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Television and ratings
Earlier in 1961, a Television Audience Measurement ( TAM ) showed that 75 % of available viewers ( 15 million ) tuned into Corrie and by 1964 the programme had over 20 million regular viewers, with ratings peaking on 2 December 1964, at 21. 36 million viewers.
ITV was accused of engineering this in order to damage the final episode's expected high ratings, but was later cleared by the Independent Television Commission.
The series premiered on National Educational Television ( NET ) stations on November 10, 1969 to positive reviews, some controversy, and high ratings.
The network's desire to produce more of its own shows at its new studios at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida, coupled with the poor ratings, caused production of You Can't Do That on Television to officially end in 1990 after only five episodes were made ( tying 1990 with 1987 as the shortest season of the series ).
The network would continue to have an association with Paramount Television in the 1970s, however — many of its television programs would come from Paramount, and most of the shows would bring ABC great success in the ratings.
Bishop Fulton J. Sheen's devotional program Life Is Worth Living went up against Milton Berle in many cities, and was the first show to compete successfully in the ratings against " Mr. Television ".
According to Japan's Weekly The Television magazine, the viewer ratings of Zeta Gundam averaged 6. 6 % and peaked at 11. 7 % during its original run.
Much like its competitor UPN, the WB Television Network was a reaction primarily to new FCC deregulation of media ownership rules that repealed fin-syn, and partly to the success of the upstart Fox and first-run syndicated programming during the late 1980s and early 1990s such as Baywatch, Star Trek: The Next Generation and War of the Worlds, as well as the erosion in ratings suffered by independent television stations due to the growth of cable television and movie rentals.
The Naked Civil Servant won a British Academy Television Award ( BAFTA ) for its star John Hurt as well as a Broadcasting Press Guild Award and a prize at the Prix Italia ; Rock Follies won a BAFTA and a Royal Television Society Award, while Widows also gained BAFTA nominations and ratings of over 12 million — unusually for a drama serial, it picked up viewers over the course of its six-week run.
Another example is The CW Television Network show, CW Now, which received two 0. 0 ratings in the same season.
* Television show A Millon obtains the biggest ratings in Puerto Rican television history.
The show got very high TRPs for Sony Entertainment Television and according to reports, the show helped Sony TV regain its third position in the Indian television ratings.
* 2008 — ANT1 Group sold the Bulgarian Nova Television station to Swedish-based Modern Times Group for € 620 million, thus securing a crucial line of credit for its distressed core business that experienced fallen ratings in the 2007 — 2008 season.
The BBC Television Service ( renamed " BBC tv " in 1960 ) showed popular programming, including drama, comedies, documentaries, game shows, and soap operas, covering a wide range of genres and regularly competed with ITV to become the channel with the highest ratings for that week.
The series brought in fairly good ratings for the CBC and it was expected the show would be renewed for a second season ; however, the show was cancelled after the Canadian Television Fund's budget was cut by the federal government and CBC could only afford to keep its more popular shows, like Royal Canadian Air Farce, on the air.
* Sesame Park, a Canadian spin-off of the American show Sesame Street, is cancelled due to low ratings, after more than three decades of airing on CBC Television.
At first the station struggled financially, due to disappointing ratings in the countries in which it was officially available, which in turn led to insufficient advertising revenue and increasing difficulty in covering the high transmission costs, and by the second half of 1983, the station's ex-ITV management realised that they " could not capture Europe on the budget of Border Television ", and put up the majority of the station's shares ( approximately 65 %, subsequently increased to 82 %) for sale.
Television channels use their own discretion to decide the ratings.
In 1958, near the start of the BBC / ITV ratings wars, he rejoined the BBC as Head of Television Light Entertainment.
However Thames Television had a ratings winner ( as well as excellent overseas sales ) and insisted he continue the programme, albeit in smaller seasons from now on.
Television ratings for game seven soared as one of the highest watched in NBC's history for a non-finals game.
The second ratings survey of 2006 placed WIN Television with a 34. 7 % commercial audience share in prime time, compared to the Golden West Network with 65. 3 %.
CKVU started broadcasting a VHF signal on channel 10 on February 13, 1985, which improved the station's coverage and ratings ( channel 10 was originally reserved for a proposed CBC Television station in Victoria, but that station never went on the air due to lack of funds, clearing the way for CKVU to switch its channel position ).

