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Support and for
Support for it cuts across party, regional, ethnic and other lines.
* Support Activities for Mining & Oil & Gas Extraction ( primarily oil and gas exploration and drilling )
** Support for mirroring with striping
Support was added to OS X in order to provide support for the large number of existing AppleTalk devices, notably laser printers and file shares, but alternate connection solutions common in this era, notably USB for printers, limited their demand.
Support groups have cited massive economic benefits for the deprived East Lancs area from business and commuter traffic.
Support for Arius from powerful bishops like Eusebius of Caesarea and Eusebius of Nicomedia, further illustrate how Arius ' subordinationist Christology was shared by other Christians in the Empire.
The U. S. Agency for International Development ( USAID ) and Support for Eastern European Democracies ( SEED ) has played a large role in post-war Bosnia and Herzegovina, including programs in economic development and reform, democratic reform ( media, elections ), infrastructure development, and training programs for Bosnian professionals, among others.
Support for the government was withheld by the Fatherland Front, since it was composed of pro-Nazi circles, in a desperate attempt to hold on to power.
Support for this is found in the Chicago Defender, an African-American newspaper that had a national circulation.
Cases of Judgments in Ethical Reasoning: An Appraisal of Contemporary Casuistry and Holistic Model for the Mutual Support of Norms and Case Judgments ( Diss., Georgetown U ).
Support for this theory can be found in the prologue of the Cantigas.
* Unique-The Rare Chromosome Disorder Support Group Support for people with rare chromosome disorders
* Council for Advancement and Support of Education, nonprofit association of educational institutions, United States
Support for CND dwindled after the 1963 Test Ban Treaty.
Support for CND fell after the end of the Cold war.
Support for compiling programs that do not require the POSIX compatibility layer provided by the Cygwin DLL used to be included in the default gcc, but is now provided by cross compilers contributed by the MinGW-w64 project.
Support for the inclusion of ethnic minorities ' history in China's own history varies in accordance with separatist and nationalist politics.
* Johns, Michael " The Lessons of Afghanistan: Bipartisan Support for Freedom Fighters Pays Off ", Policy Review, Spring 1987.
The post-war, and post-reunions, period saw an increase in co-operation and interaction between ecclesias, resulting in the establishment of a number of week-long Bible schools and the formation of national and international organisations such as the Christadelphian Bible Mission ( for preaching and pastoral support overseas ), the Christadelphian Support Network ( for counselling ), and the Christadelphian Meal-A-Day Fund ( for charity and humanitarian work ).

Support and thesis
Joint Close Air Support in the Low Intensity Conflict ( thesis ).

Support and was
* Attached Support Processor, one of the two early IBM System / 360 programs that replaces the native SPOOL facilities of OS / 360 ; the other was Houston Automatic Spooling Priority ( HASP ).
Support for the virtual 8086 mode was added by Compaq engineers.
Support for the old emperor was waning however, as more legions throughout the empire pledged their allegiance to Vespasian.
On 1 October 1977, Naval Support Facility, Diego Garcia, was established as the senior US Navy command on the island.
Support for capitalism was widespread.
Support in Scotland was critical to Labour's overall electoral fortunes as without Scottish MPs it would have gained only two UK electoral victories in the 20th century ( 1945 and 1966 ).
He was drafted to serve as a member of the Air Force Support Personnel ( Luftwaffenhelfer ) at the age of 16.
Support for his leadership was eroded even further by his refusal to sack the Minister for Air Peter Howson in order to defuse the scandal, fuelling criticism from within the party that Holt was " weak " and lacked Menzies ' ruthlessness.
Support for capitalism was widespread.
The January 2003 CIA paper Iraqi Support for Terrorism states that al-Libi told a foreign intelligence service that " Iraq — acting on the request of al-Qa ' ida militant Abu Abdullah, who was Muhammad Atif's emissary — agreed to provide unspecified chemical or biological weapons training for two al-Qa ' ida associates beginning in December 2000.
The 2006 Senate Report on Pre-war Intelligence on Iraq stated that " Although DIA coordinated on CIA's Iraqi Support for Terrorism paper, DIA analysis preceding that assessment was more skeptical of the al-Libi reporting.
Support for Madison, however, among his party and in the Virginia legislature was overwhelming by a tally of 133 to 57.
In 1985 the Battalion was replaced by a reinforced company of, an AMF Company with two Recce Platoons and an Anti-Tank Platoon, a Forward Air Control team, a National Support Element for logistics and a Medical Support element.
Support, particularly from Republicans, was scanty at best.
Support for the assertion that Stalin was poisoned by Beria's associates has been presented from several sources, including Edvard Radzinsky in his biography Stalin and a recent study by Miguel A. Faria in the journal Surgical Neurology International.
Support for dismantling was by this time coming predominantly from the French, and the Petersberg Agreement of November 1949 reduced the levels vastly, though dismantling of minor factories continued until 1951.
Support for the Nationals in the 2006 Victorian state election was considerable with the party picking up two extra seats in the Lower House to maintain its total representation of 11 sitting members ( two Upper House seats were lost, mostly due to a change from preferential to proportional representation ).
Also, OS / 2 was used for the host PC used to control the Satellite Operations Support System equipment installed at NPR member stations from 1994 to 2007, and used to receive the network's programming via satellite.
OS / 2 was used as part of the Satellite Operations Support System ( SOSS ) for NPR's Public Radio Satellite System.

