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Terminus and now
A watchtower overlooking the Valletta Bus Terminus The Phoenicians erected a tower on the site now occupied by the city, a tower that the Greeks and Romans also used.
* Former US-10 Southern Terminus ( now M-1 )
* Former US-10 Southern Terminus ( now M-10 )
In some unspecified past, the fuel that powered Terminus became unstable and the now dead pilot had tried to jettison it while still in the time vortex.
Local trains have now started plying from Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus, Mumbai to Panvel on this network.
Terminus ( now Mackinaw Trail )
The Hornby road, now named as Dadabhai Naoroji Road ( D. N. Road ), developed into a veritable sight of colonial splendor with Crawford Market linked to the Victoria Terminus anchoring the northern end and the Flora Fountain, forming the southern end of the Mile Long Road.
from the Melbourne ( or City ) Terminus ( on the site of modern day Flinders Street Station ) to Sandridge ( now Port Melbourne ).
Australia's first steam operated railway was a Victorian broad gauge line between the Melbourne ( or City ) Terminus ( on the site of modern day Flinders Street Station ) and Sandridge ( now Port Melbourne ), constructed by the Melbourne and Hobson's Bay Railway Company and opened in September 1854.
Between 1822 and 1838, cattle from the congested fort area used to graze freely at the Camp Maidan ( now called Azad Maidan ), an open ground opposite the Victoria Terminus.
* Internal Crisis-The conservative bureaucracy of the government attempting to control the Foundation and Terminus using Religion when this is now a spent force, used by Jorane Sutt, with the result that the dominant force in Foundation Politics now becomes plutocratic, with the beginning of the Era of the Merchant Princes, Hober Mallow being the first.
It is now being a part of Erode City, going to occupy a Mofussil Bus Terminus of the City soon.
* Terminus Le Carrefour ( across the street from Carrefour Laval ) ( corner of Le Carrefour Blvd and Terry-Fox Ave )-11 routes ( including former AMT, now STL since January 1, 2008, express 902, and a new express 903 ).
To serve these newly populated areas, three new bus termini were constructed: Lam Tin MTR Bus Terminus, now commonly named Lam Tin Bus Terminus as shown on the wall painting of the terminus ; Laguna City Bus Terminus, which took up routes originally terminating at Kwun Tong Ferry ; and Kwong Tin Bus Terminus, with new routes initiated to serve exclusively Lam Tin and the area nearby.
To disambiguate the names of the termini from one another, the original Lam Tin Bus Terminus was renamed Lam Tin ( North ) Bus Terminus, and " Lam Tin Bus Terminus " now usually refers to Lam Tin MTR Bus Terminus.
The first stage opened in May 1838 and joined the London Terminus in Nine Elms with Woking Common, now Woking.
* Shields Junction with Glasgow and Paisley Joint Railway ( now shared between the Ayrshire Coast Line and the Inverclyde Line ); the City Union Line which it utilised to reach St Enoch railway station ; the Polloc and Govan Railway ; and the General Terminus and Glasgow Harbour Railway.

Terminus and having
Five hundred years after the establishment of the Foundation, the Mayor of Terminus, Harla Branno, is basking in a political glow, her policies having been vindicated by the recent successful resolution of a Seldon Crisis.
He had been due there at 3. 25 pm, having begun his journey at Broadstone Terminus in Dublin that morning.
* Mumbai ( formerly Bombay ) has two main stations: Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus ( formerly Victoria Terminus ) and Mumbai Central and many other stations having termini for some express trains: Dadar, Bandra Terminus, Churchgate and Lokmanya Tilak Terminus.
Although always slightly cowardly, with excellent instincts of self-preservation and a streak of ruthlessness, his relationship with the Doctor and Tegan improves with time ( Nyssa having departed at the end of Terminus ).
Terminus Est is described as having been one of the last works of a famous swordsmith — so in addition to its inherent utility, it is also an antique ; Agia describes it as being worth ten times the value of her shop and its inventory.

Terminus and learned
This religion was ingrained deeply enough into the mentality of the populace that the common people of the kingdoms would oppose any attack on Terminus by their leaders because it would be regarded as " sin ," and the soldiers of Anacreon rebelled when they learned what their leaders were planning.

Terminus and dragon
At the tavern, Lampie tells Terminus and Hoagie about the dragon.
Terminus makes a deal with the Gogans and convinces the superstitious locals that helping him capture the dragon will solve their problems.
As Pete and Elliott celebrate, Terminus aims a harpoon gun at the distracted dragon, but the harpoon's rope is looped around his ankle and he is sent flying through the ceiling.

Terminus and has
An inscription has been found near Ravenna reading Iuppiter Ter., indicating that Terminus is an aspect of Jupiter.
Dario Sabbatucci has emphasised the temporal affiliation of Terminus, a reminder of which is found in the rite of the regifugium.
The Abbey is also developing a relationship with the Public Theater in New York, where it has presented two new plays ; Terminus by Mark O ' Rowe and Sam Shepard's Kicking a Dead Horse.
The Metropolitan Transport Corporation has a terminus called the ' Anna Square ' terminus at the northern end of the beach, Triplicane Terminus near Kannagi statue / Pycrofts Road, Vivekananda House ( Ice House ) Terminus and Foreshore Estate terminus.
The main traffic road has been diverted through the nearby, Terminus Street.
The station was eventually rebuilt as the Victoria Terminus, named after the then reigning Queen, and has been subsequently renamed Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus ( CSTM ) after Maharashtra's and India's famed 17th century king.
Set in 50 F. E., The Encyclopedists begins on Terminus, which has no mineral resources but one region suitable for the development of large city, named Terminus City.
Salvor Hardin, as Mayor of Terminus City, is the effective ruler of the Foundation, and has been reelected as mayor continuously since his political victory over the Encyclopedia Galactica Board of Trustees.
Since, as Arkady Darell puts it, " a circle has no end ", then by tracing the disc of the galaxy around its edge, one would come back to Terminus.
His feature documentary Hotel Terminus: The Life And Times Of Klaus Barbie ( 1988 ) won an Academy Award, since then he has made a damning interview film with two senior East German Communists, November Days ( 1981 ) and a ruminative look at how journalists cover war, The Trouble We've Seen ( 1994 ).
Terminus has a very high water / land ratio, with the capital, Terminus City, situated on the planet's only truly large island ( not quite a continent ).
The station is owned by Terminus, Inc., which claims that a cure exists there, but no-one has returned from it.
Support for Terminus has long since ended.
Outmaneuvering them through, among other means, his control of the Terminus City Journal, Hardin simultaneously manages to defuse a crisis arising between the Foundation and the neighboring kingdom of Anacreon, which has seceded from the crumbling Galactic Empire.
Ka-Zar has also assisted the Avengers in their attempt to repel the space conqueror Terminus, but while they rescued many natives, they were unable to prevent the destruction of the Savage Land.
* Thiruvananthapuram ( formerly Trivandrum ) has three main stations: Trivandrum Central, Kochuveli Terminus and Nemom railway station and two minor railway stations, Thiruvananthapuram Pettah and Kazhakootam Technopark.

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