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Such and has
Such activity may or may not have irritated the Kremlin, but it has frequently condemned America to an unnatural defensiveness that has undermined our effort to give leadership to the free world.
`` Such a church needs vigor and vitality in its rector and one man has only so much of these endowments '', he told his members.
Such additional daytime class 2, assignments are appropriate if optimum use is to be made of these frequencies, and the Commission has over the years made a large number of them.
Such equipment has been installed at Hilo, Midway, Attu and Dutch Harbor.
Such an animal has frequently been the downfall of the rustler.
Such vital information, he said, has to be made available to the public frequently and at regular intervals for residents to know.
Such a leader must strengthen NATO politically, and establish that true unity about which it has always talked.
Such a thin chronology and little background knowledge has led to gross misinterpretations of his works, and thus further investigation must always be done to conclude with confidence that Aelbert Cuyp is the genuine source of such great paintings.
Such an order has been recognized by a few systems of plant taxonomy, with a various placement.
Such influence has caused Aramaic to have many Persian loanwords that can be seen in later historical texts.
Such evidence has come from two areas: amino acid sequences and DNA sequences.
Such a risk has given rise to secure deletion programs.
" Such a faith will not be salvific until a person has allowed it to effect a life transforming conversion ( turning towards God ) in their being ( see Ontotheology ).
Such predictions were called into question by 1995 data that show that within regions of Southeast Asia much of the original forest has been converted to monospecific plantations, but that potentially endangered species are few and tree flora remains widespread and stable.
Such doors are popular in public transit stations, as it has a large capacity, and when the door is opened, traffic passing in both directions keeps the door open.
Such disease can be treated by reducing the hormone which has become imbalanced.
Such a phenomenon has the properties of a wave, and is naturally referred to as an electromagnetic wave.
Such a program has the potential to remove the bureaucratic inefficiencies of education in modern countries, and with the decreasing digital divide, help developing nations rapidly achieve a similar quality of education.
Such a formula for estimating energy typically has relative error of order of 10 %, but can be used to get a rough qualitative idea and understanding of a molecule.
Such a pattern was observed in the sequence of about a dozen earthquakes that struck the North Anatolian Fault in Turkey in the 20th century and has been inferred for older anomalous clusters of large earthquakes in the Middle East.
Such a person goes into great detail about what he has seen, and his unspiritual mind puffs him up with idle notions.
Such assent has usually been given during a scheduled visit to Australia by the Queen.
Such a polity has not existed since the early Islamic city-states and universal imperial period beginnings.
Such persistent connections reduce request latency perceptibly, because the client does not need to re-negotiate the TCP connection after the first request has been sent.

Such and been
Such treatments of the conjugates have usually been successful in eliminating nonspecific staining in several other systems ( Coons, 1958 ).
Such associations suit well with the gothic or mystery-story aspects of Dickens' novel, but, on a deeper plane, they relate to the themes of sin, guilt, and pursuit that have recently been analyzed by other critics.
Such cooperative behaviors have sometimes been seen as arguments for left-wing politics such by the Russian zoologist and anarchist Peter Kropotkin in his 1902 book Mutual Aid: A Factor of Evolution and Peter Singer in his book A Darwinian Left.
Such names have not yet been shown conclusively to predate the twelfth century, but there are indications that they may be considerably older.
Such restrictions have been said to account for the animal's limited distribution.
Such musical acts as Echo and the Bunnymen, The Smiths, Neil Young, Patti Smith, Swans, The Germs, and Joy Division have been mentioned by Love, including songs by several of them being covered by Hole in live performances and, in some cases, studio recordings.
Such mixtures are commonly thought to have first been prepared by Indian merchants for sale to members of the British Colonial government and army returning to Britain.
Such a hypothesis had previously been put forward by telepathy researchers in the Soviet Union.
Such massive violence led to a search for natural religious truthstruths that could be universally accepted, because they had been either " written in the book of Nature " or " engraved on the human mind " by God.
Such statements had eventually been concluded as tongue-in-cheek and little more than sensationalism by band members questioned alternatively.
Such equations do not have a general theory ; particular cases such as Catalan's conjecture have been tackled.
Such experiences have often been reported to be much stronger and more obvious than those observed in laboratory experiments.
Such films have long colloquially been referred to as B movies.
Such teachers were considered Antichrists ( 2. 18 – 19 ) who had once been church leaders but whose teaching became heterodox.
Such physical methods of structural determination had not yet been developed, so chemists of Kekulé's day had to rely almost entirely on so-called " wet " chemistry.
Such fannish activity ( or " fanac ") including writing to letter columns in science fiction magazines, having been published in fanzines, or having participated in science fiction oriented clubs, or just generally doing fannish things.
Such an obvious fulfillment of Jesus ' prophecy most likely would have been recorded as such by the gospel writers who were fond of mentioning fulfillment of prophecy if they had been written after 70 A. D. Also, if the gospels were fabrications of mythical events then anything to bolster the Messianic claims -- such as the destruction of the temple as Jesus said -- would surely have been included.

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