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Such and websites
Such websites are generally full of advertising ( such as pay-per-click ads ), or they redirect the user to other sites.
Such a statement may outline the benefit of email systems, ability to gain information from websites, connection with other people through the use of instant messaging, and other similar benefits of various protocols including the relatively new VoIP services.
Such cosplayers are likely to exhibit their work online, on blogs or artist websites, such as deviantART.
Such websites hold a repository of press releases and claim to make a company's news more prominent on the web and searchable via major search engines.
Such websites claim to help students understand concepts.
Such upside-down coins have been sold on auction websites for greater than their face value, even though they represent roughly 50 % of the minted population.
Such websites regularly contribute research findings and administer free whiteboard lessons to promote widespread use of interactive whiteboards in classrooms.
Such photos can be found on some dimension stone websites, and on DSAN's Architects Stone Selection Helper.

Such and had
Such characters, with their low existence and often low morality, produce humorous effects in his novels and tales, as they did in the writing of Longstreet and Hooper and Harris, but it need not be added that he gives them far subtler and more intricate functions than they had in the earlier writers ; ;
Such performance is a great tribute to American scientists and engineers, who in the past five years have had to telescope time and technology to develop these long-range ballistic missiles, where America had none before.
Such understanding helps to explain why one matron celebrating thirty-five years of married life could declare with some pride that her husband had `` never seen her entirely naked '', while another woman, boasting an equal number of years of married life, is proud of having `` shared the nudist way of life -- the really free, natural nude life -- for most of that period ''.
Such an analysis speedily reveals why the middle number of the Lo Shu, 5, was so vitally significant for the Chinese ever since the earliest hints that they had a knowledge of this diagram.
Such games are also created to capitalize on the popularity of other forms of entertainment, such as Pokémon and Marvel Comics which both have had CCGs created around them.
Such bodies commonly had the right to own property and make contracts, to receive gifts and legacies, to sue and be sued, and, in general, to perform legal acts through representatives.
Such company-issued securities had priority over the original Government Bonds.
Such a hypothesis had previously been put forward by telepathy researchers in the Soviet Union.
Such massive violence led to a search for natural religious truthstruths that could be universally accepted, because they had been either " written in the book of Nature " or " engraved on the human mind " by God.
Such statements had eventually been concluded as tongue-in-cheek and little more than sensationalism by band members questioned alternatively.
Such lung diseases are a particular danger for sheep kept indoors, and Dolly had to sleep inside for security reasons.
Such multiple neutron absorption was made possible by the high neutron flux density during the detonation, so that newly generated heavy isotopes had plenty of available neutrons to absorb before they could disintegrate into lighter elements.
Such was the case with Elizabeth's rival, Mary, Queen of Scots, whom she imprisoned in 1568 and eventually had executed in 1587.
Such films were extremely rare, and almost entirely restricted to film versions of the life of Christ, which had reached three reels in length in the first few years of cinema.
Such designs typically had greater internal fuel capacity ( thus longer range ) and heavier armament than their single-engine counterparts.
Such machine-specific extensions have either disappeared over time or have had elements incorporated into the main standards ; the major remaining extension is OpenMP, which is a cross-platform extension for shared memory programming.
Such teachers were considered Antichrists ( 2. 18 – 19 ) who had once been church leaders but whose teaching became heterodox.
Such physical methods of structural determination had not yet been developed, so chemists of Kekulé's day had to rely almost entirely on so-called " wet " chemistry.
Such an obvious fulfillment of Jesus ' prophecy most likely would have been recorded as such by the gospel writers who were fond of mentioning fulfillment of prophecy if they had been written after 70 A. D. Also, if the gospels were fabrications of mythical events then anything to bolster the Messianic claims -- such as the destruction of the temple as Jesus said -- would surely have been included.
Such conspiracy theories alleged that Salisbury had either actually invented the plot or allowed it to continue when his agents had already infiltrated it, for the purposes of propaganda.
Such a small weapon would be particularly useful after many hoplites had started to abandon body armour during the Peloponnesian War.
Such a course of action was opposed by the United States and had little popular support in Honduras.

