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Supporters and view
Supporters of this view believe that the Roman Empire does not threaten the spread of the gospel of Jesus Christ because Luke simply recognizes its existence as a political reality, but he is clear that God is greater .” Throughout Acts, believers like Paul are being charged with spiritual crimes concerning teaching against Israel, the law, and the temple ” ( Acts 21: 21, 28 ; 23: 29 ; 24: 5 ; 25: 8, 19 ; 28: 17 ) or being a civil disturbance ( Acts 16: 20, 21: 38, 25: 8 ) rather than political charges.
Supporters of this view claim that spontaneous order is superior to any order that does not allow individuals to make their own choices of what to produce, what to buy, what to sell, and at what prices, due to the number and complexity of the factors involved.
Supporters view mixed economies as a compromise between state socialism and free-market capitalism that is superior in net effect to either of those.
Supporters of this view will note that the page file is rarely read or written in sequential order, so the performance advantage of having a completely sequential page file is minimal.
Supporters also share a rivalry with Torquay United, a club whose supporters view Exeter as their main rival.
Supporters of this view, such as Phil Zimmermann, argue that anti-surveillance technologies help to equalize power between governments and their people, which is the actual reason for banning them.
Supporters of the Iraq war tend to agree with the view that Iraq regained its sovereignty in June 2004, and that the occupation has thus ended.
Supporters uphold the legitimist view of royal succession, as well as regional autonomy under the monarchy, tradition and Catholicism.
Supporters of living childfree ( e. g. Corinne Maier, French author of " No Kids: 40 Reasons For Not Having Children ") cite various reasons for their view:
Rovers stayed put and it was against this background that a group of fans set up Albion Rovers Supporters ' Trust with a view to benefit the club and local community.
Supporters of this arrangement claim it is a good opportunity for both parties to elaborate on the views expressed, while opponents argue that it offers only a narrow range of points of view and marginalizes debate as part of a larger deficiency in the media's confrontation of politicians.
Supporters of this view point to the amount of detail in the story.
A few days later, on 30 January, reports emerged that the Manchester United Supporters ' Trust had held meetings with a group of wealthy fans with a view to buying out the Glazers ' controlling interest in the club.
Supporters of Anselm's ideas about atonement, such as Bernard of Clairvaux, entered into public conflict with Peter Abelard and other supporters of the moral influence view.

Supporters and believe
Supporters believe that by the late 20th century those they characterized as " ruling elites " sought to harness the expansion of world markets for their own interests ; this combination of the Bretton Woods institutions, states, and multinational corporations has been called " globalization " or " globalization from above.
Supporters believe that all Central America would benefit from the construction of the canal.
Supporters of Chinese reunification believe it would eliminate the competing factions in an unresolved civil war and re-unify China under a single national government.
Supporters of sovereignty for Quebec believe that the current relationship between Quebec and the rest of Canada does not reflect Quebec's best social, political and economic development interests.
Supporters of private financing systems believe that, in addition to avoiding government limitations on speech, private financing fosters civic involvement, ensures that a diversity of views are heard, and prevents government from tilting the scales to favor those in power or with political influence.
Supporters of government financing generally believe that the system decreases corruption ; in addition, many proponents believe that government financing promotes other values, such as civic participation or greater faith in the political process.
Supporters of this hypothesis believe it would have been feasible using traditional Eskimo techniques still in use today, while others argue that the conditions at the time would not have made such a journey likely.
Supporters believe that this plan will be an important part of what Bush set in place while in office.
Supporters of H. floresiensis such as Chris Stringer and Dean Falk attribute opposition partly to the fact that the existence of the species challenges the theories of multiregionalists, who believe that Homo sapiens was the only living species of hominin, evolving simultaneously in different regions, at the time when the Flores individuals were alive.
Supporters of this theory believe that the murderer worked, or posed, as a midwife, who could be seen with bloody clothes without attracting suspicion and would be more easily trusted by the victims than a man.
Supporters believe he wanted to avert a communist victory, opponents that he was defending the ancién regime by rebranding it.
Supporters of these programs believe that many factors contribute to wellness: living in a clean environment, eating organic food, regularly engaging in physical exercise, balance in career ; family ; and relationships, and developing religious faith.
Supporters of the possession arrow believe that jump balls give the team with taller players and better leapers an unfair advantage over the other, plus the possession arrow ( especially in the NCAA Tournament ) gives another element of strategy.
Supporters of raw feeding believe that the natural diet of raw meat, bones, and organs is superior nutritionally to highly processed commercial pet food.
Supporters of designer baby technology include liberal technophiles, libertarians, and transhumanists, who variously believe in a moral imperative to improve society by improving the health, intelligence or physical capability of individuals, or in the right of individuals over the disposition of their own bodies and those of their unborn children.
Supporters believe this act may be able to simplify the NEPA process for projects which are meant to reduce the susceptibility of National forests to forest fires ; reducing the risk of conflagrations that endanger human lives, destroy valuable forests, and can reduce the quality of habitat for late seral wildlife species.
Supporters of affirmative action believe that the perceived injustice to the dominant group is not supported by facts.
Supporters of Sukarno's legacy, however, believe that this tenet was meant to unify Indonesia's population, who have diverse faiths and beliefs.
Supporters of biblical scientific foreknowledge believe that parts of the Bible contain observations regarding aspects of the natural world in line with modern scientific and medical research.

Supporters and
Supporters of Derby County football club sing We all follow Derby, over land and sea ( and Leicester )”.
Supporters of the claim have pointed to Book IV as providing its strongest evidence, as when the narrator asks You mean to see we have been hadding a sound night s sleep ?”, and later concludes that what has gone before has been a long, very long, a dark, very dark [...] scarce endurable [...] night .” Tindall refers to Book IV as " a chapter of resurrection and waking up ", and McHugh finds that the chapter contains " particular awareness of events going on offstage, connected with the arrival of dawn and the waking process which terminates the sleeping process of Wake.
Supporters of more traditional ” contemporary art saw, in the use of computers, a way to balance artistic deficiencies, some other consider that the art is not anymore in the achievement of the formal shape of the work but in the design of the rules that determine the evolution of the shape according to the quality of the dialogue.
Supporters of the nature ” side suggested that some people are born evil or with malicious tendencies.
Supporters of tort reform " claim that the popular perception of the case was materially accurate, claim that the vast majority of judges who consider similar cases dismiss them before they get to a jury, and argue that McDonald's refusal to offer more than an $ 800 settlement for the $ 10, 500 in medical bills reflects the meritless nature of the suit based on the fact that Liebeck spilled the coffee on herself rather than any wrongdoing on the company's part.
Supporters of online skill-based game legalization and regulation include the Safe and Secure Internet Gambling Initiative, which believes the government should regulate Internet gambling to ensure proper consumer protections are in place ”
The stories reflected an urban ennui and disillusion felt by those leading lives fueled by intense emotions and hedonistic self-indulgence. Georges Lemaître wrote in 1938: Beyond any doubt Morand is the most typical representative and interpreter of French literature today … His defects and merits, are they not the defects and merits of the world today …” Supporters and enthusiasts of Morand, Cocteau and André Breton appreciated his spiteful humour and surreal urban poetry, and aphoristic prose .” French critics praised his descriptive facility with words, leading them to categorize him as a modernist ,” and imagist .”
Supporters of the Save Our Homes ” Amendment contend that it allows long term residents with a fixed income to be able to afford to stay in their homes without being driven out by tax increases as their property value increases.

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