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Still and expansion
Still, the team finished the season with 67 wins, setting a record for a National League expansion franchise.
Still, the Lightning appeared to be far ahead of their expansion brethren, the Ottawa Senators.
Still another option combined the floppies, expansion chassis and a small monitor into a single large-ish box.
Still planned are an Olympic-standard, 50-metre swimming pool ; a new racquet centre for squash, badminton, and tennis ; a rowing centre ; the expansion of both the Prep and Upper School academic buildings ; and an expansion of the archives.
Still in this year, Altran's presence in Switzerland grew with two new subsidiaries ( Infolearn and De Simone & Osswald ), also acquired I & K Beratung and the United States became a primary target for the company's expansion with the acquisition of a company that was renamed Altran Corporation.
Still, others believe that expansion should simply proceed in order to capitalize on current market trends and demands.

Still and interface
Still, it is seen as a spiritual successor ; the game is structurally similar to Jagged Alliance series and features a mercenary-themed plot, turn-based gameplay, and a familiar game interface.
Still later, Roland would get rid of the breakout box completely and put all connectors on the back of the interface card itself.
Still, physicians and paramedics wanting to use INTERNIST-I found the training period lengthy and the interface unwieldy.

Still and was
Still, I was disgusted with myself for agreeing with Montero's methods.
Still nursing anger I listlessly thumbed a car that was slowly approaching, its pre-war chrome nearly blinding me.
Still I didn't think she was twotiming me with Precious right then.
Still she was not sorry he sat by her, but in fact was flattered.
Still there was no Gonzales and the family would say nothing.
Still another, annoyed by the brevity of a recently received missive, wrote: `` yore letter was short and sweet, jist like a roasted maget ''.
Still more jealous bitterness was engendered by the O'Banion gang's seizure from a West Side marshalling yard of a freight-car load of Canadian whisky worth $100,000 and by one of the biggest coups of the Prohibition era -- the Sibley warehouse robbery, which became famous for the cool brazenness of the operation.
Still later, he finally convinced himself that it was an accident -- just a coincidence.
Still more time was consumed while the pilot, at the radioed suggestion of Continental president Robert Six, tried to persuade the armed pair to swap the Boeing jet for a propeller-driven Douglas Aj.
( Still another song in `` Strike Up The Band '' -- `` I've Got A Crush On You '' -- was retrieved from a 1928 failure, `` Treasure Girl ''.
Still more different from Bachofen's perspective is the lack of role permanency in Freud's view: Freud held that time and differing cultures would mold Athena to stand for what was necessary to them.
Still, the Bohr model's use of quantized angular momenta and therefore quantized energy levels was a significant step towards the understanding of electrons in atoms, and also a significant step towards the development of quantum mechanics in suggesting that quantized restraints must account for all discontinuous energy levels and spectra in atoms.
Still extant echoes of these celebrations are found in the mid-autumn Thanksgiving holiday of the United States and Canada, and the Jewish Sukkot holiday with its roots as a full-moon harvest festival of " tabernacles " ( huts wherein the harvest was processed and which later gained religious significance ).
Still later, after Jerusalem did fall to the Babylonians, the book was revised and expanded further to reflect the circumstances of the late exilic and post-exilic community.
Still, when Napoleon arrived in Cairo in 1798, the city's population was less than 300, 000, forty percent lower than it was at the height of Mamluk — and Cairene — influence in the mid-14th century.
Still, because we do not have much information about what occurred while Eleanor was in Poitiers, all that can be taken from this episode is that her court there was most likely a catalyst for the increased popularity of courtly love literature in the Western European regions.
Still, Luther insisted that the letter upheld the social status quo: though not explicit, the text could be interpreted to indicate that Paul did nothing to change Onesimus's legal position as a slave and that Paul was complying with Roman law in returning him to Philemon.
The 2010 film I'm Still Here was another mockumentary.
Carlotta amuses everyone with a tale of how her dramatic solo was cut from the Follies because the audience found it humorous, but somehow the number works when she sings it today (" I'm Still Here ").
Still, Genscher was one of the FDP's driving forces when, in 1982, the party switched sides from its coalition with the SPD to support the CDU / CSU in their Constructive Vote of No Confidence to have Helmut Schmidt replaced with Helmut Kohl as Chancellor.