Such and profound
Such predators are known as keystone species and may have a profound influence on the balance of organisms in a particular ecosystem.
Such a conclusion has profound implications for the chiropractic profession.
Such understanding has profound implications with respect to developing a critical awareness of social relationships.
Such differences in motivation, expectation, and perceived sense of agency have profound consequences for the acculturation process.
Such a work of art was to be the clearest and most profound expression of a folk legend, though abstracted from its nationalist particulars to a universal humanist fable.
( Such things are a little hard for linguistics to explain, since it seems ultimately to consist of nothing more profound than playing with syllables, as in such formations as clamato a mixture of clam juice and tomato juice, steakabob, beef on a skewer.
Such deficiencies would have had profound effects on the social structure and social stability of the region, compounded by warfare and the imposition of Chinese norms.

Such and effect
Such a tax was in effect for some period of time, raising at least $ AU 290 million after April 2008.
Such an effect is specifically searched for with tailor-made superplasticizers developed to increase the workability of concrete and to reduce its water content.
" Such a faith will not be salvific until a person has allowed it to effect a life transforming conversion ( turning towards God ) in their being ( see Ontotheology ).
Such was the hatred he henceforth conceived against his former benefactor, that he did his very utmost to effect Oldebarneveldt's ruin.
Such a company " George Orwell Productions Ltd " ( GOP Ltd ) was set up on 12 September 1947 although the service agreement was not then put into effect.
Such funds have in turn had a stimulating effect on local business activity.
Such teaching, particularly in sermons, had one immediate effecta serious rising of the people.
Such projects have the additional effect of constricting downstream water supply ; Toktogul deprives the lower reaches of the Syr Darya in Uzbekistan and the Aral Sea Basin of substantial amounts of water.
Such mode-locked lasers are a most versatile tool for researching processes occurring on extremely short time scales ( known as femtosecond physics, femtosecond chemistry and ultrafast science ), for maximizing the effect of nonlinearity in optical materials ( e. g. in second-harmonic generation, parametric down-conversion, optical parametric oscillators and the like ) due to the large peak power, and in ablation applications.
Such claims may be made purely for humorous effect ; many examples, such as military intelligence, freedom fighters, business ethics were popularized by comedian George Carlin.
Such an attack would almost certainly destroy the entire economic, social, and military infrastructure of the target nation, and would probably have a devastating effect on Earth's biosphere.
Such criticisms have provoked counter-criticisms that orthodox Catholics are in effect casting the Catholic Church as a friend of authoritarian regimes ; and that the Vatican is not so much trying to defend pure doctrine as to maintain an established ecclesiastical and political order.
Such feeble pressures are able to produce marked effects upon minute particles like gas ions and electrons, and are important in the theory of electron emission from the Sun, of cometary material, and so on ( see also: Yarkovsky effect, YORP effect, Poynting – Robertson effect ).
Such are denounced as " gravely contrary to the virtue of religion ", notably avoiding a statement on whether such attempts can have any actual effect ( that is, attempts to employ occult practices are identified as violating the First Commandment because they in themselves betray a lack of faith, and not because they may or may not result in the desired effect ).
Such a judgment is referred to as a " default judgment " and, unless otherwise ordered, has the same effect as a judgment entered in a contested case.
Such a level of involvement is not common once the director and cinematographer have become comfortable with each other, the director will typically convey to the cinematographer what is wanted from a scene visually, and allow the cinematographer latitude in achieving that effect.
Such rhetorical devices, discussed in more detail below, are: " ignoring the question " to divert argument to unrelated issues using a red herring ; making the argument personal ( argumentum ad hominem ) and discrediting the opposition's character, " begging the question " ( petitio principi ), the use of the non-sequitur, false cause and effect ( post hoc ergo propter hoc ), bandwagoning ( everyone says so ), the " false dilemma " or " either-or fallacy " in which the situation is oversimplified, " card-stacking " or selective use of facts, " false equivalence ", and " false analogy ".
In effect it is Much the same, for it was by the four Fingers of the Left hand that all their Time was measurd & regulated E. G An Adagio in Common Time of Such a Style must not exceed or fall short Such a number of Fingers, otherwise it was not regular.
Such scoping rules have a large effect on language semantics and, consequently, on the behavior and correctness of programs.
Such comparisons reveal that the treatment effect of TMS appears at least as effective as a variety of antidepressant medication therapies, but with a substantial reduction in the adverse effect burden that complicates the use of antidepressant medications.

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