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Tensions and between
Tensions between Serbia and Austria eventually drew in the other European powers and escalated into a world war.
Tensions between the superpowers increased during this time, when Carter placed trade embargoes on the Soviet Union and stated that the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan was " the most serious threat to the peace since the Second World War.
Tensions had risen between the two nations after the 1796 ratification of the Jay Treaty, made between the US and Great Britain was seen by French leaders as signs of an Anglo-American alliance, and France had stepped up seizures of American ships.
Tensions between Georgia and separatist authorities in Ajaria increased after the elections, climaxing on May 1, 2004 when Abashidze responded to military maneuvers held by Georgia near the region by having the three bridges connecting Ajaria and the rest of Georgia over the Choloki River blown up.
" Tensions seemingly calmed with President Sanha saying the coup attempt was " a confusion between soldiers that reached the government ;" and the UN Secretary General spoke about the PM's " detention and subsequent release.
Tensions between the British-backed Papandreou and EAM, especially over the issue of disarmament of the various armed groups, led to the resignation of the latter's ministers from the government.
Tensions between John and the barons had been growing for several years, as demonstrated by the 1212 plot against the king.
Tensions between Louis and the English barons began to increase, prompting a wave of desertions, including William Marshal's son William and William Longespée, who both returned to John's faction.
Tensions exist between the two countries due to border disputes and the presence of over 270, 000 Burmese Muslim refugees ( known as Rohingya ) in Bangladesh, however.
Tensions between the Western Allies and the communist Eastern allies accelerated after the end of World War II, resulting in the Cold War between the Soviet-led communist East and the American-led capitalist West.
Tensions erupted between the PRC and the Soviet Union over a number of issues, including border disputes, resulting in the Sino-Soviet Split in the 1960s.
Tensions between royal authorities and settlers came to a head in 1720 over the status of the Jesuits, whose efforts to organize the Indians had denied the settlers easy access to Indian labor.
In the article “ Tensions in Proverbs: More Light on International Understanding ,” Joseph Raymond comments on what common Russian proverbs from the 18th and 19th centuries portray: Potent antiauthoritarian proverbs reflected tensions between the Russian people and the Czar.
Tensions rose between band members, and, at the end of the year, the Pixies went on sabbatical and focused on separate projects.
Tensions between Gregory and the imperial court began around 722, when emperor Leo III attempted to raise taxes on the papal patrimonies in Italy, draining the Papacy ’ s monetary reserves.
Tensions varied between the two Koreas thereafter, with cycle of small military skirmishes and apologies.
Tensions between Israel and Syria increased as the Intifada dragged on, primarily as a result of Syria's refusal to stop giving sanctuary to Palestinian militant groups conducting operations against Israel.
Tensions between New York City police and gay residents of Greenwich Village erupted into more protests the next evening, and again several nights later.
Tensions between priests and Amerindians led to the Arena Massacre of 1699, wherein the Amerindians murdered the priests.
Tensions and the geographic differences between the working and ruling classes led to Bacon's Rebellion in 1676, by which time current and former indentured servants made up as much as 80 % of the population.
Tensions between members during the recording of 666 eventually caused the split of the band in 1971, but the album was still released in 1972.
Tensions sometimes ran high between the settlers and the " Vandemonians " as they were termed, particularly during the Victorian gold rush when a flood of settlers from Van Diemen's Land rushed to the Victorian gold fields.
* August 28 – 30 – Philadelphia 1964 race riot: Tensions between African American residents and police lead to 341 injuries and 774 arrests.

Tensions and two
Tensions mounted between the two bandoneónists until, in 1944, Piazzolla announced his intention to leave Troilo and join the orchestra of the tango singer and bandoneónist Francisco Fiorentino.
Tensions remained in both North America and Europe, and were reignited with the 1754 outbreak of the French and Indian War in North America, which spread to Europe two years later as the Seven Years ' War.
Tensions between the opposing empires that extended across a wide range of religious, cultural and political conflicts, led to the outbreak of hostilities in the 19th century and eventually yielded the Second Treaty of Erzurum between the two parties, in 1847, after protracted negotiations, which included British and Russian delegates.
Tensions arose in Córdoba between Christians and conversos, where they formed two hostile parties.
Tensions run high between the two women when Linda is also attracted to Marswell.
Tensions soon developed among different Greek factions, leading to two consecutive civil wars.
Tensions between many leading Scottish members, including Alan McCombes and Catriona Grant, and the UK leadership led to a split within the CWI into two separate platforms.
Tensions were high between the two companies, and the different stakeholders fought it out in the press.
Tensions between Algeria and Morocco over Western Sahara re-emerged strongly, reinforced by the unsolved borderline issue between the two countries.
Tensions escalated into 1989 when two notable protests occurred.
Tensions finally came to a head on June 20, 1856, when two Strangite malcontents shot their " king " in the back, leading to his death three weeks later.
Tensions are high between the two as a result of stress.
Tensions between the two factions were evident as far back as 1928, with one side frequently hijacking the other's alcohol trucks ( alcohol production was then illegal in the United States due to Prohibition ).
Tensions between the Irgun and Lehi simmered until the two groups forged an alliance during the Israeli War of Independence.
" Tensions escalate between the two camps, resulting in the murder of Tunstall.
Tensions between the two teams would continue to rise, reaching a breaking point the next season.
Tensions between the two factions continued to grow, until Peter I turned 17 years of age, his Naryshkin relatives demanded Sophia to step down.
Tensions between the two men became unbearable and De With left his ship, and thus the navy, in the middle of the campaign.
Tensions even led to violence when a battle between the two groups broke out on the banks of the Blue River ( Missouri ).
Tensions soon rose between the two due to Aubame's refusal to merge his party with M ' ba's and create a single-party state.
Tensions between the two sides often existed and conflicts and disputes were often solved by the bishop or the French consul taking the matters directly to senior officials in the province or Peking.

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