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Tal and Cohen
In the elections One Nation won three seats, taken by Peretz, Ilana Cohen and David Tal.

Tal and called
The Scy ' ar Tal were originally called the M ' Kraan.
In Gujarat, known as Gôḷ ( ગ ો ળ ), during Makara Sankranti, a similar preparation called Tal na Ladu or Tal Sankli is made.
The Scy ' ar Tal were originally called the M ' Kraan.
This led to Dresden and the surrounding area being called " Tal der Ahnungslosen " (" The Valley of the Clueless "), because its citizens only had access to the propaganda of East Germany.
Kamikaze ( 1982 ) puts together a number of previously unreleased songs ( one gem is an early song he composed in 1965 called " Barro Tal Vez ").
Noted for his risky, almost paradoxical play ; he is frequently called a student of Mikhail Tal.
In Aichholzhof is the biggest school complex, called " Bildungszentrum Weissach im Tal, with all three types of schools after the elementary school ( Hauptschule, Realschule and Gymnasium ) around a radius of about 30 km (~ 16, 6 nm ).
Then King Vikramaditya came to Garhbeta and devoted himself to meditation on the corpses ( Sabsadhana ). Being pleased with him the goddess Sarbamangala blessed him with the power to dominate over Tal Betal, so called supernatural figures.
The valley formed of the Sulm and its tributaries is called Weinsberger Tal.

Tal and Human
Alders is invited inside and sees a ceremony in which a baby born to two N ' Tal is displayed — fully Human in both body and mind.
The N ' Tal, knowing that their current Human life will be their last, will leave only more Humans behind as they age and die.

Tal and good
The position that " Christian theological anti-Judaism is a phenomenon distinct from modern antisemitism, which is rooted in economic and racial thought, so that Christian teachings should not be held responsible for antisemitism " has been articulated, among other places, by Pope John Paul II in ' We Re member: A Reflection on the Shoah ,' and the Jewish declaration on Christianity, Dabru Emet .. Several scholars, including Susannah Heschel, Gavin I Langmuir and Uriel Tal the General Synod has affirmed that " the good news of salvation in Jesus Christ is for all and must be shared with all including people from other faiths or of no faith and that to do anything else would be to institutionalize discrimination ".
Kramnik had exceptionally good results in 2009, winning once again in Dortmund and then winning the Category 21 ( average Elo = 2763 ) Tal Memorial in Moscow with 6 / 9 and a 2883 performance rating ahead of world champion Anand, Vassily Ivanchuk, Magnus Carlsen, Levon Aronian, Boris Gelfand, former FIDE world champion Ruslan Ponomariov, Peter Leko, Peter Svidler and Alexander Morozevich.
He did, however, achieve other good results in international competition ; at Debrecen in 1970 ( 1st = with Bilek ), at Sukhumi 1972 ( 2nd after Tal ), at Vilnius 1975 ( 1st =), at Portorož 1977 ( 2nd = with Hort, after Larsen ) and at Kiev 1978 ( 2nd =).
Tal popularised the defence in the 1960s by winning several brilliant games with it, and Bobby Fischer occasionally adopted it, with good results, including a win in his 1972 World Championship match against Boris Spassky.

Tal and book
Steve is also the author of the award winning " The Jazz Style of Tal Farlow: The Elements of Bebop Guitar " and " The Motivic Basis for Jazz Guitar Improvisation " ( Hal Leonard Corp .) Both Rochinski and his book contributed to the reintroduction of Tal Farlow to the jazz guitar community, where Farlow remained a major figure until his death in July 1998.
After her death numerous publications, including the book Heaven Can Wait: Conversations with Bonny Hicks by Tal Ben-Shahar, featured her life and thought.

