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Tensions and rose
Tensions rose between band members, and, at the end of the year, the Pixies went on sabbatical and focused on separate projects.
Tensions rose in the power struggle over control of the government and the army and over the relationship between the army and the Baganda people.
Tensions quickly rose to civil unrest when Florus plundered the treasury of the Temple of Jerusalem under the guise of imperial taxes.
Tensions rose in November 1323 after the construction of a bastide, a type of fortified town, in Saint-Sardos, part of the Agenais, by a French vassal.
Tensions rose markedly after Christopher Seider, " a young lad about eleven Years of Age ", was killed by a customs employee on February 22, 1770.
Tensions between the Yugoslav ( Slovene ) and Italian resistance movements rose.
Tensions rose, skirmishes began to break out and King John became increasingly keen for his Royalist guests to leave.
Tensions rose when a French-speaking social geographer suggested in a televised lecture that an objective case could be made for changing the administrative status of the city of Leuven, to include it in a larger, bilingual ' Greater-Brussels '.
Tensions between Catholics and Protestants rose to a fever pitch which resulted in the Count's Feud ( Grevens Fejde ) upon Frederick's death.
Tensions rose, however, after an abortive attempt to establish the independent nation of Fredonia in 1826.
Tensions rose considerably in the city of Kosovska Mitrovica after the Kosovo declared independence on 17 February 2008.
Tensions eventually rose to the point where this arrangement could no longer be maintained, and on January 1, 1854 several new municipalities were formed, leaving only Kinloss Township and Bruce Township in union with Kincardine.
Tensions rose between Kricfalusi and ABC over the tone of the show, leading to an uncomfortable atmosphere for the show's crew.
Tensions rose as Patel ’ s opponents, B. D.
Tensions rose after Christopher Seider, a Boston teenager, was killed by a customs employee on 22 February 1770.
Tensions rose before the revolution, as many of his neighbors took Loyalist positions.
Tensions between Nez Perce and white settlers rose in 1876 and 1877.
Tensions rose further on March 15 when Beijing announced a simulated amphibious assault planned for March 18 – 25.
Tensions rose in 1879 after the accession of Austrian minister-president Eduard Taaffe, whose monarchist politics Schönerer and his followers considered " anti-German ".
Tensions rose in Clay County as the Mormon population grew.
Tensions rose between Headon and his fellow band members due to his addiction, and he left the band on 10 May 1982, at the beginning of the Combat Rock tour.
Tensions rose when the Associate Special Agent in Charge of Division Bill Buchanan and Almeida's former wife, Michelle Dessler, took active command of CTU Los Angeles when incumbent Special Agent in Charge Erin Driscoll left for personal reasons.
Tensions soon rose between the two due to Aubame's refusal to merge his party with M ' ba's and create a single-party state.
Tensions rose when a new constitution was unanimously adopted, on 21 February 1961, providing for a " hyperprésidentiel " regime.
Several lawsuits were planned by residents against the owner and on July 11, 2006, the town went to court against the dump for a compensation of over $ 55, 000 for the fire and cover costs for the evacuation process and firefighters salary Tensions rose once more when the owner, Gilles Proulx, launched a $ 750, 000 lawsuit against a local couple.

Tensions and Texas
Tensions between him and player-manager Frank Robinson led to Perry's trade to Texas in June 1975.
Tensions erupted in June 1832, when Texas residents systematically expelled all Mexican troops from eastern Texas.

Tensions and during
Tensions between the superpowers increased during this time, when Carter placed trade embargoes on the Soviet Union and stated that the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan was " the most serious threat to the peace since the Second World War.
Tensions between members during the recording of 666 eventually caused the split of the band in 1971, but the album was still released in 1972.
Tensions sometimes ran high between the settlers and the " Vandemonians " as they were termed, particularly during the Victorian gold rush when a flood of settlers from Van Diemen's Land rushed to the Victorian gold fields.
Tensions began to develop between Brennan and Ahmed ; during the production of Big Money Hustlas, the duo were unable to get along with each other, and Ahmed only appeared in a cameo.
Tensions grew worse during the recording of the album when Butler criticised Anderson in a rare interview, claiming that he worked too slowly and that he was too concerned with rock stardom.
Tensions flared during the final league match, where Palmeiras ' opponent was the São Paulo Futebol Clube ( SPFC ) which was laying claim to the assets of the former Palestra Italia.
Tensions increased in 1874 during the Second Ashanti War ( 1873 – 1874 ) when the British sacked the Ashanti capital of Kumasi.
Tensions between the royal family and the Ranas came to a head during World War I.
Tensions with Egypt had escalated earlier in 1956 when pro-western President Camille Chamoun, a Christian, did not break diplomatic relations with the Western powers that attacked Egypt during the Suez Crisis, angering Egyptian President Gamal Abdel Nasser.
Tensions with the native Siwanoy were high at the time, and in August 1643, Hutchinson and all but one of the 16 members of her household were massacred during an attack, the only survivor being nine-year old Susanna Hutchinson who was taken captive.
Tensions exploded when Alvarado ordered a massacre during the spring festival of Huizilopochtli.
Tensions reached an understandable high during the Berlin Airlift in 1948-49, though the success of the campaign was in large part due to the coordination carried out within the BASC.
Tensions in Massachusetts nearly erupted into violence in the fall of 1774 when redcoats seized provincial gunpowder during the so-called Powder Alarm.
Tensions were raised during the feature between Ellman, Morpurgo and host Jeremy Paxman, exemplified by this quote:
Tensions came to a head during Velvet Revolver's Glasgow show on March 20, 2008, where Weiland announced to the crowd that it was the band's last tour, unaware that the band were already planning on firing him.
Tensions between the United States and the USSR during the Cold War, revived tension between local Colombian liberals and conservatives, polarizing Colombian society.
Tensions came to a head on 13 February, when news emerged of the death in Carabanchel of the ETA militant Jose Ignacio Arregui, a victim of torture after being held incommunicado during 10 days in the General Security Directorate ( Dirección General de Seguridad ).
Tensions between the Irgun and Lehi simmered until the two groups forged an alliance during the Israeli War of Independence.
Tensions between Diamond and the rest of the celebrities culminated in an open confrontation during which Diamond initially challenged Ant to " physical combat " and subsequently issued the challenge to Harvey Walden after Walden defended Ant.
Tensions with the police peaked in June 1966, when the construction worker Jan Weggelaar died during a demonstration.
Tensions within the group arose during the Down on the Upside sessions, with Thayil and Cornell reportedly clashing over Cornell's desire to shift away from the heavy guitar riffing that had become the band's trademark.
Tensions between Zappa and several cast and crew members arose before and during shooting.
Tensions between the Communist Chinese on the mainland and the Nationalist Chinese on Taiwan dominated FEAF during the mid to late 1950s.
Tensions had arisen in the area during the Land War and the proximity of land managed by Charles Boycott.
Tensions developed within the band during the early 1980s and were attributed to a difference in musical taste between Gramm, who favoured a more hard-edged rock, as opposed to Jones ' interest in synthesisers.

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