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Sullivan and had
Detective Comics Inc. soon launched a fourth title, Action Comics, and the premiere of which introduced Superman ( a character with which Wheeler-Nicholson had no direct involvement ; editor Vin Sullivan chose to run the feature after Sheldon Mayer rescued it from the slush pile ).
Sullivan had a healthy sense of humor about himself and permitted — even encouraged — impersonators such as John Byner, Frank Gorshin, Rich Little and especially Will Jordan to imitate him on his show.
Sullivan had to take a medical leave from the series and missed the Elvis Presley show.
At a time when television had not yet embraced country and Western music, Sullivan was adamant about featuring Nashville performers on his program.
There was another side to Sullivan: he could be very quick to take offense if he felt he had been crossed, and could hold a grudge for a long time.
Buddy Holly and the Crickets had first appeared on the Sullivan show in 1957, singing two songs and making a favorable impression on Sullivan.
Sullivan, who had approved the song at a previous rehearsal, backed Dylan's decision.
Moe Howard of the Three Stooges recalled in 1975 that Sullivan had a memory problem of sorts: " Ed was a very nice man, but for a showman, quite forgetful.
" Joe DeRita, who worked with the Stooges after 1959, had commented that Sullivan had a personality " like the bottom of a bird cage.
Sullivan apparently had no idea who McCartney was.
Sullivan would check with Kirkpatrick if a potential guest had some " explaining to do " about his politics.
They had one daughter, Betty Sullivan ( who married the Ed Sullivan Shows producer, Bob Precht ).
In early September 1974, X-rays revealed that Sullivan had advanced esophageal cancer.
After less than a year had passed in Silsbee's office, Wright learned that the Chicago firm of Adler & Sullivan was " looking for someone to make the finish drawings for the interior of the
In the summer of 1779 at Washington's direction, General John Sullivan carried out a scorched earth campaign that destroyed at least 40 Iroquois villages in central and upstate New York ; the Indians were British allies who had been raiding American settlements on the frontier.
Founded in 1920 by George Alexander Sullivan, the Order had been based upon a blend of Rosicrucianism, Theosophy, Freemasonry and his own personal innovation, and had moved to Christchurch in 1930.
Gilbert already had available the libretto he had written for Rosa, and Carte suggested that Sullivan write the score.
Sullivan had one installed as well, and on 13 May 1883, at a party to celebrate the composer's 41st birthday, the guests, including the Prince of Wales ( later Edward VII ), heard a direct relay of parts of Iolanthe from the Savoy.
But paradoxically, in February 1883, just after Iolanthe opened, Sullivan had signed a five-year agreement with Gilbert and Carte requiring him to produce a new comic opera on six months ' notice.

Sullivan and little
Only his family was told, however, and as the doctors gave Sullivan very little time, the family chose to keep the diagnosis from him.
Since Bond had little experience as an actress, Gilbert and Sullivan cut the dialogue out of the role, except for a few lines in the last scene, which they turned into recitative.
The film as released opens with a dedication: To the memory of those who made us laugh: the motley mountebanks, the clowns, the buffoons, in all times and in all nations, whose efforts have lightened our burden a little, this picture is affectionately dedicated. This was originally intended to be spoken by Sullivan.
Sullivan dropped out after a little more than one year to resume his education.
In 1992 as Secretary of State at the DSS, he sang a riff on the Lord High Executioner's " little list " song from The Mikado by Gilbert and Sullivan:
In it, monster James P. Sullivan (" Sulley ") believes that a little human girl he is protecting has fallen into a trash compactor and reacts nearly shot for shot as Marc Antony did in his cartoon short.
The latter appeared resigned to defeat, taking little time to consider his shot selection, and after the frame shook hands with O ' Sullivan, after which the two walked arm in arm to the dressing room area, but because it had only been the last frame before the mid-session interval, and so indeed not the very last frame of the match, no-one knew if he had conceded the match, believed the match was over or was just congratulating O ' Sullivan on his formidable play.
Federalists seized on the divisions in the opposition, claiming that Sullivan was a pawn, and that he would soon be replaced by the " Jacobin Lincoln — a man so little known, and so unpopular where known, that they dare not risk as a candidate for the office he aspires to.
Sullivan wrote in his diary, " Parts of it dragged a little – dialogue too redundant but success great and genuine I think ....
Although Sullivan published little in his lifetime, he influenced generations of mental health professionals, especially through his lectures at Chestnut Lodge in Washington, DC.
When Thomas Beecham introduced the opera to London, The Times observed, " the scoring owes more than a little to the discipline of Sullivan ; there is also a curiously English fragrance ".
Bixby lasted a little over a year ; Malcolm Reiss took over again in September 1951, and three issues later, in March 1952, Jack O ' Sullivan became editor.
At the time of his audition, he knew little or nothing about Gilbert and Sullivan, but company manager, Frederic Lloyd, assured him that the company preferred this so that they could " start you off in the way we mean you to go ".
Following its sale to Mr J. Sullivan of the Southern Counties Trading Company the fort has been used as an industrial depot, and much of the old fort has been demolished – little now remains.
Nevertheless, the shift in focus toward a goal of teaching Fundamental Theology and Revelation was less exciting for Sullivan, who would have preferred to carry on with the original idea of being a Patristics scholar, little knowing that he would actually end up in the field of Ecclesiology.
After a visit home, and feeling more than a little exiled, Sullivan returned to Rome to teach Ecclesiology at the Gregorian University, an academic ministry in which he would serve for the next 36 years, until his own mandatory retirement at the age of 70 in 1992.
Zapelena had been teaching a two-semester course for many years, and since he was healthy enough to continue teaching for a little while longer, over the next two years, 1956 – 58, he and Sullivan split the course as it had been structured, with Sullivan teaching the first semester material and Zapelena teaching the second semester material.
The land along the creek is now largely in private hands, and there is little public access to it as it crosses into Sullivan County.
Her cousin, Fianna Fáil Senator Ned O ' Sullivan described Ahern as a highly principled woman, and said that " Kit Ahern had more integrity in her little finger than most of us have in our entire bodies ".

Sullivan and acting
He was also noted for his acting skills ( notably in Gilbert and Sullivan operettas such as Iolanthe, and Dunsany's A Night at an Inn ).
O ' Sullivan stuck with acting after Farrow's death: she was the Today Girl for NBC for a while, then made the movie version of Never Too Late ( 1965 ) for Warner Bros .. She was also an executive director of a bridal consulting service, Wediquette International.
The acting supervisor, Dr. Willis Stockle ( Sullivan ), insists that if they are wrong their funding will be jeopardized.
After a family holiday in Ireland as a boy, O ' Sullivan returned with a strong Irish accent and was sent to the famous Corona Theatre School to try to get rid of it, thus starting a distinguished acting career.
Born in New York City, Sullivan fell into acting when in college playing semi-pro football.
A heavily built man with a striking double-chin and a deep voice, Sullivan made his acting debut at the Old Vic aged 18 in Shakespeare's Richard III and appeared in his first film in 1932.

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