Tal and ",
In the TNG season 6 episode " Face of the Enemy ", Counselor Deanna Troi was surgically altered by a Romulan underground organization to impersonate a Tal Shiar officer Major Rakal.
In the Deep Space Nine season 6 episode " In the Pale Moonlight ", Elim Garak and Captain Sisko successfully fool the Tal Shiar into concluding that the assassination of Romulan Senator Vreenak was carried out by the Dominion.
In the 1902 spelling reform, the German spelling was changed from " Thal " and " Thaler " to " Tal " and " Taler ", which, however, did not affect the spelling of " Thaler " in the English language.
The first single, " Tal Vez ", debuted at number one on the Hot Latin Songs and stayed there for eleven weeks becoming the best performing Latin single of the year.
Fellow Soviet chess grandmaster and personal friend Mikhail Tal described Petrosian as " cowardly ", out of frustration that this eminent tactician so rarely showed the chessworld what he was capable of.
Weininger's friend Artur Gerber gave a description of Weiniger's physiognomy in " ECCE HOMO ", preface to Taschenbuch und Briefe an einen Freund ( E. P. Tal & Co., Leipzig / Vienna 1922 ):
The Russian player in the park, played by Vasek Simek, who holds up the sign " For $ 5 a photo or a game with the man who beat Tal ", was based on the real life of Israel Zilber.
' Tāla, Taal or Tal ( Sanskrit tālà, literally a " clap ", also transliterated as " tala ") is the term used in Indian classical music for the rhythmic pattern of any composition and for the entire subject of rhythm, roughly corresponding to metre in Western music, though closer conceptual equivalents are to be found in the older system of rhythmic mode and its relations with the " foot " of classical poetry, or with other Asian classical systems such as the notion of usul in the theory of Ottoman / Turkish music.
His chief works are: several poems for a poetical annual, the " Alpenblumen ", a translation of St. Chrysostom's " On the Priesthood " ( 1833 ); studies upon Oswald's treatise of Wolkenstein, which led to the discovery of a valuable manuscript containing " Titurel " and the " Nibelungenlied ", " Das Land Tirol " ( 1837-8 ); " Meran und seine Umgebung " ( 1845 ); " Die Stadt Bozen und ihre Umgebung " ( 1849 ); " Das Tal Passeier und seine Bewohner " ( 1851 ), containing an account of Andreas Hofer and the events of 1809 ; " Erhuldihistorischen Bildern und Fragmenten " ( 1841 ); " Lieder aus Tirol " ( 1842 ), a selection of his poems ; " Blüten heiliger Liebe und Andacht.
His first album, Tal Bachman, featured what would eventually become its hit single, " She ’ s So High ", which reached No. 1 on three different radio formats in Canada.
* Altenmüller, Hartwig, " Zweiter Vorbericht über die Arbeiten des Archäologischen Instituts der Universität Hamburg am Grab des Bay ( KV 13 ) im Tal der Könige von Theben ", SAK 19 ( 1992 ), 15-36.
Constable Odo explains that the Obsidian Order is " the ever-vigilant eyes and ears of the Cardassian Empire ", an intelligence service more ruthless than the Romulan Tal Shiar.
*" From Tal Brody to European Champions: Early Americanization and the " Golden Age " of Israeli Basketball, 1965 – 1979 ", Yair Galily and Michael Bar-Eli, Journal of Sport History, 2005

Tal and praising
Just several months later Riga-based chess grandmaster Mikhail Tal was heard praising the author of " Bolshoy Karetny " and Anna Akhmatova ( in a conversation with Joseph Brodsky ) was quoting Vysotsky's number " I was the soul of a bad company ..." taking it apparently for some brilliant piece of anonymous street folklore.

Tal and further
He traveled to the lakes Mansarovar and Rakas Tal and then further to Gartok and Ladakh.
Riker is ordered to facilitate peaceful talks between the leading factions, but his mission is placed in jeopardy by the remnants of the Tal Shiar, the feared Romulan intelligence service, who seek to further their own interests.
The Mahananda divides the district into two regions — the eastern region, consisting mainly of old alluvial and relatively infertile soil is commonly known as Barind ( Borendrovomee ), and the western region, which is further subdivided by the river Kalindri into two areas, the northern area is known as " Tal.

Tal and deeper
Vulcan and Gladiator attack the leader of the Scy ' ar Tal and are easily defeated, whereupon they retreat deeper into Shi ' ar space.
Vulcan and Gladiator ( still the praetor of his Imperial Guard ) attack the leader of the Scy ' ar Tal and are easily defeated, whereupon they retreat deeper into Shi ' ar space.

