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Steve and Huey
Steve Huey in Allmusic describes the band as " one of the most unusual cult bands of the 1990s ... driven by frontman Mike Doughty's stream-of-consciousness poetry, Soul Coughing's sound was a willfully idiosyncratic mix of improvisational jazz grooves, oddball samples, hip-hop, electronics, and noisy experimentalism ( described by Doughty as ' deep slacker jazz ').
Critic Steve Huey calls it " perhaps Tom Waits's most cohesive album ... a morbid, sinister nightmare, one that applied the quirks of his experimental ' 80s classics to stunningly evocative — and often harrowing — effect ... Waits ' most affecting and powerful recording, even if it isn't his most accessible.
" Steve Huey of Allmusic asserted that despite being born into a family of entertainers, Janet Jackson has managed to emerge a " superstar " in her own right, rivaling not only several female recording artists including Madonna and Whitney Houston, but also her brother, while " successfully her image from a strong, independent young woman to a sexy, mature adult.
Critic Steve Huey of Allmusic writes that the album's influence " was felt more in spirit than in direct copycatting, as a catalyst rather than a literal musical starting point.
The band was formed in 1993 by Huey Morgan, Brian Leiser and Steve Borgovini after Leiser, who was already friends with Borgovini, met Morgan at the club where they both worked.
Critic Steve Huey describes their music as " uncompromising, intense, cathartic fusions of hard rock, funk, post-punk noise, and jazz experimentalism, with Rollins shouting angry, biting self-examinations and accusations over the grind.
* VH1. com, “ Labelle ”, by Steve Huey, Allmusic ( accessed on June 29, 2008 )
According to Steve Huey of allmusic, " Only Built 4 Cuban Linx ... contained a narrative album format revolving around cocaine trafficking, criminal activity, and a rise through the ranks of the illegal industry.
It was described by critic Steve Huey as " Fast, furious, and funny ... Mike Muir proves himself an articulate lyricist and commentator, delving into subjects like alienation, depression, and Social nonconformity | nonconformist politics with intelligence and humor.
Steve Huey of Allmusic noted that " the new Snakepit does kick up a lot of noise as the album rushes by, and the strong chemistry between the members is immediately obvious ".
Reviewing Ain't Life Grand for Allmusic, Steve Huey described second singer Rod Jackson as " a combination of ' 80s pop-metal bluster and Faces-era Rod Stewart " with a " touch of Aerosmith ", a description that he felt also fitted the band as a whole.
* January 28 – Various artists, under the group name USA For Africa, including Ray Charles, Bob Dylan, Michael Jackson, Billy Joel, Cyndi Lauper, Steve Perry, Kenny Loggins, Willie Nelson, Lionel Richie, Smokey Robinson, Kenny Rogers, Diana Ross, Paul Simon, Bruce Springsteen, Huey Lewis, Tina Turner, Sheila E., Harry Belafonte, Lindsey Buckingham, Kim Carnes, Dionne Warwick, Waylon Jennings, Bob Geldof and Stevie Wonder, record the song " We Are the World ".
Steve Huey of Allmusic said that he was " one of the most controversial figures in gangsta rap.
Steve Huey of Allmusic notes that The Shirelles defined " the so-called girl group sound with their soft, sweet harmonies and yearning innocence ", with their songs predating Motown in their widespread crossing of racial demographics, both in the US and in Britain.
Produced by Pip Williams, Sonic Origami, originally issued in Japan in 1998, then, a year later, in the U. S., had " a grand, epic tone throughout " that, according to rock critic Steve Huey, " doesn't always match Uriah Heep's journeyman-sounding prog-tinged hard rock ," still being " a solid entry in its chosen genre.
According to Allmusic editor Steve Huey, the success of his 1994 debut album Ready to Die " reinvented East Coast rap for the gangsta age " and " turned the Notorious B. I. G.
Allmusic's Steve Huey said that it " brought back some of the pounding speed of Reign in Blood for their third major-label album ", and addressed it to be " their most accessible album, displaying the full range of their abilities all in one place, with sharp, clean production ".
Steve Huey of the website allmusic perceived " a strong affinity for the neo-soul movement " in the album.
" Steve Huey of Allmusic described his and Jeff Hannemans guitar solos as " wildly chaotic ," and Thom Jurek, also of Allmusic, described his work on 2006's Christ Illusion as " create an intensely harrowing and angular riff that changes from verse to verse, through the refrain and bridge, and comes back again.
Critic Steve Huey of Allmusic later rated the album with four and a half stars out of five, stating that the " record sounds like a bridge between Mother Love Bone's theatrical ' 70s-rock updates and Pearl Jam's hard-rocking seriousness.
Steve Huey of Allmusic said, " Since Dry As a Bone / Rehab Doll is more energetic and less murky than many proto-grunge artifacts, it's arguably the most effective and enduring building block in the music's early evolution.
