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Subsequently and left
' Subsequently Forrest made a report in which he left out the part which shocks humanity to read.
Subsequently Weiland left Velvet Revolver in April 2008 and the following month, Stone Temple Pilots announced they were reuniting for a 65-date North American tour.
Subsequently, Webster declined, because the railroad didn't come to that town and all the business left.
Subsequently he went to nearby Musa Bin Nusayr School where he continued his rampage, that left a total of six people dead and 12 others wounded, before he himself was injured and arrested.
Subsequently, Lukin left the band.
Subsequently, in the autonomous elections of 2005, Fraga and the PPdeG lost their absolute majority in the Parliament of Galicia, and despite obtaining elections with a 45 % plurality, a left government coalition between the Socialist Party of Galicia ( PSdeG ) and the Galician Nationalist Bloc was formed with socialist Emilio Pérez Touriño as the new president.
Subsequently Havers challenged his wife's will, in which she left her estate to her children from an earlier marriage, obtaining a share of the estate in an out of court settlement.
Subsequently the block of stone was left rough as it came from the quarry, and the sculptor evolved new designs to his own fancy, so that one rarely meets with many repetitions of the same design.
Subsequently, Hutchinson left the NIUP on 30 November 1999, sitting as an independent Unionist for a period before joining the Democratic Unionist Party ( DUP ).
Subsequently he left for England in 1926 to study at Lincoln's Inn and became a barrister in 1927.
Subsequently Senators María Rosa Díaz and José Carlos Martínez left ARI altogether in March 2009.
Subsequently, the family largely left business.
Subsequently, the region that is today Portugal has been colonized by many civilizations, which have left marks in the territory, constructing markers, defensive structures, homes and places of worship to suit their requirements and means.
Subsequently, he enrolled in Purdue ’ s Krannert Graduate School of Management, but left to accept a job as a copyeditor at the Lafayette, Indiana, Journal & Courier.
Subsequently, Meyers penned two drafts of the script before agreeing to direct, but as Roth left the studio in January 1999, Disney dismissed the film and the project eventually went to Paramount.
Subsequently in the 1990s, “ reports in the BMJ drew attention to a series of decrees of the RCC introducing amputation of the right hand as judicial punishment for theft, with amputation of the left foot for a second offence, amputation of one ear for evasion of the draft, military desertion, or harbouring deserters .” Amnesty International received reports that confirmed the governmental judicial acts of amputation.
Subsequently it was reported that he had left his estate, valued at $ 1. 25m, to his family trust.
Subsequently as Finance Minister, he established the Bases Economic Conversion Department to oversee the conversion and commercialization of lands and facilities that had been left behind by the British military following their withdrawal in 1968.
Subsequently, in 1874, Sherman left Washington D. C. and moved his headquarters to St. Louis.
Subsequently, Drew's wife was attacked and killed by a werewolf ( Russoff himself, victim of a family curse ), and Drew left Wundagore ; Wyndham, on the other hand, developed a suit of protective silver armor for himself and continued his work.
Subsequently, when General Red Jackson died in March, 1903, his portion of the Belle Meade estate was left to his son, William Harding Jackson ( I ) who, in turn, died just 4 months later in July, 1903 ; leaving the estate to Selene Elliston, the Catholic Church and his son, William Harding " Bill " Jackson ( II ), ( then age 2 ) -- all of which was to be administered by James B. Richardson, Executor.
Subsequently left and became an agnostic.
Subsequently, Angus left the band to form Grievous Angels, and was replaced by Tim Vesely for the band's final EP, Sticks and Stones in 1986.
Subsequently, regardless of personal safety, he left cover under heavy machine-gun fire and carried in a badly wounded comrade.
Subsequently, he left the New Democrats and became a fundraiser for their leading rival, the Progressive Conservative Party.

Subsequently and behind
Subsequently he ran in the presidential elections of 1983 and 1988, taking second place each time, behind Senghor's successor Abdou Diouf.
Subsequently, the ' Estonian ' Red Army was pushed behind the Optjok River.
Subsequently taking part in a diversionary assault on Galvatron ( and nearly getting scrapped for it ), Wreck-Gar subsequently rebuilt Galvatron's time-jump mechanism to return all the time travellers to the future, bar Galvatron, who had modified the mechanism to stay behind.
Subsequently, Grider was assigned to the as Engineering Officer, serving behind Dudley W. Morton and Richard O ' Kane, and then to two billets as Executive Officer, on the, and the
Subsequently, Gibernau did not have a strong season, finishing the championship in 8th overall, while his Gresini team-mate, Marco Melandri, finished second in the world championship behind Rossi.
It is bound to be something good ," Subsequently, in August, Protima Gauri set off on her pilgrimage to Kailash Mansarovar and it was there that she disappeared after the Malpa landslide, near Pithoragarh, in the Himalayas, leaving behind her most lasting achievement — a flourishing dance village, Nrityagram, where students continue to learn the classical dance styles of India.
Subsequently the cartridge's powder charge was raised from 30 to 40 grains, loaded behind a 343-grain lubricated bullet.

