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Students and at
Students of the college who are candidates for the A.B. degree and can satisfy the academic requirements of the medical and business schools, may enter either of these associated schools at the beginning of senior year, thus completing the two-year postgraduate course in one year.
All belong to the collection being given to Wilmington over a period of years by Mrs. Sloan, who has cherished such revelatory items ever since she first studied with Sloan at the Art Students League, New York, in the 1920's.
* Albany Students ' Association, at Massey University's Albany Campus in Auckland, New Zealand
Associated Students of Arizona State University ( ASASU ) is the student government at Arizona State University.
There are a number of performing arts groups at Columbia dedicated to producing student theater, including the Columbia Players, King's Crown Shakespeare Troupe ( KCST ), Columbia Musical Theater Society ( CMTS ), NOMADS ( New and Original Material Authored and Directed by Students ), LateNite Theatre, Columbia University Performing Arts League ( CUPAL ), Black Theatre Ensemble ( BTE ), sketch comedy group Chowdah, and improvisational troupes Alfred and Fruit Paunch.
Students protest Ahmadinejad's invitation to speak at Columbia University.
Students meet at the sun-dial for free hot chocolate, performances by various a cappella groups, and speeches by the university president and a guest.
In 1950, he became the first African-American instructor at the Art Students League, where he remained on faculty until 1971.
Students may be given a certificate of completion at the conclusion of the course.
Students at Rice University in Houston, Texas, for example, held tournaments with trees as targets as early as 1964, and in the early 1960s players in Pendleton King Park in Augusta, Georgia would toss Frisbees in 50-gallon barrel trash cans designated as targets.
Students are not required to be together at the same time.
Students at the Technical University of Sofia, Bulgaria
Students working with a teacher at Albany Senior High School, New Zealand
Students in a classroom at Samdach Euv High School, Cambodia
Students at Harvey Mudd are encouraged to take classes ( acceptable for academic credit at Harvey Mudd ) at the other four Claremont colleges, especially classes outside their major of study.
Students playing cricket ( game ) | cricket at Dartmouth College in 1793
The SAC is maintained and managed by the Students ' Gymkhana at IIT Kanpur with the President, Students ' Gymkhana being the warden of the SAC.
Students stand in a circle, and proceed to tell a story one word at a time.
Students at St. Timothy's wore military uniforms and were subject to a regimen of daily formation drills and strict discipline.
In 1930, following his brother Charles Pollock, he moved to New York City where they both studied under Thomas Hart Benton at the Art Students League of New York.
While lecturing in political science at Lincoln he was elected president of the African Students Organization of America and Canada.

Students and bank
This accommodation is located in the centre of the main university campus, and is situated close to the Students ' Union shop, a bank and Salford Crescent railway station.
The library has four halls and book bank section which is mainly for SC / ST / OBC students and Students of Lower Income Groups.

Students and Library
* Students often use the poor English translation of J. C. Rolfe in the Loeb Classical Library, 1935 – 1940 with many reprintings.
Students barricaded themselves inside Low Library, Hamilton Hall, and several other university buildings during the protests, and New York City police were called onto the campus to arrest or forcibly remove the students.
The Atrium also acts as the principal hub for most day-to-day campus activities, due to its central location, linking together the Library and Robbins ' Centre Students Union, as well as connecting bridges to both the Cottrell Building and on-campus student residences.
Scopus ; Library of the Rothberg School for International Students, Mt.
Students on campus may choose to dine in one of two cafeterias, as well as the Quadside Cafe at Merrill-Cazier Library, the full-service Skyroom restaurant, and the Hub, which includes fast-food restaurants such as Hogi Yogi and Taco Time.
Students are required to live on campus, except senior year when they may participate in a lottery for a chance to live off campus. The James B. Duke Library
Students and the general public may also use the National Library of Australia, which is located a short bus trip or drive from the University.
Mead is home to Career Services, Center for Asian Pacific American Students, The Rabbit Hole ( substance abuse education and outreach program ), the Marquis Library, and the Writing Center.
* Students Attending Library Research Instruction: 27, 771
Students also participated in reconstruction of the space allotted in the Eliot Pratt Center Library building for the station's studios.
Students are also able to access the Senate House Library, and the libraries of the other colleges of the University of London.
Students have access to the libraries of every member school, including Knox's Caven Library, St. Michael's Kelly Library, Trinity and Wycliffe's John W. Graham Library, and the libraries of Emmanuel College, Regis College, and St. Augustine's Seminary.
Students, moreover, have access to the library system of the University of Toronto, including Robarts Library, Canada's largest library and the fourth largest academic library system in North America.
Students can mix with others and also have access to the Library and other specialist IT facilities.
Also located on this campus is the University Library, Students ' Union building and Sports Central, a £ 30m sports facility for students, staff and the community which opened in 2010.
It is organized with a Dean heading it, with the help of the Associate Dean and 3 Auxiliary Deans, each assigned a certain area of concern such as Foreign Students, General Studies, Business Faculty, the Library System, etcetera.
Students are allowed to borrow books exclusively from the Students ’ Lending Library.
Students have full access to the Zeeland Library ( the largest library in the province ) and can use the digital library of Utrecht University.
Students can only access computers in The Hub and College Library.
Brophy Memorial Library, study facilities, IT facilities, Canteen, Students, online learning via moodle.
Brophy Memorial Library and the Kathleen Brennan Student Services Centre where the Students Union offices are located.

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