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Sweden's and won
The film received an overwhelmingly positive reception and won four Guldbagge Awards ( Sweden's official film awards ) at the 1999 ceremony.
Sweden's row of three successive Championships was broken in Slovenia in 2004, when Germany won despite not being touted as a medal candidate by news agency Deutsche Presse Agentur.
* Sweden's Ingemar Stenmark won both the giant slalom and the slalom.
* At the age of 72, Sweden's 100 metre running deer double-shot event champion Oscar Swahn won in the team event to become the oldest Olympic champion ever.
Claes Johanson won Sweden's only gold medal in the light heavyweight competition, with his fellow finalist from Russia, Martin Klein, retiring before fighting Johanson in the final.
In January 1999, Philippoussis and Jelena Dokić won the Hopman Cup for Australia, defeating Sweden's Åsa Carlsson and Jonas Björkman in the final tie.
This unrelenting approach towards drug users, together with generous treatment opportunities have won UNODC's approval and is cited by the UN as one the main reason for Sweden's relatively low drug prevalence rates.
Whilst in Gothenburg, the employees established a team, Örgryte Idrottsällskap and won Sweden's first ever football match.
< i > Bleeding Heart Square </ i > won Sweden's Martin Beck Award, the Golden Crowbar, in 2009.
Sweden's Carolina Klüft had won the 2003 World Championship, becoming only the third woman over 7, 000 points, with Eunice Barber, a native of Sierra Leone now representing France, placing second.
The Swedish translation of the novel ( Änglarösten ) won Sweden's Martin Beck Award for the best crime novel in translation.
The race was won by Ferrari's Argentine driver Carlos Reutemann, with Sweden's Ronnie Peterson, driving the revolutionary Ground effect Lotus 78-Ford, on pole position with a time of 1: 40. 45.
Having been named Sweden's best singer in 2000, he has also won awards for his lyrics and for the band's live performances.
In the end, it was Sweden, skipped by Anette Norberg who won her first championship, and Sweden's first since 1999, with a win in the final over the United States, skipped by Cassandra Johnson.
Sweden failed to win any of their matches at that tournament, but after scoring against Brazil, Brolin was soon signed by Italian club AC Parma for £ 1. 2 million pounds ( out of a possible 12 buyers ), and also won his first Guldbollen as Sweden's footballer of the year.
Things improved in Sweden's next game with Russia, with Brolin playing behind Martin Dahlin and the towering Kennet Andersson, as Sweden won 3 – 1.
Being one of Sweden's leading actresses and a longtime collaborator with director Ingmar Bergman, she won the Best Actress Award at the 1992 Cannes Film Festival for her role in his The Best Intentions.
In 1959, both the football team and Djurgårdens IF's hockey team won their respective Swedish Championships of Sweden's two most popular sports, a remarkable happening.
On 4th August 2012, Spirig won Gold in the Olympic Women's Triathlon, winning a close race in a photo finish with Sweden's Lisa Nordén.
He has performed for royalty, won awards for his artistic efforts and shared the stage with many of Sweden's most beloved artists.
Jönsson won Guldpucken ( Sweden's player of the year ) in 1997.
She won a best newcomer award in Sweden's Grammy awards in 1996.
In 1989, he won the Guldbollen as Sweden's Footballer of the Year.

Sweden's and 2003
* 2003: Wärtsilä Ltd is caught up in Sweden's largest ever bribery prosecution.
In 2003, they undertook a six week tour of the US, with Sweden's Sahara Hotnights and the US's The Washdown.

Sweden's and International
Ekéus later became Sweden's ambassador to the United States and the chairman of the board of the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute.
On February 7, 2006 Sweden's former deputy prime minister and Liberal party leader Per Ahlmark asserted that he had nominated Timmerman for a Nobel Peace Prize along with UN Ambassador John Bolton for " their repeated warnings and documentation of Iran's secret nuclear buildup and revealing Iran's repeated lying and false reports to the International Atomic Energy Agency.