Support and bolstered
Support by the sympathetic French government further bolstered Sassou Nguesso's rebels.

Support and by
There are five separate U. S. installations: Shipton Kaserne, home to 412th Aviation Support Battalion, Katterbach Kaserne, formally the home of the 1st Infantry Division's 4th Combat Aviation Brigade, which has been replaced by the 12th Combat Aviation Brigade as of 2006, as part of the 1st Infantry Division's return to Fort Riley, Kansas ; Bismarck Kaserne, which functions as a satellite post to Katterbach, hosting their Post Exchange, Theater, Barracks, Franconia Inn, Military Police, and other support agencies, Barton Barracks, home to the USAG Ansbach and Bleidorn Barracks, which has a library and housing.
The Community Development Support Fund, sponsored by the International Development Association ( IDA, a World Bank affiliate ) and the Comorian government, is working to improve water supply on the islands as well.
It is officially known as Naval Support Facility Thurmont and is technically a military installation ; staffing is primarily provided by the U. S. Navy and the U. S. Marine Corps.
Christian alternative music has its roots in the early 1980s, as the earliest efforts at Christian punk and new wave were recorded by artists like Andy McCarroll and Moral Support, Undercover, The 77s, Adam Again, Quickflight, Daniel Amos, Youth Choir ( later renamed The Choir ), Lifesavers Underground, Michael Knott, The Altar Boys, Breakfast with Amy, Steve Taylor, 4-4-1, David Edwards and Vector.
The FBI has been forced to continue using its decade-old Automated Case Support system, which is considered woefully inadequate by IT experts.
Support for alternative languages is often provided by plugins, allowing them to be installed on the same IDE at the same time.
The people hit the hardest by the new GST will be the people on the lowest incomes, however, to try to prevent islanders living below the poverty line, the States of Jersey introduced an Income Support service in January 2008.
* Support for owners of mini wire dachshunds affected by Lafora
The Renal Support Network ( RSN ) is a nonprofit, patient-focused, patient-run organization that provides non-medical services to those affected by chronic kidney disease ( CKD ).
The Treaties and Commission Branch ( formerly Support Services Branch ) is headed by a Chief who is accountable to the High Commissioner.
According to OHCHR, the Oromia Support Group ( OSG ) recorded 594 extra-judicial killings of Oromos by Ethiopian government security forces and 43 disappearances in custody between 2005 and August 2008.
Support for laissez-faire capitalism and Free markets were expressed by politicians sitting on the left, because these represented policies favorable to capitalists rather than to the aristocracy ; but outside of parliamentary politics, these views are often characterized as being on the Right.

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