Television and for
Licenses for TV and radio broadcasters are issued by the Republican Commission on Television and Radio Broadcasting, the chair of which is the minister of information.
In a list of the 100 Greatest British Television Programmes, drawn up by the British Film Institute in 2000 and voted for by industry professionals, Blackadder Goes Forth placed 16th.
On 22 February 2006, the channel was named News Channel of the Year at the Royal Television Society Television Journalism Awards for the first time in its history.
KQED Public Television and Granada Television for PBS, Granada International and the BBC
Television programs like 24, in which actors have to appear as if it is the same day for 24 consecutive episodes, have raised public recognition of continuity.
It was produced by Charles / Burrows / Charles Productions, in association with Paramount Network Television for NBC, and was created by the team of James Burrows, Glen Charles, and Les Charles.
Elsie and Frances were interviewed by journalist Austin Mitchell in September 1976, for a programme broadcast on Yorkshire Television.
It originally stood for Community Access Television or Community Antenna Television, from cable television's origins in 1948: in areas where over-the-air reception was limited by distance from transmitters or mountainous terrain, large " community antennas " were constructed, and cable was run from them to individual homes.
In 2010, she was awarded the Screen Actors Guild Award and the Golden Globe Award for Best Actress in a Miniseries or Television Film for her portrayal of Little Edie in Grey Gardens.
Disco hit the television airwaves with Soul Train in 1971 hosted by Don Cornelius, then Marty Angelo's Disco Step-by-Step Television Show in 1975, Steve Marcus ' Disco Magic / Disco 77, Eddie Rivera's Soap Factory and Merv Griffin's Dance Fever, hosted by Deney Terrio, who is credited with teaching actor John Travolta to dance for his upcoming role in the hit movie Saturday Night Fever.
Advanced Television System Committee ( ATSC ) uses eight-level vestigial sideband ( 8 VSB ) for terrestrial broadcasting.
He has since been nominated for four Academy Awards and won a Grammy Award for Best Instrumental Composition Written for a Motion Picture, Television or Other Visual Media for Tim Burton's Batman and an Emmy Award for his Desperate Housewives theme.
Television executives had been pursuing Ball to adapt her very popular radio series My Favorite Husband for television.
When Ball sold her share of Desilu to what became Paramount Television, Arnaz went on to form his own production company from the ashes of his share of Desilu, and with the newly formed Desi Arnaz Productions, he made The Mothers-In-Law ( at Desilu ) for United Artists Television and NBC, this ran for two seasons from 1967-68.

Television and Super
( from Disney-ABC Domestic Television ) and have added more episodes since, including the Super Millionaire spin-off from 2004.
On 23 June 2005 the original album was re-released in two forms: one in a remastered 2-disc Hybrid Multichannel Super Audio CD set ; another in a 7-disc " Collector's Edition " featuring many bonuses such as various remixes, outtakes, and the actors reading from the unabridged script as well as the seventh disc being a DVD showing the making of the album, produced by Phoenix Film & Television Productions.
On March 12, 2000, Rhino lost to Super Crazy in the finals of a tournament for the ECW World Television Championship at Living Dangerously.
* Hanna-Barbera and Ruby-Spears cartoons that are based on Happy Days, Laverne and Shirley, and Mork and Mindy are owned by CBS Television Distribution, along with The Little Rascals cartoons co-produced with King World and Harlem Globetrotters ( although WB / Turner owns The Super Globetrotters, though both Globetrotters series have been less frequently seen in recent years due to intellectual property issues ).
The Parents Television Council has frequently criticized the appeal because they have claimed hypocrisy in CBS's immediate apology in the days following the Super Bowl.
is an American / Japanese Super robot animated series created in a joint collaboration of TMS Entertainment and Intermedia Entertainment in association with MGM / UA Television.
Its first equipment consisted of an RCA Victor TT10AL Television Transmitter and a 196 foot 6-section Super Turnstile Type TF-6AM Television Antenna, located atop the station's roof.
It previously held the free-to-air rights to New Zealand cricket tests and one day internationals from 1999 to 2004, All Blacks rugby tests, Super 12 and the National Provincial Championship from 2000 to 2005 as well as the NRL from 1998 to 2002, but lost these when Sky Network Television bought Prime Television, TV3 also had a weekly sports show and became broadcaster for the Wellington 500.
In Latin America, the show appeared on Rede Globo and, later, TV Record in Brazil and was called " Super Vicky ", VTV ( Venezolana de Television ) in Venezuela between 1987 and 1990, Canal 13 in Argentina, and Frecuencia Latina in Peru, where it was called La pequeña maravilla.
Super Express published also photos of Polish Television ( TVP ) war-correspondent Waldemar Milewicz's body after he was killed by the Iraqi insurgents.
Some time later, Rickin Sanchez ( and his production company R & F Television ) left the production of " Super Estrellas " due to some disagreements with the ownership of WWC after these events Hugo Savinovich became the main host of the programs.
" Beginning in 2001, ABC changed the tagline to " ABC Sports-Championship Television ," in regards to ABC's sports lineup ( which included the BCS championship, the MLS Cup final, the Stanley Cup Finals, rights to Super Bowl coverage, and would later include the NBA Finals ).
In 1987 he got his own variety show named Super Dave, which ran from 1987 to 1991 on the Global Television Network in Canada ( where the show was produced at the network's Toronto studio ) and Showtime in the U. S ..
Following the television series ' success, Wilson adapted McDade's scripts as: Television Adventures of Super Gran, More Television Adventures of Super Gran, and Super Gran to the Rescue.
* Super Crazy defeated Rhino ( with Steve Corino and Jack Victory ) to win the vacant ECW World Television Championship ( 7: 56 )
Several songs from Another Sunny Afternoon were featured in major motion pictures and TV shows, including " Come On Let's Go " in The Extreme Adventures of Super Dave, " You're the Greatest " on Fox Television Network's Clueless sitcom, " My Jeannette " in the Disney film My Date With The Presidents Daughter and " Hey Louise " in the Disney film Alley Cat Strike.

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