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Subsequent and were
Subsequent to this, new walls were built to defend the city, and the fleet on the Danube improved.
Subsequent court cases declared that ESTs were not directly patentable.
Subsequent multi-user versions were tested by customers in 1978 and 1979, by which time a standardized query language SQL had been added.
Subsequent studies and collections during the Plantation Era were made in 1885, 1905, 1939, and 1967.
Subsequent standards were developed and published by ETSI to cover interoperability profiles and standards for testing.
Subsequent Godzilla suits worn by Satsuma were much safer and more comfortable, as they were custom-made to fit him ( even though the suits still had some dangers of their own ).
Subsequent attempts by Emperor Augustus to annex territories east of the Rhine were abandoned, after Arminius annihilated three Roman legions at the Battle of the Teutoburg forest in 9 AD.
Subsequent moves were made to Wilson Street and Ingram Street.
Subsequent to nationalisation, operations were taken over by the GPO.
Subsequent steam engines were to power the Industrial Revolution
Subsequent talks, called SALT II, were held from 1972 to 1979 and actually reduced the number of nuclear warheads held by the USA and USSR.
Subsequent albums saw greater experimentation and were accompanied by record-breaking tours, which earned them a reputation for excess.
Subsequent attempts to verify the claims requested payroll cards from employers to verify employment, and found that the minimum wage increases were followed by decreases in employment.
Subsequent agreements were designed to reintegrate the Contras and their supporters into Nicaraguan society preparatory in preparation for general elections.
Subsequent rounds of negotiations were held in Budapest, Hungary, Vienna, Austria, and Helsinki, Finland.
" Among those included were the previous decrees placing various heliocentric works on the Index ("... which we will should be considered as though it were inserted in these presents, together with all, and singular, the things contained therein ...") and using his Apostolic authority he bound the faithful to its contents ("... and approve with Apostolic authority by the tenor of these presents, and: command and enjoin all persons everywhere to yield this Index a constant and complete obedience ...") Subsequent to Alexander VII's pontificate, the Index underwent a number of revisions.
Subsequent sightings between this date and 1829 were made by other Europeans, but as in the case of the sighting and observations made by Vlamingh, the area was considered to be inhospitable and unsuitable for the agriculture which would be needed to sustain a settlement.
Subsequent Ryder Cup tournaments were moved from odd-numbered to even-numbered years to retain the two-year gap between stagings.
Subsequent to this, five superstring theories were developed that incorporated fermions and possessed other properties necessary for a theory of everything.
Subsequent two-part episodes, beginning with the second season premiere, " Alexander The Greater Affair ," retitled One Spy Too Many for its theatrical release, were developed into one complete feature film with only occasional extra sexy and violent footage added to them, sometimes as just inserts.
Subsequent advances added more and more transistors, and, as a consequence, more individual functions or systems were integrated over time.
Subsequent Nobel Prize winner Ada Yonath, who shared the 2009 Nobel Prize in Chemistry with Thomas A. Steitz and Venkatraman Ramakrishnan, spent some time in Lipscomb's lab where both she and Steitz were inspired to pursue later their own very large structures.

Subsequent and attempts
Subsequent attempts to prove Salisbury's involvement, such as Francis Edwards's 1969 work Guy Fawkes: the real story of the gunpowder plot ?, have similarly foundered on the lack of any clear evidence.
Subsequent attempts to forge an agreement in the 1930s came to naught as the Ontario government of Mitchell Hepburn, along with Quebec, got in the way.
Subsequent measurement attempts arrived at values ranging from 2, 500 to 6, 000 km, or from slightly smaller than our Moon to nearly half the diameter of Earth.
Subsequent attempts to climb Lenin Peak could not begin until 1950, when the USSR began to recover from the Second World War.
Subsequent attempts to train homing behaviour into swallows and other passerines had difficulty establishing a statistically significant success rate, although the birds have been known to trap themselves repeatedly in order to obtain bait from traps.
Subsequent attempts to replicate the study by injecting sufficient venom to ensure envenomation have failed to produce necrotic lesions, and there is even question as to whether the lesions observed in the original study were necrotic.
Subsequent kings of France sought to control Brittany in part because of the attempts of the king of England and the king of Spain to control the Duchy.
Subsequent attempts to revive the generalship have failed to garner the support of the community as a whole and the military survives primarily as an honor guard for the Maya Church.
( Subsequent episodes touched on her attempts to adjust to her new world ).
Subsequent rebuilding attempts were also dismantled.
Subsequent attempts by scholars to view the manuscript have been unsuccessful.
Subsequent attempts to find a gay leader who would give an apologetic statement proved unsuccessful.
Subsequent funding cutbacks at the government-supported CBC, however, led to Beachcombers being cancelled even though it was still popular in its homeland and had been syndicated around the world, though attempts to revamp the series by giving it more suspenseful storylines and making it more action-oriented had met with much fan criticism.
Subsequent attempts to rehabilitate the rapist character of Todd, however, unnerved Howarth.
Subsequent attempts by producers to have him return in 2005 and 2006 did not meet with success.
Subsequent repair attempts by the crew cause an explosive decompression that breaks open a medical shipment of Senegal Flu, and the plane is refused landing rights in Europe.
Subsequent attempts to open the file must be compatible with all previously granted sharing-access to the file.
Subsequent attempts to ' complete ' the National Monument have never borne fruit for reasons of either cost or lack of local enthusiasm.
Subsequent and prolonged comeback attempts all failed, and by the end of the season, Milwaukee released Vuckovich.
Subsequent attempts to describe the behavior of polarity items rely on a broader notion of nonveridicality.
Subsequent attempts by the Catholics to regain the property through legal proceedings against the Calvinists were hindered by the fact that the exact location of the documents pertaining to the church were unknown.
Subsequent attempts to locate this site have been unsuccessful.

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