards the end of the third series.
Stephen's accession to the throne still needed to be ratified by the Pope, however, and Henry of Blois appears to have been responsible for ensuring that testimonials of support were sent both from Stephen's elder brother Theobald and from the French king Louis VI, to whom Stephen represented a useful balance to Angevin power in the north of France.
Stephen appears to have had several objectives in mind, including both ensuring the loyalty of his key supporters by granting them these honours, and improving his defences in key parts of the kingdom.
The word Unitarian had been circulating in private letters in England, in reference to imported copies of such publications as the Library of the Polish Brethren who are called Unitarians ( 1665 ), Henry Hedworth was the first to use the word " Unitarian " in print in English ( 1673 ), and the word first appears in a title in Stephen Nye's A brief history of the Unitarians, called also Socinians ( 1687 ).
Stephen Fry appears only occasionally on the television series.
Stephen's accession to the throne still needed to be ratified by the Pope, however, and Henry of Blois appears to have been responsible for ensuring that testimonials of support were sent both from Stephen's elder brother Theobald and from the French king Louis VI, to whom Stephen represented a useful balance to Angevin power in the north of France.
Stephen appears to have had several objectives in mind, including both ensuring the loyalty of his key supporters by granting them these honours, and improving his defences in vulnerable parts of the kingdom.
Many of the details of their discussions are unclear, but it appears that the churchmen emphasised that while they supported Stephen as king, they sought a negotiated peace ; Henry reaffirmed that he would avoid the English cathedrals and would not expect the bishops to attend his court.
They work on the floor above the garage and are referred to but seldom seen: Ed McKenzie ( who appears in one episode, played by Stephen Elliott ), and, later, Ben Ratlidge ( who is also only seen in one episode, played by Allen Garfield ).
The character appears in a positive light in novels like Gillian Bradshaw's Hawk of May, Thomas Berger's Arthur Rex, Hal Foster's comic strip Prince Valiant, and Stephen R. Lawhead's Pendragon Cycle.
One of the first physicians in Sand Lake-the earliest of whom there appears to be any positive record-was Dr. Uriah M. Gregory, who located near Sand Lake village with his brothers, Stephen, Daniel M., Justus and Eben Gregory.
It appears that Æthelred continued to have influence in the kingdom after his abdication: a passage in Stephen of Ripon's Life of Wilfrid shows Æthelred summoning Coenred to him and advising him to make peace with Wilfrid.
Regardless of whether or not Stephen the priest was Wilfrid ’ s singing master from Kent, he appears to have been a follower of Wilfrid and was able to consult individuals who had known Wilfrid closely as sources for the Life of Wilfrid.
In 2003, he starred in and also directed ITV's comedy-drama series fortysomething ( in one episode of which Stephen Fry appears ).
* February 15 – Minnie Riperton appears on the Grammys as a presenter with Stephen Bishop.
He has made three other brief forays into the world of music: he provides the monologue to the track " Witness to a Murder ( Part Two )" on the album Six by Mansun ; he appears on Technocat's single " Only Human " in 1995, and in 2002 he recorded the monologue to the track " Megamorphosis " on the album andabrek by Stephen James, although the album was not released until 2009.
William was present as a witness when three charters were issued by Stephen at Lewes dated to the years 1148 – 53, therefore it appears that he remained loyal to the king until the Treaty of Wallingford ended the hostilities.
Wallis appears as a fictionalized character in Stephen Baxter's The Time Ships, the authorised sequel to The Time Machine.
Named after Saint Stephen, the city first appears in the historical record in the Middle Ages as Saint-Étienne de Furan ( after the River Furan, an affluent of the Loire ).
A fictionalised Sir William Gull appears in Iain Sinclair's 1987 novel White Chappell, Scarlet Tracings in a plotline based on Stephen Knight ’ s Jack the Ripper: The Final Solution.
In Stephen King's The Dark Tower series, King himself appears as a pivotal character set with the task of writing The Dark Tower books so that the main characters can continue their quest.
There has been much scholarly debate over the dating of the charters he received from Stephen and Matilda ; depending on the order and timing of those documents, Geoffrey appears to have either been playing off one against the other to get what he wanted or was courted by the rival claimants to the throne for his support.
In the Stephen King mini-series Kingdom Hospital, the character Antubis appears in the form of an anteater-like creature with razor sharp teeth.

