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Subsequently and what
Subsequently HM Sultan Jamalul Ahlam Kiram ( 1863 – 1881 ), the 29th reigning Sultan of Sulu, leased North Borneo in 1878 to Gustavus Baron de Overbeck and Alfred Dent, representing the British North Borneo Company in what is now the Malaysian state of Sabah.
Subsequently, the Druze chiefs of the Gharb placed their considerable military experience at the disposal of the Mamluk rulers of Egypt ( 1250 – 1516 ); first, to assist them in putting an end to what remained of Crusader rule in coastal Syria, and later to help them safeguard the Syrian coast against Crusader retaliation by sea.
Subsequently, in 1936 Church isolated and published just the portion relevant to computation, what is now called the untyped lambda calculus.
" Subsequently, the Court has looked to societal developments, as well as looking to its own independent judgment, in determining what are those " evolving standards of decency ".
Subsequently the two gods were worshipped as one in what had been the Temple of Thoth in Khemnu, which the Greeks called Hermopolis.
Subsequently posted at Fort Ticonderoga, he worked to restore the defenses of what had once been one of the most formidable fortresses in North America.
Subsequently Tate introduced what are now known as Tate cohomology groups.
Subsequently, Leopold had used what little he knew to blackmail Rowena, leading to his murder.
Subsequently, Verisign filed a lawsuit against ICANN in February 2004, seeking to gain clarity over what services it could offer in the context of its contract with ICANN.
Subsequently, the STN-J is attacked, presumably for " secrets of the craft ," although the Solomon attack was carried out to find what Zaizen, the director of the STN-J, was planning.
Subsequently Austrian General, upon understanding this, immediately sent a letter to Costandin-vodă, inviting him to return to his seat and join Austrians in harassing the Turk. Then Costandin-vodă, upon understanding this, called as soon as he could the Metropolitan Theodosie, as well as all his lower and higher boyars, summoning a great council on what was to be done, whereupon some of the boyars vigorously showed themselves to favor Costandin-vodă's rejection of the Turks and his joining the Austrians ; while another bunch of boyars, foremost Costandin Cantacuzino, who has been great stolnic, and Mihai Cantacuzino, the great spătar, believed this not to constitute good advice, as, where such a thing to happen, the nearby Tatars were Ottoman allies would immediately arrive with a mighty force in order to enslave and plunder the country, and the Austrians would prove of no help.
Subsequently, the CFTC issued a concept release requesting comment on whether regulation of OTC derivatives markets is appropriate and, if so, what form such regulation should take.
Subsequently, by the way of Murmansk, he arrived in France in July 1918, where on behalf of the Polish National Committee he created what was known as the Blue Army ( from the color of its French uniforms, also known as Haller's Army ).
Subsequently, other ciphers have been studied to see what systems of equations can be produced ( Biryukov and De Cannière, 2003 ), including Camellia, KHAZAD, MISTY-1 and KASUMI.
Subsequently Paul's sister Alia notes, " Do you know what I must do for?
Subsequently, new energy-conservation methods resulted in what was termed " The Great Upgrade ", a planet-wide upgrade of Autobot and Decepticon into new, smaller, more energy-efficient forms, leading the races to rename themselves " Maximals " and " Predacons ", respectively.
Subsequently it has been discovered that much of what he said and wrote about his own experience was false.
Subsequently, it was defined by a simplified interpretation of Christianity and by superstitions, similar to what had happened in Western European culture.
Subsequently, it emerged that Cardiff Airport was seeking £ 5 million from Welsh taxpayers, without specifying what works might be carried out.
Subsequently, a poll was posted on the 2K Games operated Cult of Rapture community website in which visitors could vote on what features they would most like to see in a special edition ; the company stated that developers would take this poll into serious consideration.
Subsequently, Haridwar district was taken out of Saharanpur division and merged with what is now Uttarakhand, a new state that was carved out of Uttar Pradesh on 9 November 2000.
Subsequently, the SBDs from Enterprise and Hornet found and attacked what they reported to be a " Japanese CL " ( light cruiser )— a ship that turned out to be the destroyer Tanikaze.
Subsequently, most historians subscribed to what would be today considered to be the extreme intentionalist interpretation.
Subsequently, Haridwar district was taken out of Saharanpur division and merged with what is now Uttarakhand, a new state that was carved out of Uttar Pradesh on 9th Nov 2000.

Subsequently and is
Subsequently other topics would be explored in films such as Omar Guetlato of Merzak Allouache ; this production, which has been a significant success, is a chronicle of the difficulties that can meet the urban youth.
Subsequently, a British leader named Vortigern is supposed to have invited continental mercenaries to help fight the Picts who were attacking from the north.
Subsequently, the accelerative force on any given ion is controlled by the electrostatic equation, where n is the ionisation state of the ion, and e is the fundamental electric charge.
Subsequently spatial measurements can be greatly affected, and careful analysis of the reconstructed volume is needd to ensure the correct results.
Subsequently, Wally is found in Burma and returns home, paralyzed from the waist down.
Subsequently, the Chester Beatty library was able to track down and buy a further 42 leaves, so that now approximately eighty per cent of the Syriac commentary is available ( McCarthy 1994 ).
Subsequently, in " Dalek " ( 2005 ), it is revealed that the last great Time War was fought between the Time Lords and the Daleks, ending in the obliteration of both sides and with only two apparent survivors ; the Doctor and a lone Dalek that had somehow fallen through time and crashed on Earth.
Subsequently the Stockholm manuscript was translated into Swedish and Latin by Johan Peringskiöld ( by order of Charles XI ) and published in 1697 at Stockholm under the title Heimskringla, which is the first known use of the name.
Subsequently, when he is searched and found to be " a right little cigarette factory ", he is caned alongside the other boys ; hence, his look of shock and tears of pain are real.
Subsequently he is assigned Earth-local or diplomatic missions, instrumental in founding the Federation.
Subsequently Hannah becomes pregnant ; her child is Samuel.
" Subsequently, however, the Pennsylvania courts rejected the Third Circuit's reasoning " that you can't claim wrongful discharge under a provision of the Constitution unless you can show state action ," which is impossible where the employer is a private enterprise.
Subsequently, the supplier is obliged to provide a return state and data that does not violate the state requirements of the client.
Subsequently, a soft part of the prey item ( usually a joint membrane in arthropod prey ) is identified, punctured with a bite from the jaws, and injected with saliva.
Prior to the Phanerozoic ( before 544 Ma ), it is believed that microbial or inorganic processes weakly regulated the ocean's silicon cycle .< ref name = grenne03 > Subsequently, the cycle appears dominated ( and more strongly regulated ) by the radiolarians and siliceous sponges, the former as zooplankton, the latter as sedentary filter feeders primarily on the continental shelves.
Subsequently to this we hear nothing more of Tyndaris in history ; but there is no doubt of its having continued to subsist throughout the period of the Roman Empire.
Subsequently, decentralisation is more effective in communities where achieving consensus is relatively straightforward.

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