Still and expensive
Still, such desktop logic applications find use in less critical situations, such as laboratory automation and use in small facilities where the application is less demanding and critical, because they are generally much less expensive than PLCs.
Still farther east lies the expensive area of Carrasco, a zone of modern luxury villas that has come to replace the old neighborhood of El Prado in the north of the city as home to the country's wealthy elite.
Still more expensive were the air-spaced coaxials used for some inter-city communications in the mid-20th Century.
Still, many high quality textile companies can be found, such as Hugo Boss, Trigema, Reusch, Groz-Beckert and others ( the town of Metzingen is widely known as a " luxury outlet town ", with people from all over Europe coming to buy expensive clothes cheaper ).
Still too expensive to tear down, the tower was finally declared a landmark in 1977, ( added to the National Register of Historic Places ) and the city took the unusual step of declaring it a landmark again in 1988.
Still, albularyos flourish in many rural areas in the Philippines where medical facilities are still expensive and sometimes inaccessible.
Still more expensive and magnificent tiles were made of bronze and gilt.
Still, albularyos flourish in many rural areas in the Philippines where medical facilities are still expensive and sometimes inaccessible.

Still and due
Still, while the nature of hacker activity has evolved due to the availability of new technologies ( for example, the mainstreaming of the personal computer, or the social connectivity of the internet ), parts of the hacker ethics — particularly those of access, sharing, and community — remain the same.
Still, on the whole and over time, the balance of the water flow is eastwards, due to an evaporation rate within the Mediterranean basin higher than the combined inflow of all the rivers that empty into it.
Still other scholarly texts, such as H E Gould and J L Whietely's Macmillan edition of Cicero's In Catilinam, dismiss Catiline as a slightly deranged revolutionary, concerned more with the cancellation of his own debts, accrued in running for so many consulships, and in achieving the status he believed his by birthright due to his family name.
Still, tensions continued due to the threat of mutual annihilation.
Still, the damage had been done and soon the U. S. and Britain were entangled in the War of 1812 due to the continued harassment of American ships and escalated tensions between the United States and the nations of Europe.
Still, most new migrants to the area are moving to Joliet to live, choosing to work in bordering Cook and DuPage counties, and the downtown area, once downtrodden, is undergoing a total revitalization due to the influx of cabaret establisments.
Still other scholars feel that the minor agreements are due to a revision of our Mark, called deutero-Mark.
Still invisible, and due to the central and surface tension-forces, it shrinks to an intermediate state of a cylinder, and finally into a ball.
Still, much of the collection remained in storage due to a lack of display space.
It was largely due to him that " I'm Still Waiting " by Diana Ross, which was initially just an album track, was released as a single in the UK in 1971 and reached number one.
Still was also hired to arrange the music for the film Stormy Weather, but left the assignment after a few weeks due to artistic disagreements.
Still, the species as a whole is not considered globally threatened due to its large range.
Still, the newspaper was out of print by 1925 due to the lack of readership.
Both suffered major burns, but survived due to the care they received at the Joseph M. Still Burn Center in Augusta, Georgia.
Still, the Sonett III accelerated from 0 – 100 km / h ( 0 – 63 mph ) in 13 seconds, anddue to a higher differential gear ratio ( 42 teeth on the ring gear and 9 teeth on the pinion gear ) than the standard 95 / 96 transmission ( 39: 8 )— achieved a top speed of, aided by a low 0. 31 drag coefficient.
Still, she is the chubbiest of the sisters due to her love for creamy food and cooking.
Still today it is regarded as the major musical testament of the 25 million Soviet citizens who lost their lives in World War II due to the German invasion.
Standard Grades () are Scotland's educational qualifications for students aged around 14 to 16 years, which are due to be fully replaced in 2014 when Scottish Qualifications Authority's Higher Still system becomes the main qualifications as part of the major shake up of Scotland's education system as part of Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework overhaul.
Many schools refused to implement Higher Still when it was introduced, particularly in subjects such as English ( which was frequently taken as a Revised Higher as late as 2001 ) due to both the administrative problems and the objection to modularisation.
Still leaving half the estate to Heather, the new will is so badly prepared it is declared null and void, due to a violation of the rule against perpetuities, resulting in Matty getting the entire fortune.
Still later, a larger 252 cu in ( 4. 1 L ) version of the Buick V6 was made available from 1981 to 1984, but it proved unpopular due to its slow acceleration ; despite its massive diet, after all, the Toronado was still a fairly heavy automobile, and it would take another downsizing before a six-cylinder engine of any kind could move it effectively.
Still, due to their support abroad, ND politicians such as Dmowski and Ignacy Paderewski were able to gain backing for some Polish demands at the Paris Peace Conference of 1919 and in the Treaty of Versailles.
ABC Family currently offers a slate of mostly reruns of contemporary comedies, such as Full House, 8 Simple Rules, Grounded For Life, Still Standing, Friends, What I Like About You, America's Funniest Home Videos, That ' 70s Show and My Wife and Kids, with the only off-network drama series on the schedule being Friday Night Lights ( since moved to ESPN Classic due to low ratings and better audience compatibility ) and Gilmore Girls ( which resumed airing weekdays at 5pm ET in February 2012 as reruns of Secret Life performed under expectations ).
Still far less in number than most commercial breeds, Herdwicks survive largely due to farming subsidies and the aid of the British National Trust for Places of Historic Interest or Natural Beauty.

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