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Still and infamous
Still was active in the abolition movement and a friend and ally of the infamous anti-slavery leaders John Brown and James H. Lane.

Still and most
Still, his finale is put together with taste and a most sensitive projection of that pale sustenance, despair.
Still, if the courage of Agathocles in entering into and extricating himself from dangers be considered, together with his greatness of mind in enduring overcoming hardships, it cannot be seen why he should be esteemed less than the most notable captain.
Still, most of the economic hardship that struck many of the former East Bloc countries and the post-Soviet states comes from the program of shock therapy.
Still, the US Department of State said on September 16, " these elections stand out as a milestone in creating a new, more competitive multi-party political system in one of Africa's largest and most important countries.
Still attracting strongly negative reactions, in the 1890s Munch did begin to receive some understanding of his artistic goals, as one critic wrote, " With ruthless contempt for form, clarity, elegance, wholeness, and realism, he paints with intuitive strength of talent the most subtle visions of the soul.
Still, because we do not have much information about what occurred while Eleanor was in Poitiers, all that can be taken from this episode is that her court there was most likely a catalyst for the increased popularity of courtly love literature in the Western European regions.
Still, it was central to one of the most convenient trans-Saharan routes.
Still, the autocorrelation method is the most common and it is used, for example, for speech coding in the GSM standard.
Still, only Jolson's sequences had sound ; most of the film was silent.
A study published in the Journal of Geophysical Research in July 2007, Nuclear winter revisited with a modern climate model and current nuclear arsenals: Still catastrophic consequences, used current climate models to look at the consequences of a global nuclear war involving most or all of the world's current nuclear arsenals ( which the authors described as being only about a third the size of the world's arsenals twenty years earlier ).
Still, most semi-closed systems allow at least twice the duration of open circuit systems ( around 2 hours ) and are often limited by scrubber endurance.
Although SNL's use is perhaps the most widely known, it is predated by the "' John Garfield Still Dead ' syndrome ," which originated as a result of extensive coverage in the wake of the actor John Garfield's death and funeral in 1952.
Still, most systems of transliteration map the letters of the source script to letters pronounced similarly in the goal script, for some specific pair of source and goal language.
Still, most waka poets kept to ancient tradition or made those reformation another stereotype, and waka was not a vibrant genre in general at the end of this period.
Still, in spite of this hostile climate, the Hungarian Jesuit János Sajnovics suggested a relationship between Hungarian and Sami ( Lapp ) in 1770, and in 1799, the Hungarian Sámuel Gyarmathi published the most complete work on Finno-Ugric to that date.
Still, Gretzky was a most elusive target.
Still, some medieval and renaissance edifices remain, the most notable are in the Lipscani area.
Still a community of predominantly Taishanese-speaking inhabitants, San Francisco's Chinatown became one of the most important Chinese centers in the United States.
Still, it is the most cited and most widely recognized of the stock market indices.
Still, Ido remains today one of the three most widely spoken auxlangs.
Still, Expo would get most of the blame for directing visitors to these establishments.
Lichtenstein's Still Life paintings, sculptures and drawings, which span from 1972 through the early 1980s, cover a variety of motifs and themes, including the most traditional such as fruit, flowers, and vases.
Still one asset that ABC lacked in the early 2000s that most other networks had was popularity in reality television.
Still subject to encroachment by the Lakota and European Americans, finally most accepted relocation to a reservation in Indian Territory.

Still and comics
Still, the original term " manga " is primarily used in English-speaking countries solely to describe comics of Japanese origin.
Still, the comics are considered non-canon, since Star Fox 64 replaced the original SNES Star Fox title.
Still, many hints that Brande is J ' onn J ' onzz exist in Legion comics.

Still and fans
On TV shows based in Chicago such as The Bob Newhart Show, Married ... with Children, Family Matters, Still Standing, According to Jim, Early Edition and The Bernie Mac Show, the main characters are all Bears fans, and have worn Bears ' jerseys and t-shirts on some occasions.
Still, many sports writers and fans believed that any team in the older NFL was vastly superior to any club in the upstart AFL, and thus expected that Green Bay would blowout Kansas City.
Still, many sports writers and fans believed that the game was a mismatch, and that any team from the long-established NFL was far superior to the best team from the upstart AFL.
Still, Bulloch believed killing Fett made the character stronger, and that his " weak " death makes fans want the character to return.
" Still stuck on Elvis, fans exalt the King ".
Still the first half of the 1990s is regarded even by the Heep fans as " the wilderness years ".
Still many of the fans formed their own cheering section at the Liberty Bowl unofficially known as " The Asylum "
Still, Nicol is respected as one of the best coaches in the league and near-universally revered by Revolution fans.
Still photographs taken during the scene are its only known depiction, and as a result, the " Piranha Scene " is a popular topic amongst fans of the film.
His biggest hit to date, " Yma O Hyd " (" Still Here "), released in 1981, has become a favourite of most Welsh folk music fans
Still, for fans of the discontinued 6. 3 or for those who simply had to have a car which Car and Driver proclaimed to be " the greatest Mercedes-Benz ever built ," it seemed that money was no object.
Still, there were fans who wouldn't quit.
Still the title for the antagonistic faction the Decepticons could mean Deceptive Contenders as some fans have come to debate, yet this has not been explained in either of the existing Transformers lines, leaving the meaning of the antagonists title to be open to interpretation for the time being.
Still, Japanese fans occasionally use the non-canonical terms gaibu senshi ( 外部戦士 ) and naibu senshi ( 内部戦士 ).
Still, many fans and critics were disappointed that several songs were inexplicably cut from the album just prior to mastering — primarily " Blind Willie McTell ", considered a career highlight by many critics, and not officially released until it appeared on The Bootleg Series Volume III eight years later.
Still, a number of fans touted SLI as the future of gaming and as such, SLI became more of a status symbol than a viable system upgrade.
" One of the band's most iconic songs, " Do the Standing Still ," mocked indie rock fans for their reluctance to move during even the band's most frenetic performances, though Morrison himself would occasionally discourage fans from moshing.
Still, Lyman can't possibly be responsible for all the deaths, ranging from Bert McCracken of The Used to dozens, if not hundreds of fans.
Still known as the " River End " among fans, this part of the ground is the closest to the River Wensum.
Still, it counted among its fans Stanley Kubrick, who had the film play on a television in a scene in The Shining.
Still, the 1984 Cubs are revered among Cubs fans.
Still spiraling off Violent Shit ’ s unexpected success, Andreas created his homage to the undead with Zombie 90-Extreme Pestilence ( 1990 ), the English version of which is regarded by some genre fans to have the most hilarious dubbing ever put to celluloid.

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