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Stowey and was
There are, after all, fortunate souls who hear everything, but only know how to listen to what is good for them, and Stowey was, as things go, a fortunate man.
Every few minutes she would awaken for a moment to review things: Stowey, yes, was on his way south, and the two boys were away in school, and nothing was burning on the stove, and Lucretia was coming for dinner and bringing three guests of hers.
She stood up, smoothing her hair down, straightening her clothes, feeling a thankfulness for the enveloping darkness outside, and, above everything else, for the absence of the need to answer, to respond, to be aware even of Stowey coming in or going out, and yet, now that she was beginning to cook, she glimpsed a future without him, a future alone like this, and the pain made her head writhe, and in a moment she found it hard to wait for Lucretia to come with her guests.
He owned large West Country estates at Tormarton in Gloucestershire and Chew Magna in Somerset, while his principal residence was at Sutton Court in Stowey.
This had been the coach road when the house was occupied, as I understand, by a Major John BRITTON, who, according to the account of the old farmer, was said to have ruined himself by working the coal upon his own estate half brother, William JONES of Stowey, baled him out with a loan of £ 1, 200, in return for which BRITTON left JONES his High Littleton estates and lordship of the manor on his death in 1742.
Robert Persons ( 24 June 1546, Nether Stowey, Somerset – 15 April 1610, Rome ), later known as Robert Parsons, was an English Jesuit priest.
The parish of Nether Stowey was part of the Williton and Freemanners Hundred.
Stowey Court may contain part of Lord Audley's original house which was left unfinished after his execution in 1497 until his descendants rebuilt the half-finished dwelling.
In 2008 the British Museum exhibited a hoard of silverware that was found near Stowey Court.
Thomas Poole was a local tanner who became wealthy and founded the Nether Stowey Women's Friendly Society in 1807.
The village is twinned with Theillay in the Loir-et-Cher départment of France, and the Nether Stowey Twinning Association was established in 1996 by Glyn Legge and Steve Darch.
Coleridge was living at Nether Stowey ( a village in the foothills of the Quantocks ).
The poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge, who lived nearby at Nether Stowey ( between Bridgwater and Minehead ), was interrupted during composition of his poem Kubla Khan by " a person on business from Porlock ", and found afterward he could not remember what had come to him in a dream.
Labouchere () was born in Over Stowey, Somerset, into a Huguenot merchant family.
He was buried near his country house at Over Stowey.
The design was by local architect Philip Stowey, amended by James Wyatt.
The river crossing could only be used a few hours per day at low tide and was used by Samuel Taylor Coleridge in the 1790s when he stayed at Nether Stowey, to travel to and from Bristol.
Lieutenant-General Sir Richard Strachey, GCSI, FRS ( 1817 – 1908 ), British soldier and Indian administrator, third son of Edward Strachey and grandson of Sir Henry Strachey, 1st Baronet was born on 24 July 1817, at Sutton Court, Stowey, Somerset.

Stowey and with
In September 1797, Coleridge lived in Stowey in the south west of England and spent much of his time walking through the nearby Quantock Hills with his fellow poet William Wordsworth and Wordsworth's sister Dorothy ; ( His route today is memorialized as the " Coleridge Way ".
The parish of Nether Stowey covers approximately 4 km², with a population of 1, 423 ( 2001 census ).
In 1797 he contributed additional blank verse to the second edition, and met the Wordsworths, William and Dorothy, on his short summer holiday with Coleridge at Nether Stowey, thereby also striking up a lifelong friendship with William.

Stowey and by
Nether Stowey may have been a borough as early as 1157 or 1158 but by 1225 it is officially recorded as such.
During the " Bloody Assizes " in the autumn of 1685, in the aftermath of Duke of Monmouth's Rebellion men from Nether Stowey who were caught up in the rebellion are said to have been hanged, drawn and quartered in the village after they were sentenced to death by Judge Jeffries.
The Coleridge Way is a footpath which follows the walks taken by poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge to Porlock, starting from Coleridge Cottage at Nether Stowey, where he once lived.

Stowey and .
Some time between 9 and 14 October 1797, when Coleridge says he had completed the tragedy, he left Stowey for Lynton.
In 1797, Wordsworth and his sister Dorothy moved to Alfoxton House, Somerset, just a few miles away from Coleridge's home in Nether Stowey.
Nether Stowey is a large village in the Sedgemoor district of Somerset, South West England.
It sits in the foothills of the Quantock Hills ( England's first Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty ), just below Over Stowey.
Stowey Castle is a Norman motte-and-bailey castle, built in the 11th century.
The Nether Stowey hoard dates from the English Civil War.
Poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge lived in Nether Stowey in the Quantocks from 1797 to 1799.
The route begins in Nether Stowey and crosses the Quantocks, the Brendon Hills and Exmoor before finishing in Porlock.
In December 2011 Somerset County Council proposed selling 1, 950 acres of its land holdings on the Quantocks at Great Wood, Over Stowey Custom Common and Thorncombe Hill.
Coleridge Cottage is a cottage situated in Nether Stowey.

Rummel and was
Rummel presents his definition without referencing any previous uses, but the term democide was defined and used in English more than 40 years earlier by Theodore Abel.
Therefore, thought Rummel, it was not an intentional famine and thus not a democide.
A few months after pleading guilty Rummel was released.
Rudolph J. Rummel was another early researcher and drew considerable lay attention to the subject in his later works.
In Rummel v. Estelle ( 1980 ), the Supreme Court upheld life with possible parole for a third-strike fraud felony in Texas, which arose from a refusal to repay $ 120. 75 paid for air conditioning repair that was subsequently considered unsatisfactory.
Rummel was released a few months later, after pleading guilty.
Following the promotion of Bishop Joseph Rummel to Archbishop of New Orleans in March 1935, Ryan was named the fifth Bishop of Omaha, Nebraska, on August 3, 1935.
This image was provided by the Dickinson High School webmaster, Chris Rummel, and is qualified under fair use.
R. J. Rummel, an analyst of political killings, argues that there was a clear genocidal intent:
The last game played in the stadium was a game between New Orleans Catholic League rivals De La Salle High School, located less than two miles ( 3 km ) from the Tulane campus, and Archbishop Rummel High School on November 1, 1979.
The last point scored in Tulane Stadium History was by Rummel High place kicker Gary Boudreaux.
Walter Rummel, with whom Pound was sharing a room while he waited for his old rooms at Church Walk to be vacated, told Hilda about Dorothy a few days before Pound asked permission to marry Dorothy.
Burly, stentorian-voiced John Hamilton was born John Rummel Hamilton in Shippensburg, Pennsylvania to John M. Hamilton and his wife Cornelia J.
Christian Prince serves as a guide for the teacher and the prince as well as all court personnel who might have any reason to speak to or with him and espouses Erasmus ’ rhetorical approach to Christocentric political theories and pedagogical praxes which he refers to as the “ philosophia Christi .” The concept of “ philosophia Christi, ” Erasmus ’ primary topoi in Christian Prince, is defined by Erika Rummel as “ a life centered on Christ and characterized by inner faith rather than external rites ”, was introduced more than a decade prior to the publishing of Christian Prince in a similar body of work, The Handbook ( or “ Dagger ”) of a Christian Soldier ( Enchiridion Militis Christiani ) ( 1504 ).

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