Sweden's and Championship
The largest attendance for a World Final at Ullevi occurred in 1974 when 38, 390 turned out to see Sweden's own Anders Michanek win his only World Championship with an unbeaten 15 point maximum.
The place in the semi-final is Sweden's best result in a European Championship to date.
He has earned his two Olympic Gold medals, two World Championship Gold medals and five national gold medals and is one of Sweden's best known hockey players.

Sweden's and for
As a boy in a local school he was shy and solitary, absorbed in his fondness for nature and his visions of Sweden's ancient glory.
including the Pacific Research Institute, which has released a documentary called Not As Good As You Think: Myth of the Middle Class Schools, a movie depicting positive benefits for middle class schools resulting from Sweden's voucher programs.
However, Per Thulberg, director general of the Swedish National Agency for Education, has said that the system " has not led to better results " and in the 2000s Sweden's ranking in the PISA league tables worsened.
According to Moodysson, the problem with the original title started when the film was Sweden's candidate for the Academy Awards, though it was eventually not chosen as a nominee: the Hollywood industry magazine Variety refused to run an advertisement for a film with that title, and thus American distributor Strand Releasing asked for a new title to be chosen.
Sweden's counties are mainly administrative units, used for inhabitant figures, politics, etc.
A second football team, IFK Malmö played in Sweden's top flight for about 20 years and the club's quarterfinal in the European Cup is the club's greatest achievement in its history.
There was some excuse for her ; she had lost three babies and still felt herself an isolated foreigner in a hostile land, even more so after 1627 when her brother joined Sweden's enemies.
In 1630 Gustavus Adolphus concluded that Habsburg designs for Baltic supremacy threatened Sweden's very existence and also its religious freedom.
The term " Reichstag " also remains in use in the German language as the term for the parliaments of some foreign monarchies, such as Sweden's Riksdag and Japan's pre-war Imperial Diet.
" Robyn entered Sweden's pre-selection for Eurovision Song Contest 1997, as co-writer and producer of the song " Du gör mig hel igen ," which was performed by Cajsalisa Ejemyr.
Sweden's military forces was for over a century built upon the concepts of conscription and territorial defence, supporting the longstanding national policy of non-alignment.
His love of Sweden led Appleton to leave Dartmouth College in 1976-1977 and become the director of Elektronmusikstudion, Sweden's national center for electronic music.
Then in 1960 came arguably the first rallying superstar ( and one of the first to be paid to rally full time ), Sweden's Erik Carlsson, driving for Saab.
He has served as Sweden's Minister for Foreign Affairs since 6 October 2006.
It initiated the negotiations for Sweden's accession to the European Union ( though the work to prepare the ground, at home and versus the EEC / EU, had already started during the final year of the Social Democratic government.
He was the first Magnus to rule Sweden for any length of time, not generally regarded as a usurper or a pretender ( but third Magnus to have been proclaimed Sweden's king and ruled there ).
Later the same year, the government announced proposals for far-reaching cutbacks in Sweden's military spending.
In a December 2011 interview for Channel 1 with Sweden's public service broadcaster Sveriges Television, Silvia called media's handling of the information about her father " character assassination ".
Planning of the Lillehamer bid started in 1981, following Falun, Sweden's failed bid for the 1988 Winter Olympics.
Peter the Great would opt for Samson, springing the jaws of Sweden's heraldic lion.
As Griffenfeldt predicted, Sweden's stronger ally France was the party that dictated the peace with Denmark's ally Holland, and in spite of Danish victory at sea in the battles against Sweden in 1675 – 1679 during the Scanian War, Danish hopes for border changes on the Scandinavian Peninsula between the two countries were dashed.
BESK ( Binär Elektronisk SekvensKalkylator, Swedish for " Binary Electronic Sequence Calculator ") was Sweden's first electronic computer, using vacuum tubes instead of relays.

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