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:" and equitable
:" States are free to determine all aspects of their participation in international cooperation in the exploration and use of outer space on an equitable and mutually acceptable basis.
:" A floating security is an equitable charge on the assets for the time being of a going concern.

:" and growth
:" While economic growth is necessary, it is not sufficient for progress on reducing poverty.
First described as an insignificant " gathering of the sick and poor " after World War II in early 1950s, the perception changed to " new religious movement ", which created a substantial impact in society, and with its world wide growth, described as the largest and most diverse Buddhist group :" With 12 million members in 192 countries, SGI is the world's largest Buddhist lay group and the largest, most ethnically diverse Buddhist school in America …”.”.
:" Beyond the Limits recognizes that the future doesn't lie in tinkering with resource use or simply squelching population growth in developing countries.
:" he growth and development of all beings is gradual ; this is the universal divine organization and the natural system.
:" that the Provinces be encouraged to restore the Catechumenate, or discipling process, to help enquiries move to Christian faith, using the witness and support of lay people, and liturgically celebrating the stages of growth ;"
:" Populations with a high proportion of growth.
:" With today's crocs, you basically have a period of fast growth, then a little bit of growth — this guy wasn't slowing down.
:" I had turned around and two fierce eyes, firmly socketed inside a bullet-shaped head, were staring at a strange growth I was nurturing on the end of my chin.
:" The growth of debt and unemployment, and the decline of traditional economic sectors, has fed an illegal trade in people ..."
In his book, Mayer wrote :" Anti-Semitism did not play a decisive or even significant role in the growth of the Nazi movement and electorate.
:" t is evident and confirmed that the development and growth of man on this earth, until he reached his present perfection, resembled the growth and development of the embryo in the womb of the mother: by degrees it passed from condition to condition, from form to form, from one shape to another.

:" and based
Moore argued that once arguments based on the naturalistic fallacy had been discarded, questions of intrinsic goodness could only be settled by appeal to what he ( following Sidgwick ) called " moral intuitions :" self-evident propositions which recommend themselves to moral reflection, but which are not susceptible to either direct proof or disproof ( PE § 45 ).
:" we calculated in advance the number of casualties from the enemy, who would be killed based on the position of the tower.
:" The giving up of activities that are based on material desire is what great learned men call the renounced order of life.
:" The most important principles of humanitarian action are humanity, which posits the conviction that all people have equal dignity by virtue of their membership in humanity, impartiality, which directs that assistance is provided based solely on need, without discrimination among recipients, neutrality, which stipulates that humanitarian organizations must refrain from taking part in hostilities or taking actions that advantage one side of the conflict over another, and independence, which is necessary to ensure that humanitarian action only serves the interests of war victims, and not political, religious, or other agendas.
:" Vicia heterophylla " redirects here, based on the plant described by Carl Presl.
:" The YCL is a revolutionary youth organisation committed to achieving a socialist society based on public ownership and democratic control.
:" Island of the Blue Dolphins, though it is based upon the true story of a girl who lived alone on a California island for eighteen years, came from the memory of my years at San Pedro and Dead Man's Island, when, with other boys my age, I voyaged out on summer mornings in search of adventure.
:" The birth of the modern Romanian state must distinguish two main currents-one exuberant but superficial, based on liberal ideas which depart from Paris to Bucharest and Iași.
:" The Ustashi movement is based on the Catholic Religion.
:" that originally there were four different clubs, based on the basic political orientations [...] That in regard to the most important major questions, for example about Austria's participation and about the election of emperors, the usual club-based divisions could be abandoned temporarily to create larger overall groups, as the United Left, the Greater Germans in Hotel Schröder, the Imperials in Hotel Weidenbusch.
:" Yesterday, New-York based Foo Inc. announced their acquisition of Bar Corp ."
:" We feel we have some unique insights into the demographic and economic problems facing our country based on our own research and that of other economists and financial analysts.
:" In a world where all experience was based in the glorious lost past of Antiquity, he made a new beginning.
:" Marx's thesis is based on two dubious assumptions, namely that labour needs to be offered for sale by the person who is the actual bearer and owner of such labour, and that the person who sells the labour sells nothing else.
:" Although based in a broad way on the pattern of shopping centres in the United States, Chadstone has been individually designed to suit local needs and its own location.
:" Aspiring sincerely to an international peace based on justice and order, the Japanese people forever renounce war as a sovereign right of the nation and the threat or use of force as a means of settling international disputes.
:" When researchers draw important conclusions and make public statements and arguments based on survey research data, then subsequently refuse to answer even basic questions about how their research was conducted, this violates the fundamental standards of science, seriously undermines open public debate on critical issues, and undermines the credibility of all survey and public opinion research.
* " CSI :" based on the TV show CSI, it talks about crimes that take place, for example the Greensboro Tri-County Area, finds evidence of the crime and finds the criminal.
Another description of this story comes from The Major Classes by ibn Sa'd al-Baghdadi, although this work is based on the former source :" Then occurred the " sariyyah " of Salim Ibn Umayr al-Amri against Abu Afak, the Jew, in month of Shawwal in the beginning of the twentieth month from the hijra, of the Apostle of Allah.
:" It was more an artwork based concept as opposed to a concept pertaining to the music.
:" If we examine, by supposition, based on physio-Physiognomy appearances, we can say that the largest ethnic group in Ribeira Quente, ( the Regos ) due to their dark skin or their comportment and complexion, could have something to do with the Sousas, Arrudas and Monteiros from Santa Maria ; with the Botelhos and Bentos of Vila Franca and Povoação Velha, or even that the Resendes and Bentos from Faial da Terra.
:" To be properly understood, Modernism is not just a matter of cubist space but of a whole appreciation of environmental design as a holistic approach to the matter of making spaces for people to live .... Modernism, as I define it and practice it, includes and is based on the vital archetypal needs of human being as individuals as well as social groups.
:" For gradual colonization of the regions where concentration camps are to be established, suggest the OGPU and Narkomat of Justice to urgently plan activities based on the following principles: ( 1 ) < to transfer the convicts of good behavior to free settlement ahead of term > ( 2 ) < to leave the convicts served full term but restricted in residence, for settlement and supply them with land > ( 3 ) < to allow the settlement of released convicts volunteered to stay >".
:" Peter Sellars asked the community to take a leap of faith for his particular Festival which was based around themes.

