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Strobe and out
French group Black Strobe took out ' Best Remix ' honours with their remix of " Rocker ".

Strobe and their
In 1972 Strobe Talbott, along with his friends Robert Reich ( a fellow Rhodes Scholar ) and 2nd Lt. David E. Kendall, rallied to his friends Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton to help them in their Texas campaign to elect George McGovern president of the United States.
In a fit of anger, the Strobe disbands the group, and the members go their own ways.

Strobe and studio
In the 1960s they had started and run Strobe Studios in Clapham, South London, an LLC licensed model agency and photographic studio that advertised in many of the photographic magazines, such as Practical Photography.

Strobe and with
Strobe Talbott, one of Brzezinski's long-time critics, conducted an interview with him for TIME magazine entitled Vindication of a Hardliner.
This tendency grew in parallel with the emerging electroclash scene and, as that scene started to decline, a number of artists associated with it, such as The Hacker, DJ Hell, Green Velvet, and Black Strobe, moved towards this techno / EBM crossover style.
Strobe lights usually use flashtubes with energy supplied from a capacitor, an energy storage device much like a battery, but capable of charging and releasing energy much faster.
Tuning a steelpan with a Electronic tuner # Strobe tuner | strobe tuner-Herman Guppy
The channel, which replaced the previous Disco channel " The Strobe ," features pure disco and dance classics, along with interviews and tesimonials from the club's actual DJs and employees.
Nelson Strobridge " Strobe " Talbott III ( born April 25, 1946 ) is an American foreign policy analyst associated with Yale University and the Brookings Institution, a former journalist associated with Time magazine and diplomat who served as the Deputy Secretary of State from 1994 to 2001.
His skill as a negotiator and diplomat during talks with the United States has been well acknowledged by his U. S. counterpart Strobe Talbott.
* Reagan and Gorbachev ( Co-written with Strobe Talbott 1987 )
Worse yet, the leader of the Specials, The Strobe ( Thomas Haden Church ), discovers that his wife, Ms. Indestructible ( Paget Brewster ), is cheating on him with the most popular member of the group, The Weevil ( Rob Lowe ).

Strobe and glamour
2008 saw a London exhibition of the work of the late glamour photographer Fred Grierson, which included several little-seen pictures of Mary taken by Grierson at June Palmers Strobe Studios in the early 1970s.

Strobe and were
The details of the strip-search were mentioned in American foreign policy analyst Strobe Talbott's book Engaging India — Diplomacy, Democracy and the Bomb.
The four demo tracks recorded at Fat Music Studios ( Miss Black America, Strobe and Don't Speak My Mind ) were distributed by the band throughout 2000 as the Miss Black America EP.

Strobe and on
Strobe Talbott announced that Derviş joined the Brookings Institution on March 30, 2009 as vice president and director of the Global Economy and Development program.
* Holgon Strobe Flash, a bulky flash which features multi flash strobe ( which keeps flashing as long as the shutter stays open in bulb mode ) or single flash ( a more powerful flash, which will flash once on pressing the shutter and a second time on release ).
Strobe lighting at known frequency has been used in the past to aid in the analysis of gait on single photographic images.
However, Strobe Talbott saw it as more of a brake on the new era, and believed Malta to be a holding action on part of the superpowers designed to forestall the " new world order " because of the German question.
Column Address Strobe ( CAS ) latency, or CL, is the delay time between the moment a memory controller tells the memory module to access a particular memory column on a RAM memory module, and the moment the data from given array location is available on the module's output pins.
* Making Sense of Chindia: Reflections on China and India ( 2005 ), Foreword by Strobe Talbot.
* Strobe Talbott, US Ambassador-at-Large and Special Advisor to the Secretary on the New Independent States.
Most of the older dance content is now on The Strobe.

Strobe and both
However, statesman Strobe Talbott wrote of the new world order that it was only in the aftermath of the Gulf War that the United Nations took a step toward redefining its role to take account of both interstate relations and intrastate events.
One of the two greatest points of stress in the team is the slowly fracturing relationship between the Strobe and Ms. Indestructible, who are both the core of the team and a married couple.

Strobe and at
The Strobe goes to Zip Boy's ( Barry Del Sherman ) house and asks for a job at New Standard's Inc, a plastics company in Detroit, denying there's a problem by saying that he's great, now that he has " a great new job as a welding asshole.

Strobe and time
Strobe registers have the same interface as normal hardware registers, but instead of storing data, they trigger an action each time they are written to ( or, in rare cases, read from ).
In Episode 23, he hides in the tall grass near the finish line of the Four Army relay race and shoots Strobe down each time he tries to become airborne.

Strobe and for
Strobe lights are used in scientific and industrial applications, in clubs where they are used to give an illusion of slow motion, and for aircraft anti-collision lighting.
Strobe tuners are real-time tuners, ideally suited for the task.
Nicholas Bahner ( t ), Jacob Strobe, George Geisler, and Conrad Kramm are a few of the Hessian soldiers who deserted the British forces after being returned in exchange for American prisoners of war.
His 16, 000-word essay, " Marooned in the Cold War: America, the Alliance and the Quest for a Vanished World ," which appeared in World Policy Journal ( Fall 1997 ) provoked a prolonged exchange of letters and responses from Assistant Secretary of State Richard Holbrooke, Deputy Secretary of State Strobe Talbott, Congressman Lee H. Hamilton, and Ambassador George F. Kennan.
Strobe lights, rolls bars, multi-point harnesses, and removing the air conditioning, are among some of the modifications made for the actual pace car.
* Built-in flash ( Twin White LED Strobe Flash ) for the main camera
Strobe versions are available for some lights.
The Strobe and Ms. Indestructible do manage to reconcile, and the Strobe renews his passion for justice instead of image.

Strobe and .
Strobe tuner pedals indicate whether a guitar string is too sharp or flat.
* Bruce, Roger R. ( editor ); Collins, Douglas, et al., Seeing the unseen: Dr. Harold E. Edgerton and the wonders of Strobe Alley, Rochester, N. Y.: Pub.
The " guy vs. gals " vocals of Schneider, Pierson, and Wilson, sometimes used in call and response style (" Strobe Light ," " Private Idaho ", and " Good Stuff "), are a trademark.
Image: SWTPC_Strobe. jpg | Universal Strobe ( 1968 )
Strobe lighting has also been used to see the movements of the vocal cords in slow motion during speech, a procedure known as video-stroboscopy.
Strobe lighting can trigger seizures in photosensitive epilepsy.
Strobe Talbott became president of Brookings in 2002.
A companion piece, Body Rework, featuring remixes from cutting edge contemporary techno artists such as Motor, Black Strobe, the Hacker, Derrick May, and Robag Wruhme, was also released.

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