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from Brown Corpus
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Suddenly and Spanish
Suddenly, without orders, Cuesta's entire Spanish line fired a thunderous volley at the French Dragoons.
Suddenly, there is a Spanish message to the space observation site Eagle Mountain: " Vaya con Dios " (" Go with God ") and the Mall Rats are told they are the only hope for humanity.
At a decisive moment, news of victory rallied much of the vacillating Spanish elite to the insurrectionary movements surging across the country: Suddenly, the expulsion of the French by arms seemed possible, if not inevitable.

Suddenly and became
Suddenly the market became flooded with musicals, revues and operettas.
Suddenly it became apparent that the short wavelength modes completely dominated the distribution, since ever shorter wavelength modes could be crammed into the cavity.
Suddenly the rain stopped and the sky became light.
Suddenly it became quite dark, a blast of wind from the open door blew out the flame of the candles which were lit in front of the iconostasis, there was a long clap of thunder, louder than before, and I suddenly saw a fiery ball flying from the window straight towards the head of the Emperor.
Suddenly almost anyone could take a photograph, and within the span of a few years photography became one of the biggest fads in the world.
" Suddenly, almost overnight, they became the " Bulldogs.
Suddenly, 10 suns appeared in the sky and the earth became very hot.
Suddenly owning a summer cottage became possible not only for the adventurous or the wealthy, but for many in the middle class.
Suddenly the media became a tool of political forces and a medium for advertising rather than the medium from which the public got their information on political matters.
" And Suddenly " was eventually recorded by a group called The Cherry People and became a minor hit.
Suddenly became part of the colorization controversy in the mid-1980s when the movie was colorized for home video by Hal Roach Studios in 1986, turning Sinatra's famous blue eyes brown.
Suddenly Giorgio became " Jorge ", and since Spain was neutral in the war he was now a free man.
Suddenly, Pocketwatch was being mentioned frequently in interviews, and the label became flooded with orders.
Suddenly, on May 11, WLOL became a Rhythmic Top 40 station.
Suddenly, he became unstuck in time, and ( again calling himself Holocaust ), he returned to his birth reality, where he was told to join the Exiles.
Suddenly, Drive Shaft became extremely popular for their song " You All Everybody ", although they were a one hit wonder.
Suddenly the girl became a terrible devil, who grabbed Tsuna's hair and whispered: ' My house is located on Mount Atago '.

Suddenly and English
" In the period prior to World War I the preferred English common name was humble bee, as found in On the Origin of Species ( 1859 ) by Charles Darwin ( see above in this article for a lengthy quotation ), though bumblebee was still in use as well, for example in The Tale of Mrs. Tittlemouse ( 1910 ) by Beatrix Potter, " Suddenly round a corner, she met Babbitty Bumble --" Zizz, Bizz, Bizzz!
Hebrew and Greek exclamatory indicators ( e. g., the Hebrew hine and the Greek idou ) traditionally translated “ Behold !” or “ Lo !” are rendered in ways that best fit the immediate context and that best represent contemporary English usage ( e. g., “ Look ,” “ See ,” “ Suddenly ,” “ Here ,” “ Indeed ,” etc .).
Suddenly, an English patrol enters the inn, dragging Dougal with them.
Keret's latest short story collections are Anihu ( אניהו, literally I-am-him, 2002 ; translated into English as Cheap Moon, after one of the other stories in the collection ) and Pitom Defikah Ba-delet ( פתאום דפיקה בדלת, translated into English as Suddenly a Knock at the Door ).
After switching from Decca to CBS Records, The Tremeloes started a successful hit run from 1967 onwards with Cat Stevens ' " Here Comes My Baby "; " Hello World "; three Italian hits translated into English (" Suddenly You Love Me ", which is Riccardo Del Turco's " Uno tranquillo " (" One quiet man "), " I'm Gonna Try ", which is Riccardo Del Turco's 1967 hit " Luglio " (" July "), and " My Little Lady ", based on Orietta Berti's " Non illuderti mai " (" Never deceive yourself ")); and their Number one recording of an old Four Seasons ' B-side " Silence is Golden ".
Suddenly the Powhatan grabbed any tools or weapons available to them and killed any English settlers who were in sight, including men, women and children of all ages.

