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Tank and development
The design was based on the A7 ( which had started development in 1929 ) rather than on the Infantry Tank Mk I, which was a two-man tank with a single machine gun for armament.
The first flight was in July 1937 after just under one year of development with Tank at the controls.
Tank development took time, and so the sudden appearance of a new tank threat could not be met quickly enough under such rigid criteria.
The Light Tank ( Airborne ) M22, also known as the Locust, began development in late 1941 in response to a request by the British military earlier in the year for an airmobile light tank which could be transported onto a battlefield by glider.
* Overseas Development Institute — Independent UK Think Tank focusing on a wide range of development issues
In separate development were tank designs using the 17 pdr-this would lead to the Cruiser Tank, Challenger a derivative of the Cromwell and the Sherman Firefly conversion of Sherman tanks.
The Think Tank structure of the Harlequin can also be recognized via the development of a flexible and modular memory management system, the Memory Pool System ( MPS ).
The PKT ( ПК Танковый, " PK Tank ") is a further development of the PK to replace the SGMT Goryunov vehicle-mounted machine gun.
* Introduced as " The Jay Leno Tank Car " on Gran Turismo 4, it ended up in the game " by accident " when the game development team visited Jay's garage for some engine noises.
Tank, Infantry, Black Prince ( A43 ) was the name assigned to an experimental development of the Churchill tank with a larger, wider hull and a QF 17-pounder ( 76 mm ) gun.
The armour piercing hardened steel cored 13. 2 x 92mm (. 525-inch ) semi-rimmed cartridge, often simply called " 13 mm ", was originally planned for a new, heavy Maxim MG. 18 water-cooled machine gun, the Tank und Flieger ( TuF ) meaning for use against " tank and aircraft ", which was under development and to be fielded in 1919.
This development, largely under the influence of Heinz Guderian's Achtung – Panzer !, was facilitated by the fact that for political reasons a Tank Arm had been formed, the Panzertruppe or Panzerwaffe, distinct from the Infantry and Cavalry.
At the end of 1970, the Type 122 Experimental Medium Tank project was aborted after three years of development.
After having made plans for the continued development of the Mark I into the Mark IV, the Tank Supply Committee ( the institute planning and controlling British tank production ) in December 1916 ordered the design of two new types: the Mark V and the Mark VI.
The design was seen to have potential and served as the basis for the development of a larger armoured car-a " Light Tank ( Wheeled )".
His company was responsible for the development of the Nylon Tank Suit in 1948, a marked improvement over the wool and cotton suits available at the time.
In developing the ULTRA AP, GTRI's scientists and engineers assembled a team of industry professionals that included GTRI employee Scott Badenoch, who is now an advanced development and racing professional ; Tom Moore, former vice president of Liberty Operations, Chrysler's advanced engineering center ; Walt Wynbelt, former program executive officer with the U. S. Army Tank Automotive and Armaments Command, and Dave McLellan, former Corvette chief engineer for General Motors.

Tank and originally
The town gradually formed around a water and coaling stop of the Memphis & Charleston Railroad and was originally known as Gurley's Tank.
The 12th Armoured Regiment ( Three Rivers Regiment ), originally mobilized by the francophone militia unit the Three Rivers Regiment ( Tank ), was reorganized and fought as an English-speaking unit.
The War Office had originally selected the Light Tank Mark VII Tetrarch light tank for use by the airborne forces, but it had not been designed with that exact purpose in mind so the War Office believed that a purpose-built tank would be required to replace it.
* Tank Girl Book 1 consists of the first 15 episodes, originally published in Deadline Magazine, starting Sept. ' 88, all originally in black and white.
Gullane Entertainment ( originally The Britt Allcroft Company ) was a British television production company which produced children's programming, including Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends, Shining Time Station, and Magic Adventures of Mumfie.
* No. 1 Army Tank Brigade Sub-Park – originally a part of 1st Canadian Armoured Brigade, joined in 1943.
* 1st Tank Brigade Workshop – originally a part of 1st Canadian Armoured Brigade, joined in 1943.
Though the formation was originally known as 1st Tank Brigade the name was changed to 1st Canadian Armoured Brigade later on.
The town also featured on Series 1, Episode 3 of hit BBC comedy Gary: Tank Commander, during which " The General " wanted to trace the footsteps of his ancestors, the MacBadgers, who had originally hailed from the town.
Until 1810 George Street was generally referred to as High Street in the English custom, although the northern part of the thoroughfare was also sometimes referred to as " Sergeant Major's Row " and, earlier, as " Spring Row " ( since water carriers had originally established the route as a link between the Tank Stream, the Military encampment and the hospital ).
The FV 221 may originally have been intended to be the " Main Battle Tank " member of the FV 201 series, but with the success of the A41 Centurion such a vehicle was no longer required.
Based on an image found at http :// www. globalsecurity. org / military / library / policy / army / fm / 17-15 / chp4. htm, originally from US Army FM 17-15 Tank Platoon, Chapter 4 ( Defensive Operations ), labelled " Distribution Restriction: Approved for public release ; distribution unlimited ".
Kings Park ( also known for sponsorship reasons as Mr Price Kings Park Stadium, previously also known as the ABSA Stadium, and also commercially promoted as The Shark Tank ), is a stadium in the Kings Park Sporting Precinct in Durban, South Africa, which was originally built in 1891 and extensively renovated in the 1990s.
One Coal Tank number BR 58926, ex-LMS 7799, originally LNWR 1054, has survived in preservation on the Keighley and Worth Valley Railway, normally carrying its LNWR livery and number.

