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Such and buildings
Such doors pose a substantial fire risk to occupants of occupied buildings when they are locked.
Such balloons could carry incendiary and high-explosive bombs to the United States and drop them there to kill people, destroy buildings, and start forest fires.
Such buildings as the pyramids of Egypt and the Roman Colosseum are cultural symbols, and are important links in public consciousness, even when scholars have discovered much about past civilizations through other means.
Such a variety of differing spatial forms, many derived from Palladio's reconstructions of ancient Roman buildings ( such as the Baths of Diocletian ) had never previously been seen in English architecture.
Such triangles can be found on inscriptions on buildings in the twentieth century.
Such units guard government buildings at all levels ( including party and state organisations, foreign embassies and consulates ), provide personal protection to senior government officials, provide security functions to public corporations and major public events.
Such Zoroastrian fire temples, square domed buildings with entrances at the axes, inspired the forms of early mosques after the Islamic conquest of the empire.
Such buildings must be protected from groundwater, usually by building upon a masonry, fired brick, rock or rubble foundation, and also from wind-driven rain in damp climates, usually by deep roof overhangs.
Such features may include lakes, park boundaries, buildings, city boundaries, or land uses.
Such cities do not have authority that supersedes and are not exempt from the state fire safety committee's established fire code in state or county owned buildings and public schools wherever located throughout the state.
Such buildings as Gordon Bunshaft's Lever House and Mies's Seagram Building in New York City, and Frank Lloyd Wright's Johnson Wax Headquarters attempted this goal, but many of these designs retained structural artifacts that prevented a consistent, monolithic look.
Such saplings are considered to be very aggressive, as they can grow in the walls of buildings, bridges, highways, and other concrete structures.
Such regional wealth led to construction of new buildings, especially those surrounding Kecskemét's main square.
Such buildings abound along with Puerto Rican adaptations of Victorian architecture.
Such buildings are often simply demolished ( such as Broad Street railway station ( London ); a similar fate threatens Michigan Central Station ), or they may be preserved as part of a heritage railway.
Such a scheme can prove efficient in buildings where the volume of traffic would normally have a single elevator stopping at every floor.
Such switchgear line-ups and high-energy arc sources are commonly present in electric power utility substations and generating stations, industrial plants and large commercial buildings.
Such topography resulted in terrace-constructed buildings within the defensive walls.
Such buildings are of interest as concrete ventures in the interfaith understanding which many religious groups now espouse.
Such buildings come to be regarded as " centers " of an inhabited area, or even the world, and serve as icons of its ideals.
Such materials are already commercialized as door mirrors for cars, coatings for buildings, self-cleaning glass, etc.
Such codes relate to both BT's own buildings and major customer sites.
Such examples are hills, valley sides, mountains ( with substantial vegetation ) and buildings constructed from stone, brick or concrete but without reinforced steel.
Such buildings may be constructed without going through the necessary procedures required for construction, such as acquiring building permits, and can be very densely populated.

Such and were
Such were the incongruities of the situation that the very police assigned to check up on me were drafted into driving me to the Strasbourg Hospital while World Citizen Jean Babel waved adieu from the `` Line ''!!
Such swollen fibers were deeply eosinophilic, contained a few pyknotic nuclei, and showed loss of cross-striations, obliteration of myofibrils, and prominent vacuolization.
Such mannerisms would be less worthy of remark, were it not that in Great Expectations, as in no other of Dickens' novels, hands serve as a leitmotif of plot and theme -- a kind of unifying symbol or natural metaphor for the book's complex of human interrelationships and the values and attitudes that motivate them.
Such were the qualities of the Acting-President of the Seminary after the death of Miss Giles.
Such tactics were resorted to frequently with the unmanageable longhorns, and a thorough `` tailin' '' usually knocked the breath out of a steer, and so dazed 'im that he'd behave for the rest of the day.
Such academic statesmen as James B. Conant were consulted.
Such fascinating novelties in the score as the fugual treatment of `` On The Side Of The Angels '' and `` Politics And Poker '' were handled splendidly, and I thought Rudy Bond and his band of tuneful ward-heelers made `` Little Tin Box '' even better than it was done by the New York cast ; ;
Such songs were originally addressed to Apollo, and afterwards to other gods: to Dionysus, to Apollo Helios, to Apollo's son Asclepius the healer.
Such statues were found across the Greek speaking world, the preponderance of these were found at the sanctuaries of Apollo with more than one hundred from the sanctuary of Apollo Ptoios, Boeotia alone.
( Such Baby Doe Rules cases were then a major concern of the pro-life movement of the early 1980s, which viewed selective treatment of those infants as disability discrimination.
Such replacements of CPU and memory system components were possible because the Aster CT-80 was designed to use a backplane that was designed to support both 8 and 16 bit processors, and used a modular Eurocard based design with slots to spare for expansion.
Such vehicles were largely used as scouting vehicles, and were armoured to protect the crew.
Such songs were also very rhythmic in order to keep the rowers together.
Such services were previously offered in the United States by companies such as FuturePhone. com.
Such systems were largely useless for BBS systems, because they could not disconnect after the call completed without the user physically hanging up the phone.
Such infection control techniques that were recommended following the AIDS outbreak in the 1980s.
Such " dark stars " were largely ignored in the nineteenth century, since it was not understood how a massless wave such as light could be influenced by gravity.
Such bombing campaigns were regarded as diversion from the Luftwaffe's main operations ; destruction of the enemy armed forces.
Such confrontations between soldiers and youths were common, though observers reported that the rioting was not intense.
Such bombs were first deployed in the 1960s.
Such transactions can be difficult, but in 2010, reforms approved by a Communist Party congress were expected to legalize the sale between Cuban citizens of all cars, as well as real estate.

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