Stephen and on
Newest on the list are John Ciardi, W. D. Snodgrass, I. A. Richards, Oscar Williams, Robert Hillyer, John Hall Wheelock, Stephen Vincent Benet, Edwin Muir, John Peal Bishop and Maxwell Bodenheim.
`` It's time you began to think on God, Stephen.
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen M. Kochanek reported the theft at their home on 41 Garden Hills Drive at about 6 last night.
The first Greek Christians to comment extensively on Aristotle were John Philoponus, Elias, and David in the sixth century, and Stephen of Alexandria in the early seventh century.
On the December 13, 2010 episode of The Colbert Report, Stephen reads a passage of A Modest Proposal in support of Ted Turner's suggestions on reducing overpopulation by having poor people sell ( to rich people ) their right to bear a single child per family.
They are on display in the Stephen A. Schwarzman Building ( formerly the New York Public Library Main Branch ) in New York.
In 1256, the castrum of Abensprech was first mentioned, and on 12 June 1348, Ludwig, Margrave of Brandenburg, and his brother, Stephen, Duke of Bavaria, raised Abensberg to the status of a city, giving it the right to operate lower courts, enclose itself with a wall and hold markets.
* Absalom is the name of Stephen Kumalo's son in " Lost in the Stars ", Kurt Weil's play based on the novel " Cry the Beloved Country ".
Only the death of Stephen, the great hospodar of Moldavia, enabled Poland still to hold her own on the Danube River ; while the liberality of Pope Julius II, who issued no fewer than 29 bulls in favor of Poland and granted Alexander Peter's Pence and other financial help, enabled him to restrain somewhat the arrogance of the Teutonic Order.
Isaac made a desperate attack on the imperial agents and killed their leader Stephen Hagiochristophorites.
Alexios II was compelled to acknowledge Andronikos as colleague in the empire in front of the crowd on the terrace of the Church of Christ of the Chalkè and was then quickly put to death in turn ; the killing was carried out by Tripsychos, Theodore Dadibrenos and Stephen Hagiochristophorites.
But on September 11, 1185, during his absence from the capital, Stephen Hagiochristophorites moved to arrest Isaac Angelos, whose loyalty was suspect.
Norman Spector called, in The Globe and Mail, for Prime Minister Stephen Harper to address the issue of the act's bar on Catholics, saying that Phillips ' marriage to Kelly would be the first time the provisions of the act would bear directly on Canada – Phillips would be barred from acceding to the Canadian throne because he married a Roman Catholic Canadian.
* Stephen Hawking, Steven Weinberg, Alexander Vilenkin, David Gross and Lawrence Krauss: Debate on Anthropic Reasoning Kavli-CERCA Conference Video Archive.
history, and Stephen Sondheim was present at the post-matinee talkback on April 10.
* Anyone Can Whistle on the Stephen Sondheim Reference Guide
Most biographers blame Lerner's professional decline on the lack of a strong director with whom Lerner could collaborate, as Neil Simon did with Mike Nichols or Stephen Sondheim with Harold Prince ( Moss Hart, who had directed My Fair Lady, died shortly after Camelot opened ).
A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum is a musical with music and lyrics by Stephen Sondheim and book by Burt Shevelove and Larry Gelbart.
The last section, detailing events after the Gregorian mission, Goffart feels were modelled on Stephen of Ripon's Life of Wilfrid.
General Melchett ( Stephen Fry ) rallies his troops from a French château thirty-five miles from the front, where he is aided and abetted by his assistant, Captain Darling ( Tim McInnerny ), pencil-pusher supreme and Blackadder's nemesis, whose name is played on for maximum comedic value.
It is set on the turn of the millennium, and features Lord Blackadder placing a bet with his friends – modern versions of Queenie ( Miranda Richardson ), Melchett ( Stephen Fry ), George ( Hugh Laurie ) and Darling ( Tim McInnerny ) – that he has built a working time machine.
It may come from a custom in the late Roman / early Christian era, wherein metal boxes placed outside churches were used to collect special offerings tied to the Feast of Saint Stephen, which in the Western Church falls on the same day as Boxing Day.
In Ireland – when it was part of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland – the Bank Holidays Act 1871 established the feast day of St. Stephen as a non-movable public holiday on 26 December.

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