:" and on
:" There is naught on earth to compare with the future life.
The " cow " derivation depends most immediately on the Old Irish legal term for " outsider :" amboue, from proto-Celtic * ambouios, " not a cattle owner.
:" Ansgar accomplished the journey on which he had set out, and after spending nearly twenty days in a ship, he arrived at Birka --" ( Chapter XXVI )
:" A little later he built a church on his own ancestral property and served God with the utmost devotion.
:" On one occasion lie himself was sitting in an assembly of people, a stage having been arranged for a council on an open plain.
:" such care as an ordinary man might be expected to take on his own behalf.
:" Okay, now on the count of three, I want you all to yell nigger.
:" A computable number one for which there is a Turing machine which, given n on its initial tape, terminates with the nth digit of that number on its tape.
:" His only idea at the time was that it might be possible, in terms of effective calculability as an undefined notion, to state a set of axioms which would embody the generally accepted properties of this notion, and to do something on that basis ".
:" For you are a holy people to YHWH your God, and God has chosen you to be his treasured people from all the nations that are on the face of the earth.
:" If I had stated ... the possibility of the introduction or origination of fresh species being a natural, in contradistinction to a miraculous process, I should have raised a host of prejudices against me, which are unfortunately opposed at every step to any philosopher who attempts to address the public on these mysterious subjects ".
:" Do not imagine that the anointed King must perform miracles and signs and create new things in the world or resurrect the dead and so on.
" How they create their music is described on their website :" each album is written and recorded over the course of a musically immersive seven days, and tells a unique story.
White :" Being the owner of dachshunds, to me a book on dog discipline becomes a volume of inspired humor.
:" Having noticed by the marks ( on his body ) that Arulmozhi was the very Vishnu " in reference to the Emperor Raja Raja Chola I.
:" We do not believe that he ever had a church on earth without revealing himself to that church: consequently, there were apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors, and teachers, in the same.
" Van Tassel later described the historic play to the United Press :" I was the right halfback, and on this formation played one yard back of our right tackle.
:" If a period fixed by weeks, months, and years does not commence from the beginning of a week, month, or year, it ends with the ending of the day which proceeds the day of the last week, month, or year which corresponds to that on which it began to commence.
:" I call your own kind self to witness [...] the last pages of Heart of Darkness where the interview of the man and the girl locks in — as it were — the whole 30000 words of narrative description into one suggestive view of a whole phase of life and makes of that story something quite on another plane than an anecdote of a man who went mad in the Centre of Africa.
Gregory Nagy, on the other hand, sees both Persēs (" the destroyer ": / perthō ) and Hēsiodos (" he who emits the voice :" / hiēmi + / audē ) as fictitious names for poetical personae.
:" Who sail on stormy seas ;
:" Many will say to me on that day, ' Lord, Lord, did we not in your name eat and drink and prophecy and drive out demons?
Tony West, his lawyer, explained it as follows :" One of the first things he told Army interrogators when they questioned him on December 3 of last year was that after 9 / 11 happened, he wanted to leave the front lines but couldn't for fear of his life.

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