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Suggestions and for
Suggestions for improvements are often student-specific.
Suggestions for improvement in the operation of CITES include: more regular missions by the Secretariat ( not reserved just for high profile species ); improvement of national legislation and enforcement ; better reporting by Parties ( and the consolidation of information from all sources-NGOs, TRAFFIC, the wildlife trade monitoring network and Parties ); more emphasis on enforcement-including a technical committee enforcement officer ; the development of CITES Action Plans ( akin to Biodiversity Action Plans related to the Convention on Biological Diversity ) including: designation of Scientific / Management Authorities and national enforcement strategies ; incentives for reporting and timelines for both Action Plans and reporting.
Suggestions for ' simple ' pre-RNA nucleic acids have included Peptide nucleic acid ( PNA ), Threose nucleic acid ( TNA ) or Glycol nucleic acid ( GNA ).
Suggestions for the identity of the early Rigvedic Sarasvati River include the Helmand River in Afghanistan, separated from the watershed of the Indus by the Sanglakh Range.
To flesh out these implications and ramifications, the Vatican's Commission on Interrelegious Relations with the Jews issued its Guidelines and Suggestions for Implementing the Conciliar Declaration Nostra Aetate in late 1974.
* Emanuel Rackman, ( Women as Rabbis ) Suggestions for Alternatives, Judaism, Vol. 33, No. 1, 1990, p. 66 – 69.
Suggestions for a replacement actor for Blake were rejected and Avon became more prominent in the storyline.
* Betrayal of the Left: an Examination & Refutation of Communist Policy from October 1939 to January 1941: with Suggestions for an Alternative and an Epilogue on Political Morality ( 1941 )
Suggestions include the need for a stronger state to deal with the Qin unification of China that resulted in a loss of Ordos at the hands of Meng Tian, or the political crisis that overtook the Xiongnu in 215 BC, when Qin armies evicted them from their pastures on the Yellow River ;
Suggestions for the reason the Sarmatians were associated with lizards include their reptile-like scale armour and their dragon standards.
Suggestions for the series format came from, among others, Frank Gillard in England and Christopher Sarson in the US.
Suggestions that the conditions for membership should be relaxed were refused.
Suggestions of a co-regency between Amenhotep III and his son Akhenaten lasting for up to twelve years continue, but most scholars today, either accept a brief co-regency lasting no more than one year at the most, or no co-regency at all.
For as much as People be compelled to come before the King's Council, or in the Chancery by Writs grounded upon untrue Suggestions ; that the Chancellor for the Time being, presently after that such Suggestions be duly found and proved untrue, shall have Power to ordain and award Damages according to his Discretion, to him which is so troubled unduly, as afore is said.
* " Getting to Yes: Suggestions for the Embellishment of the Annan Plan for Cyprus ( PDF )" Policy Paper, Southeast European Studies at Oxford, St Antony's College, Oxford University, February 2004
* The Coal Question: Some Reasons Why It is Pressing and Some Suggestions for Solving It.
* Suggestions for the Repression of Crime ( 1857 ), consisting of charges addressed to the grand juries of Birmingham
* Asmaa M. I. Ahmed, " Suggestions for Writing Modern Nubian Languages ", and Muhammad J.

Suggestions and its
Suggestions for the use of the chamber were made as early as 1853 by Gouverneur Kemble, a former member of the House, who pressed for its use as a gallery of historical paintings.
* A History of the Hindu-Muslim Problem in India from the Earliest Contacts Up to its Present Phase With Suggestions for Its Solution.
Suggestions have been made that it would be dangerous to give Japan too much power on an international level, since it could give rise to new Japanese imperialism, and that Japan should not be given a seat due to its lack of repentance over wartime atrocities.
With a Proposition for Reorganizing the Royal Regiment of Artillery by a Subdivision into Battalions in each special arm of Garrison, Field, and Horse Artillery, with Suggestions for Promoting its Efficiency.

Suggestions and date
Suggestions that the pit is a natural phenomenon, specifically a sinkhole or debris in a fault, date to at least 1911.
Suggestions of Buddhist influences in Liezi chapters 3 and 6 are potentially corroborating evidence for a late date of composition ; see Buddhism in China.
Suggestions that the move was a deliberate decision by Quebec sovereignists to discourage participation in a patriotic Canadian holiday ignore the fact that the change in date from May 1 to July 1 was the result of a bill introduced by a federalist MNA, Jérôme Choquette of the Quebec Liberal Party.

Suggestions and by
Suggestions made to resolve the difficulty — e. g. that father and son each bore the same double name, or that Abiathar officiated during his father's lifetime and in his father's stead — have been supported by great names, but have not been fully accepted.
Suggestions by Livy that the Romans banned the rites because women occupied leadership positions in the cult have been dismissed by Celia Schultz, thus: In light of view of female religious activity ... and despite the claims of Livy's narrative, it is unlikely that the gender of worshippers involved was the primary motivation behind the Senate's action.
Suggestions to alter Bristol's boundaries ( either by drawing new boundaries or by merely incorporating the mostly urbanised borough of Kingswood into it ) were rejected.
Suggestions varied from enshrining them at the AFL-CIO headquarters in Washington, DC to Abbie Hoffman's suggestion that they be eaten by today's " Joe Hills " like Billy Bragg and Michelle Shocked.
Suggestions ranged from dousing a household with Holy water, placing wax and herbs on thresholds to “ ward off witches occult ,” and avoiding certain areas of townships known to be frequented by witches and Devil worshippers after dark.
Suggestions that he invented the entire episode and was thereafter shunned by the emperor do not seem likely given he was awarded honours on his return.
Suggestions that the species may breed in the Cachar Hills of Assam by E. C. Stuart Baker based on memory have been questioned.
Arrangement Views and Search Filter Suggestions are database-backed features which require that all locations in the Library be indexed by the Windows Search service.
Suggestions that Glastonbury may have been a site of religious importance in Celtic or pre-Celtic times are referred to as dubious by the historian Ronald Hutton.
Suggestions by labor unions that talented working class youth be invited to Plattsburg were ignored.
Suggestions of a treacle mine in Buxted were published by the " Friends of Horwich ".
Suggestions of possible Old European languages include Urbian by Sorin Paliga, the Vasconic substratum hypothesis of Theo Vennemann ( also see Sigmund Feist's Germanic substrate hypothesis ), and Tyrsenian languages of Helmut Rix.
Suggestions contributed by the parties remain anonymous, thus avoiding the face saving problem of accepting a suggestion made by another party.
During his time in office, Jardine penned several handbooks, such as " Suggestions for Teachers Giving Practical Instruction to City Boys in ( a ) Care and Handling of Work Horses ( b ) Care, Adjustment, and Use of Farm Machinery ( c ) Care and Handling of Dairy Cows and Milk ", which was published by the Kansas State Council of Defense.
Suggestions that it would also have been quite smelly and smoky are probably, by the standards of the time, unfounded.

Suggestions and much
* Report and Resolutions of a Public Meeting, Held at Glasgow, on Friday, March 20 1846, in Support of Sir Robert Peel's Suggestions in Reference to Railways – Peel had commented upon the impolity and danger of allowing too much capital to be invested in railways in too short a period.

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