Suddenly and which
Suddenly he saw something which made his big heart give a sickening lurch and caused the hairs to bristle on the back of his neck.
The album spawned hit singles from both Newton-John (" Magic ," No. 1 in the United States, and " Suddenly " with Cliff Richard ) and ELO (" I'm Alive ", which went gold, " All Over the World " and " Don't Walk Away ").
Suddenly, at the peak of madness and confusion, the couples are engulfed by their follies, which transform the rundown theatre into a fantastical " Loveland ", an extravaganza even more grand and opulent than the gaudiest Weismann confection: " the place where lovers are always young and beautiful, and everyone lives only for love ".
Suddenly, however, he hears music blaring from a transistor radio which contains the same subliminal message.
Suddenly, the starship is enveloped by a powerful energy wave, which ends up damaging the ship, killing several of its crew, and stranding the ship on the far side of the galaxy, more than 70, 000 light-years from Earth.
The " dream cars " which American automobile manufacturers exhibited at the fair included Cadillac's introduction of its V-16 limousine ; Nash's exhibit had a variation on the vertical ( i. e., paternoster ) parking garage — all the cars were new Nashes ; Lincoln presented its rear-engined " concept car " precursor to the Lincoln-Zephyr, which went on the market in 1936 with a front engine ; Pierce-Arrow presented its modernistic Pierce Silver Arrow for which it used the byline " Suddenly it's 1940!
" Suddenly, Richard Burton had fulfilled his guardian's wildest hopes and was admitted to the post-War British acting circle which included Anthony Quayle, John Gielgud, Michael Redgrave, Hugh Griffith and Paul Scofield.
As a teenager, he played as a session musician on the Michael Brown single, " Ivy, Ivy " b / w " And Suddenly " which he released under the name of his group, The Left Banke.
Suddenly, a strange fairy ( which turns out to be Mokona, the creature from the original series ) appears in front of them.
In 2004, she appeared as Violet Venable in Sheffield Theatres ' production of Tennessee Williams's play Suddenly Last Summer, which transferred to the Albery Theatre.
Suddenly, people have the benefit of ideas which they did not think of before, themselves.
Suddenly, Antioch was deprived of the Empire's protection, which had been enough to frighten Nur ad-Din away from intervening in the area for the past twenty years.
" Suddenly, Nicaragua, which had been treated like an outcast on more than one occasion, was walking the legal, if not moral, high-ground ..." The November 1986 disclosure of the Iran – Contra affair further weakened the US influence on the process.
He headlined the Australian thriller, Blackwater Trail ( 1995 ), with Peter Phelps before receiving a starring role on the NBC television sitcom Suddenly Susan ( 1996 ), which saw success for a four-season run ; this was followed by a starring role in the Shaquille O ' Neil movie Steel ( 1997 ); the film also starred Annabeth Gish and Richard Roundtree ( Steel was a commercial flop ).
Suddenly, as if unnerved, he declared that, setting the bordereau aside, there was a proof, subsequent in date but positive, of the guilt of Dreyfus, and this proof he had had before his eyes ; it was a paper in which the attaché " A " wrote to the attaché " B ": " Never mention the dealings we have had with this Jew.
Suddenly, Belser rises again and launches a surprise attack on a spaceport on Darius, which was being used to help ferry the remaining Darians to Vadis.
Suddenly in 1847, the First Baptist Church of Newport advanced the claim that it was founded first, and this led to a debate as to which church came first.
Next step was competing at the 1971 Vaš šlager sezone annual festival in Sarajevo where they finished in 7th place with a song " Plačem za tvojim usnama " that songwriter Zdenko Runjić claimed to have composed and officially signed his name under, despite the fact that it was a blatant rip-off of The Tremeloes ' " Suddenly You Love Me " ( which actually is a cover of Riccardo Del Turco's " Uno tranquillo " ).
Suddenly a Clancer Kitten attempts to " fight " Marina but as he's too weak, he loses and as was stipulated, the Clancer Kitten takes Marina to the first boss shrine in the game: Cerberus Alpha, which is basically Lunar on a mechanical wolf.
" Not always a bachelor, Groundskeeper Willie was once engaged to Shary Bobbins as mentioned in " Simpsoncalifragilisticexpiala ( Annoyed Grunt ) cious ", until she recovered her eyesight ; at which point, in Groundskeeper Willie's words, " Suddenly the ugliest man in Glasgow wasn't good enough for her!

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