Steve Huey, for example, wrote for Allmusic that " Sabbath's slowed-down, murky guitar rock bludgeons the listener in an almost hallucinatory fashion, reveling in its own dazed, druggy state of consciousness ", commenting that the album featured " plenty of metal classics ".
On the style of the album, critic Steve Huey wrote in AllMusic: " Mr. Bungle is a dizzying, disconcerting, schizophrenic tour through just about any rock style the group can think of, hopping from genre to genre without any apparent rhyme or reason, and sometimes doing so several times in the same song.
" Steve Huey of Allmusic called it Green River's " strongest individual release ... perfecting their sleazy, raucous fusion of ' 70s hard rock and post-hardcore punk.

Steve and from
* " The Animal ", by Steve Vai from Passion and Warfare
The captaincy passed from Border to Taylor in the mid-1990s and then to Steve Waugh before the 2001 series.
The high price was likely due to the rare documents and packaging offered in the sale in addition to the computer, including the original packaging ( with the return label showing Steve Jobs ' parents ' address, the original Apple Computer Inc ' headquarters ' being their garage ), a personally typed and signed letter from Jobs ( answering technical questions about the computer ), and the original invoice showing ' Steven ' as the salesman.
In a letter to Bloomgarden from Laurents, he wrote, " I beg you not to mention the money problems or any difficulties to Steve anymore.
His frequent appearances on NBC's The Tonight Show spanned three emcees ( Steve Allen, Jack Paar and Johnny Carson ), from the 1950s to the 1970s.
Bedrock Records has released many singles from artists such as Astro & Glyde, Brancaccio & Aisher, Steve Lawler, Shmuel Flash, Steve Porter, Guy J, and Jerry Bonham.
Gone are the days when the Hoffman House flourished on Madison Square, with its famous nudes by Bouguereau ; when barrooms were palaces, on nearly every corner throughout the city ; when Steve Brodie, jumping from Brooklyn Bridge, splashed the entire country with publicity ; when Bowery concert halls dispensed schooners of beer for a nickel, with a stage show thrown in ; when Theis's Music Hall still resounded on 14th Street with its great mechanical organ, the wonder of its day, a place of beauty, with fine paintings and free company and the frankest of female life.
Other artists usually considered part of this movement include Hellhammer and Celtic Frost ( from Switzerland ), Kreator, Sodom and Destruction ( from Germany ), Bulldozer and Death SS ( from Italy ), whose vocalist Steve Sylvester was a member of the Ordo Templi Orientis.
** Executive chairman – the chairman's post may also exist as an office separate from that of CEO, and it is considered an executive chairman if that titleholder wields influence over company operations, such as Steve Case of AOL Time Warner and Douglas Flint of HSBC.
* Steve Arbuckle, actor from Donkin.
On the other hand, Steve McMichael holds the record for most consecutive games played by a Bear with 191 ; he accomplished the feat from 1981 to 1993.
Cleveland finished 2 games ahead of Chicago and 3 games ahead of the Yankees to win its first pennant, led by Speaker's. 388 hitting, Jim Bagby's 30 victories and solid performances from Steve O ' Neill and Stan Coveleski.
A Chicago Cubs fan by the name of Steve Bartman, of Northbrook, IL, reached for the ball and deflected it away from the glove of Moisés Alou for the second out of the 8th inning.
Responding to skepticism from scientists such as Steve Jones ,< ref >
Storylines throughout the decade included: a mystery poison-pen letter received by Elsie Tanner, the 1962 marriage of Ken Barlow and Valerie Tatlock, the death of Martha Longhurst in 1964, the birth of the Barlow twins in 1965, Elsie Tanner's wedding to Steve Tanner as well as a train crashing from the viaduct ( both in 1967 ), the murder of Steve Tanner in 1968, and a coach crash in 1969.
Steve Rogers ' physical transformation, from a reprint of Captain America Comics # 1 ( May 1941 ).
Steve Dahl, who had spearheaded Disco Demolition Night, denied any racist or homophobic undertones to the promotion, saying, " It's really easy to look at it historically, from this perspective, and attach all those things to it.
Elfman was apprehensive at first because of his lack of formal training, but with orchestration assistance from Oingo Boingo guitarist and arranger Steve Bartek, he achieved his goal of emulating the mood of such composers as Nino Rota and Bernard Herrmann.
In 1983 the Wings drafted Steve Yzerman, a center from the Peterborough Petes with their first-round pick.
Cubs fan Steve Bartman reached for the ball, preventing Cubs LF Moises Alou from making the out and setting off an 8-run Marlins rally.
The 1982 Steve Martin comedy Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid was shot in black-and-white as a parody of a 1940s film noir and included footage of actors from the film-noir era such as Humphrey Bogart, Burt Lancaster, and others spliced in with the modern actors.

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