Tal and Philip
The show was hosted by Julie Andrews and the all-star cast performing these numbers included Tal Landsman, Liz Robertson, Jonathan Pryce, John Barrowman, Ellen Greene, Julian Lloyd Webber, Bernadette Peters, Russ Abbot, Sonia Swaby, David Campbell, Maria Friedman, Lea Salonga, Lisa Vroman, Colm Wilkinson, Michael Ball, Julia McKenzie, Hugh Jackman, Joanna Riding, Millicent Martin, David Kernan, Ruthie Henshall, Judi Dench, Tom Lehrer, Hal Fowler, Elaine Paige, Philip Quast, Adam Searles, Tee Jaye Jenkins, Trent Kendall, Monroe Kent III, Jason Pennycooke, Richard D. Sharp and Feruma Williams among others.

Tal and .
Tal Smith returned to the Astros from the New York Yankees to find a team that needed a lot of work and did not have a lot of money.
Josef Tal wrote Concerto for harpsichord & electronic music ( 1964 ) and Chamber Music ( 1982 ) for s-recorder, marimba & harpsichord.
It was during this time that former World Champion Mikhail Tal said Polgár had the potential to win the men's World Championship.
In the hands of Kenny Burrell, Herb Ellis, Barney Kessel, Jimmy Raney, and Tal Farlow, who had absorbed the language of bebop, the guitar began to be seen as a “ serious ” jazz instrument.
Chord-melody is often played with a plectrum ( see Tal Farlow, George Benson and others ); whereas fingerstyle, as practised by Joe Pass, George van Eps, Ted Greene, Lenny Breau or hybrid picking as practised by Ed Bickert and others allows for a more complex, polyphonic approach to unaccompanied soloing.
Note the roofless and pockmarked Altes Rathaus looking up the Tal.
In Spanish, the words fulano, mengano and zutano are commonly used, often followed by de tal mocking a lastname in Spanish form ( i. e. Fulano de Tal ).
" There is a Tal Faran (" Hill of Faran ") on the outskirts of Mecca.
* 1936 – Mikhail Tal, Latvian chess player ( d. 1992 )
Security Chief Odo of Deep Space Nine remarked that it was one of the most brutally efficient organizations in the galaxy, being even more ruthless than the Romulan Tal Shiar.
In 2371, under the leadership of Tain who believed that the Central Command was being too complacent about the threat of the Dominion, the Obsidian Order and their Romulan equivalent, the Tal Shiar, allied in an attempt to destroy the Dominion.
The Founders soon learned of the plan, via a Changeling who impersonated Colonel Lovok of the Tal Shiar, and saw it as an opportunity to eliminate the two dangerous organizations.
The disastrous results of this attack crippled the Tal Shiar but more importantly ( and perhaps through fear that the Order had clearly become too independent ) it led to the downfall of the Order.
The Cardassian Obsidian Order kept a fleet of Keldon class starships which were used in conjunction with the Romulan Tal Shiar during the sneak attack in the Omarion Nebula.
Only the Praetor, who heads the Committee, is guaranteed a seat ; others, even the chairman of the Tal Shiar, must compete to be allowed in.
It's possible that army-specific ranks are reserved for the Tal Shiar.
Other senior officer ranks, such as major, colonel and general, are army-style and may often be reserved for members of the Tal Shiar.
The two Romulan generals mentioned in Star Trek canon may or may not have been Tal Shiar operatives.
However, it is possible that the unnamed Romulan general officer who rescued Tasha Yar and fathered Sela ( TNG's " Redemption Part II ") was with the Tal Shiar: without official canon sources, these remain purely conjectural.
The Tal Shiar is a Romulan intelligence organization.
The name is an homage to the Tal Shaya, a Vulcan method of execution from the original Star Trek series where the neck is broken with a swift stroke for a quick and merciful death.
Prior to the Dominion War, the Tal Shiar and the Cardassian Obsidian Order secretly worked together to launch a pre-emptive strike on the Founder homeworld.

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