Tank and conducted
The initial attack was to be conducted by Konev ’ s own 2nd Ukrainian Front from the southeast by 53rd Army and 4th Guards Army, with 5th Guards Tank Army to exploit penetrations supported by 5th Air Army, to be joined in progress by 52nd Army, 5th Guards Cavalry Corps and 2nd Tank Army.
The 2009 Global Go To Think Tank Rankings, a global survey of hundreds of scholars and experts conducted by the University of Pennsylvania, named the Pew Center on Global Climate Change as the world's " top environmental think tank.

Tank and by
At first light on 11 July, the Australian 2 / 24th Battalion supported by tanks from 44th Royal Tank Regiment attacked the western end of Tel el Eisa hill ( Point 24 ).
In the early hours of 17 July, the Australian 24th Brigade — supported by 44th Royal Tank Regiment (" RTR ") and strong fighter cover from the air — assaulted Miteirya ridge ( known as " Ruin ridge " to the Australians ).
In 1991, he embarked on a serious acting career, portraying police detective Scotty Appleton in Mario Van Peebles ' feature film New Jack City, gang leader Odessa ( alongside Denzel Washington and John Lithgow ) in Ricochet ( 1991 ), gang leader King James in Trespass ( 1992 ), followed by a notable lead role performance in Surviving the Game ( 1994 ), in addition to many supporting roles, such as J-Bone in Johnny Mnemonic ( 1995 ), and the marsupial mutant T-Saint in Tank Girl ( 1995 ).
Principal US military systems currently purchased by the Kuwait Defence Forces are Patriot missile system, F-18 Hornet fighters, and the M1A2 Main Battle Tank.
* Dominion Tank Police ( 1988 ) by Takaaki Ishiyama and Kôichi Mashimo
* New Dominion Tank Police ( 1990 ) by Noboru Furuse and Junichi Sakai
By mid 1942 these corps were being grouped together into Tank Armies whose strength by the end of the war could be up to 700 tanks and 50, 000 men.
Tank columns were eventually protected by attached self-propelled anti-aircraft guns ( ZSU-23-4, Tunguska-M1 ) used in the ground role to suppress and destroy Chechen ambushes.
In 2003, he produced Crazy Beat and Gene by Gene from the Blur album Think Tank, and in 2004, Palookaville was Cook's first studio album for four years.
However, this approach to the study and assessment of think tanks has been criticised by think tank researchers such as Enrique Mendizabal and Goran Buldioski, Director of the Think Tank Fund, supported by the Open Society Institute.
image: Shravanabelagola. jpg | This photograph of Chandragiri Hill and Tank at Śravaṇa Beḷgoḷa, taken in the 1890s by an unknown photographer, is from the Curzon Collection's " Souvenir of Mysore " Album
* " Aurora ", a song by Veruca Salt from Tank Girl
Shortly after his arrival at Champlieu, the British launched what was then the largest armoured attack of the war at the Battle of Cambrai, and at the conclusion of his tour, on December 1, Patton went to Albert, from Cambrai, to be briefed on the recent attack by the chief of staff of the British Tank Corps, Colonel J. F. C. Fuller.
Think Tank, released in May 2003, was filled with atmospheric, brooding electronic sounds, featuring simpler guitar lines played by Albarn, and largely relying on other instruments to replace Coxon.
The guitarist's absence also meant that Think Tank was almost entirely written by Albarn.
According to a French documentary TV film " Tank on the Moon " by Jean Afanassieff, the Lunokhod design returned to limelight 15 years later due to the Chernobyl nuclear power plant disaster on April 26, 1986.
The uses of these islands vary: Davids ' Island, the former location of the U. S. Army ’ s Fort Slocum, is currently unoccupied but is slated for use as passive parkland ; Glen Island is a County park for passive and active recreation ; Huckleberry Island is largely undeveloped and has one of the largest rookeries for some shore bird species in western Long Island Sound ; Columbia Island was the former site of CBS television broadcast antennas and is currently unoccupied ; Echo Island is used by a private yacht club ; Execution Rocks is the site of a 19th century lighthouse listed on the National Register of Historic Places ; Pea Island is owned by Huguenot Yacht Club but remains undeveloped ; Goose Island is undeveloped ; Clifford, Harrison and Tank Islands are part of a nature preserve and city park ; and Oak and Pine Islands are used as private residences.
Philanthropic health services are provided by Hope Clinic Lukuli situated between Tank Hill, Makindye and Konge.
Their landings were to be supported by the tanks of the 743rd Tank Battalion ; two companies swimming ashore in amphibious DD tanks and the remaining company landing directly onto the beach from assault craft.
Their tank support was to be provided by the 741st Tank Battalion, again two companies swimming ashore and the third landed conventionally.
The RAC was created on 4 April 1939, just before World War II started, by combining the cavalry wing ( cavalry units that had mechanised ) with the Royal Tank Corps ( which was thereupon renamed the Royal Tank Regiment within the new corps ).

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