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Page "lore" ¶ 597
from Brown Corpus
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Still and more
Still more time was consumed while the pilot, at the radioed suggestion of Continental president Robert Six, tried to persuade the armed pair to swap the Boeing jet for a propeller-driven Douglas Aj.
Still, the notion of altruism is modified in such a world-view, since the belief is that such a practice promotes our own happiness: " The more we care for the happiness of others, the greater our own sense of well-being becomes " ( Dalai Lama ).
Still more different from Bachofen's perspective is the lack of role permanency in Freud's view: Freud held that time and differing cultures would mold Athena to stand for what was necessary to them.
Still, Thomson's model ( along with a similar Saturnian ring model for atomic electrons, also put forward in 1904 by Nagaoka after James Clerk Maxwell's model of Saturn's rings ), were earlier harbingers of the later and more successful solar-system-like Bohr model of the atom.
Still, instead of the 2-way associative scheme used in older Athlons, Thunderbird did move to a more efficient 16-way associative layout.
Still the attacks provoked efforts to define biodefense and biosecurity, where more limited definitions of biosafety had focused on unintentional or accidental impacts of agricultural and medical technologies.
" Still more demos, alternate takes, and wholly unheard-before recordings have been released since Haley's death.
Still, this policy makes food cheaper for the average Colombian than it would be if agricultural trade were more restricted.
Still, in the absence of naked singularities, the universe is deterministic — it's possible to predict the entire evolution of the universe ( possibly excluding some finite regions of space hidden inside event horizons of singularities ), knowing only its condition at a certain moment of time ( more precisely, everywhere on a spacelike 3-dimensional hypersurface, called the Cauchy surface ).
Still, the US Department of State said on September 16, " these elections stand out as a milestone in creating a new, more competitive multi-party political system in one of Africa's largest and most important countries.
Still, Wright aspired for more progressive work.
Still another theory is that the general environment today is much more complex and stimulating.
Still, possessing, manufacturing and import / exporting airsoft guns with a muzzle energy that no more than or above two joules of kinetic energy is legal to citizens in China's SARs.
Still in Scotland Hogmanay and Ne ' erday are as or more important than Christmas Eve and Christmas Day in the rest of the UK.
2002's Still Up In This Shit !, released by Hit-A-Lick / Koch Records, featured more Latin rap style and G-Funk tracks as well as a hidden bonus rock track titled " Cannabis ".
Still more settlers came in the late 1960s and 1970s, when the government paid handsome bonuses to workers participating in a program to relocate Soviet industry close to the extensive coal, gas, and oil deposits of Central Asia.
* Still images are often lossily compressed at 10: 1, as with audio, but the quality loss is more noticeable, especially on closer inspection.
Still many, however, continue to find the legends more memorable than the history, seeing her as a traitor, as may be assumed from a legend that she had a twin sister who went North and the pejorative nickname La Chingada associated with her twin.
Still, one might expect that since T is a partial function from the natural numbers onto the real numbers, that therefore the real numbers are no more than countable.
Still more identical or closely similar pairs exist comparing present day and historical flags ; for example, the current national flag of Albania was the war flag of the Byzantine ( Eastern Roman ) Empire.
Still other libraries like GLAux ( OpenGL Auxiliary Library ) are deprecated and have been superseded by functionality commonly available in more popular libraries, but code using them still exists, particularly in simple tutorials.
Still, with more new stars like Bob Hope, Alan Ladd, Veronica Lake, Paulette Goddard, and Betty Hutton, and with war-time attendance at astronomical numbers, Paramount and the other integrated studio-theatre combines made more money than ever.
Still more damaging was the 1990 earthquake that devastated a wide area in Luzon, including Baguio and other northern areas.

Still and jealous
Still jealous of Phillip's relationship with Beth and mistakenly believing that Phillip was ready to end their marriage, India began an affair with Simon Hall and when Phillip caught them kissing in early 1986, he quickly divorced India.

Still and was
Still, I was disgusted with myself for agreeing with Montero's methods.
Still nursing anger I listlessly thumbed a car that was slowly approaching, its pre-war chrome nearly blinding me.
Still I didn't think she was twotiming me with Precious right then.
Still she was not sorry he sat by her, but in fact was flattered.
Still there was no Gonzales and the family would say nothing.
Still another, annoyed by the brevity of a recently received missive, wrote: `` yore letter was short and sweet, jist like a roasted maget ''.
Still later, he finally convinced himself that it was an accident -- just a coincidence.
( Still another song in `` Strike Up The Band '' -- `` I've Got A Crush On You '' -- was retrieved from a 1928 failure, `` Treasure Girl ''.
Still, the Bohr model's use of quantized angular momenta and therefore quantized energy levels was a significant step towards the understanding of electrons in atoms, and also a significant step towards the development of quantum mechanics in suggesting that quantized restraints must account for all discontinuous energy levels and spectra in atoms.
Still, the expansion interface was expensive and due to its design it was also unreliable.
Still extant echoes of these celebrations are found in the mid-autumn Thanksgiving holiday of the United States and Canada, and the Jewish Sukkot holiday with its roots as a full-moon harvest festival of " tabernacles " ( huts wherein the harvest was processed and which later gained religious significance ).
Still later, after Jerusalem did fall to the Babylonians, the book was revised and expanded further to reflect the circumstances of the late exilic and post-exilic community.
Still, when Napoleon arrived in Cairo in 1798, the city's population was less than 300, 000, forty percent lower than it was at the height of Mamluk — and Cairene — influence in the mid-14th century.
Still, because we do not have much information about what occurred while Eleanor was in Poitiers, all that can be taken from this episode is that her court there was most likely a catalyst for the increased popularity of courtly love literature in the Western European regions.
Still, Luther insisted that the letter upheld the social status quo: though not explicit, the text could be interpreted to indicate that Paul did nothing to change Onesimus's legal position as a slave and that Paul was complying with Roman law in returning him to Philemon.
The 2010 film I'm Still Here was another mockumentary.
Carlotta amuses everyone with a tale of how her dramatic solo was cut from the Follies because the audience found it humorous, but somehow the number works when she sings it today (" I'm Still Here ").
Still, Genscher was one of the FDP's driving forces when, in 1982, the party switched sides from its coalition with the SPD to support the CDU / CSU in their Constructive Vote of No Confidence to have Helmut Schmidt replaced with Helmut Kohl as Chancellor.

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