Subsequently and promising
Subsequently von Humboldt acted as a mentor of the career of this promising Peruvian scientist.
Subsequently, he joined Athletic de Bilbao, with which he appeared in his first UEFA Champions League contests while establishing as one of the most promising forwards in Spain's top flight, notably scoring in a 3 – 0 derby home win over Real Sociedad on 9 April 2005.

Subsequently and literary
Subsequently, as a young man, he began work as a literary illustrator in Paris, winning commissions to depict scenes from books by Rabelais, Balzac, Milton and Dante.
Subsequently, the term " critical regionalism " has also been used in cultural studies, literary studies, and political theory, specifically in the work of Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak.
Subsequently he published little, and virtually disappeared from literary circles ; a few poems were taken by magazines.
Subsequently, the Tocks Island Dam project was never completed, the US park service obtained jurisdiction over all the properties that had been purchased for the project, and although Virginia died, her literary agency remained there under the risk of eviction, with the park service refusing to provide a new lease.

Subsequently and career
Subsequently, Napalm Death's former guitarist, Justin Broadrick, went on to a career in industrial metal with Godflesh.
Subsequently, Sharkey embarked upon a brief, but commercially successful solo career in the mid-to late-1980s.
Subsequently, Trinidad entered a four-year hiatus without clarifying the status of his career.
Subsequently both his career and his standing in the College took a turn very much for the better.
Subsequently, he returned to Los Angeles to pursue an acting career.
Subsequently he developed a freelance career writing and broadcasting about German literature.
Subsequently, however, he moved to London, where the first mention of his dramatic career is a note in the diary of theatre entrepreneur Philip Henslowe recording that he wrote a play for the Admiral's Men, an acting company, in October 1596.
Subsequently, he pursued a career in public administration.
Subsequently, the narrator continues to be an intense fan of Gifford and his team, the New York Giants, during his NFL career.
Subsequently, he had an extraordinarily varied career, primarily in broadcasting, ranching, politics and business.
Subsequently, Batman contemplates giving up his crime-fighting career, until the Jazzman makes another attempt on the hospitalized Gordon's life, which arouses Batman's anger and gives him enough motivation to hunt the Jazzman down and continue his career at Gordon's urging.
Subsequently, in December 2007, the Mitchell Report included Giambi along with his brother Jeremy Giambi, who also admitted to using steroids during his career.
Subsequently, as Arthur pursued his engineering career, she followed him throughout the West ; to Leadville, Colorado, to Deadwood, South Dakota, then to Boise, Idaho, where Arthur originated a major irrigation project on the Boise River ; then to Morelia, Michoacán, Mexico, and finally to Grass Valley, California, where Arthur advanced to managing the North Star mine, and retired there.
It was in 1874 when Conn converted a discarded sewing machine frame into a simple lathe and started to turn out his mouthpieces and was soon in full production ( Subsequently Conn and Del Crampton became best of friends, and when Conn embarked on his political career, he was a staunch advocate of temperance ).
Subsequently, the producing duo picked up Best Picture Oscar nominations for Raging Bull ( 1980 ) and The Right Stuff ( 1983 ), their last project together before Winkler launched his solo career with the disappointing Revolution ( 1985 ).
Subsequently, she proved the possibility of having children and a successful concert career.
Subsequently, he embarked in a lengthy manager career, which included two very brief spells with his main club.
Subsequently, Sanchís had a career as a coach.
Subsequently, Bart decides to end his career as a faith healer.
Subsequently, Dassin attempted to rebuild his career in Europe.
Subsequently, he spent his career in Whitehall as a member of the British Civil Service, rising to senior appointments, first as Assistant Secretary at the Home Department from 1906 to 1913, and then as Legal Assistant Under-Secretary of State at the Home Office from 1913 until his retirement in 1933.
Subsequently, the loco was based at Norwich Thorpe ( w / e 31 January 1959 ) and March ( June 1961 ) before spending the remainder of her career on the London Midland Region: Willesden ( 1A ) ( w / e 30 March 1963 ), Crewe North ( 5A ) ( w / e 25 May 1963 ), Crewe South ( 5B ) ( w / e 19 May 1965 ) and finally Newton Heath ( 9D ) ( w / e 5 March 1966 ) from where she was withdrawn w / e 28 May 1966,

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