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Terms and including
Terms used to describe the motor neuron diseases can be confusing ; in the UK " motor neuron disease " ( with " neuron " sometimes spelt " neurone ") refers to both amyotrophic lateral sclerosis ( the most common form of disease ) and to the broader spectrum of motor neuron diseases including progressive muscular atrophy, primary lateral sclerosis, and progressive bulbar palsy.
* Glossary of Terms, including: terms, definition, acronyms
Hall's writings at Leicester embraced various tracts printed for private circulation ; a number of dontributions to the Eclectic Review, among which may be mentioned his articles on Foster's Essays and on Zeal without Innovation ; several sermons, including those On the Advantages of Knowledge to the Lower Classes ( 1810 ), On the Death of the Princess Charlotte ( 1817 ), and On the Death of Dr Ryland ( 1825 ); and his pamphlet on Terms of Communion, in which he advocated intercommunion with all those who acknowledged the " essentials " of Christianity.
In 2004, author Jon Ronson cited an unclassified military report titled " Non-Lethal Weapons: Terms and References " 21 acoustic weapons were listed, in various stages of development, including the Infrasound (" Very low-frequency sound which can travel long distances and easily penetrate most buildings and vehicles ... biophysical effects are projected to be: nausea, loss of bowels, disorientation, vomiting, potential internal organ damage or death may occur.
He is perhaps best known for the film adaptations of his work, especially Hud ( from the novel Horseman, Pass By ), starring Paul Newman and Patricia Neal ; the Peter Bogdanovich – directed The Last Picture Show ; James L. Brooks's Terms of Endearment, which won five Academy Awards, including Best Picture ( 1984 ); and Lonesome Dove, which became a popular television mini-series starring Tommy Lee Jones and Robert Duvall.
* Justo L. González, in Essential Theological Terms ( 2005 ), says that " theories of the apocatastasis usually involve the expectation that in the end all, including the devil, will be saved ".
Terms of service can cover a range of issues, including acceptable user behavior online, a company's marketing policies, and copyright notices.
While Robert Lamm maintains his songwriting prowess on Chicago VI ( authoring half of the album's tracks, including his response to some of Chicago's negative reviewers in " Critics ' Choice "), it is James Pankow who is responsible for the album's two hits, " Just You ' N ' Me " (# 4 ) and " Feelin ' Stronger Every Day " (# 10 ), the last of which was co-composed with Peter Cetera, who, himself landed another track on Chicago VI, the country-influenced " In Terms Of Two ".
Terms were introduced, including black holes and ' gravitational singularity '.
Ohioans loved the movies, and five Academy Award winning films were partly produced in the state, including Terms of Endearment, Traffic, The Deer Hunter, Rain Man, and Silence of the Lambs.
# data model: Terms, definitions, naming conventions, representations and one or more representations of the data elements as well as the beginning of specification of the relationships between data elements including abstractions and containers.
In response to a French request for terms of surrender, including safe passage home, Cawdor replied ; " The Superiority of the Force under my command, which is hourly increasing, must prevent my treating upon any Terms short of your surrendering your whole Force Prisoners of War.

Terms and voluntary
Terms such as diaspora and refugee describe group exile, both voluntary and forced, and government in exile describes a government of a country that has been forced to relocate and argue its legitimacy from outside that country.

Terms and were
Terms such as " stolen " were used in the context of taking children from their families – the Hon P. McGarry, a member of the Parliament of New South Wales, objected to the Aborigines Protection Amending Act 1915 which then enabled the Aborigines ' Protection Board to remove Aboriginal children from their parents without having to establish that they were in any way neglected or mistreated ; McGarry described the policy as " steal the child away from its parents ".
" Terms even more favorable to Venezuela were negotiated in 1945, after a coup brought to power a left-leaning government that included Juan Pablo Pérez Alfonzo.
Terms like ultra-large-scale integration ( ULSI ) were used.
Terms were also arbitrarily extended by police, while some practitioners had ambiguous charges levied against them, such as " disrupting social order ", " endangering national security ", or " subverting the socialist system ".
Terms such as “ Okies ” and “ Arkies ” came to be known in the 1930s as the standard terms for those who had lost everything and were struggling the most during the Great Depression.
Terms such as radman, radcniht, or radknight (" riding man ", " road man ", " riding boy ", " road boy / page ") were used.
Terms were not announced, but multiple reports have his deal for 3 years, $ 13 million.
Terms of the deal were not disclosed.
These were also joined by two torchers ( flame holders ) in the form ofTerms ’.
There were ten organisations intending to participate in the RIPE Coordinating Committee, along the lines defined by the RIPE Terms of Reference, though some still needed to make a formal decision.
A trio of albums spanning the middle part of the decade Uncertain Terms ( 1994 ), Parallax ( 1995 ) and Five ( 1996 )— were all a consistent evolution of the sound he had adopted on Introspection.
Terms were discussed with the local qadi.
Those statements were not often easy to interpret, unlike Kekkonen's blunt and sometimes harsh statements ( see, for example, " The Republic's President 1956-1982 "/ Tasavallan presidentti 1956-1982, published in Finland in 1993-94 ; " The Republic's President 1982-1994 "/ Tasavallan presidentti 1982-1994, published in Finland in 1993-94 ; Mauno Koivisto, " Two Terms I: Memories and Notes, 1982-1994 "/ Kaksi kautta I. Muistikuvia ja merkintöjä 1982-1994, Helsinki: Kirjayhtymä Publishing Ltd., 1994 ).
Terms like " rector " and " curate " were carried overseas with the spread of Anglicanism but their exact significance depends on local conditions and regulations.
Terms of the deal were not disclosed
The Courts of Session of the County Palatine of Chester and the Principality of Wales were abolished section 14 of by the Law Terms Act 1830.
Terms were agreed on October 16 that Burgoyne insisted on calling a " convention " rather than a capitulation.
After the Civil War, many from the East Coast and Europe were lured west by reports from relatives and by extensive advertising campaigns promising " the Best Prairie Lands ", " Low Prices ", " Large Discounts For Cash ", and " Better Terms Than Ever !".
After the Civil War, many from the East Coast and Europe were lured west by reports from relatives and by extensive advertising campaigns promising " the Best Prairie Lands ", " Low Prices ", " Large Discounts For Cash ", and " Better Terms Than Ever !".
Terms of the deal were not publicly reported, but Forbes will continue to occupy the space under a five year sale-leaseback arrangement.
His principal works are Tobacco, its History and Association ( 1859 ); Gog and Magog ( 1860 ); Up the Nile and Home Again ( 1862 ); many articles and serials contributed to the Art Journal, some of which were afterwards separately published, as Costume in England ( 1846 ); Dictionary of Terms in Art ( 1854 ).
Terms of office were unspecified, but the executive and members of the popularly elected legislative chamber could not be elected for an undetermined time afterward.

Terms and agreed
* Newfoundland Act, a British Act of Parliament that confirmed and gave effect to the Terms of Union agreed to between the Dominion of Canada and the Dominion of Newfoundland on 23 March 1949.
Terms of surrender were agreed.
Terms of the merger with the New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad have not yet been agreed with the Interstate Commerce Commission ; in the interim, the Penn Central will financially support the New Haven.
The Newfoundland Act was an Act of the Parliament of the United Kingdom that confirmed and gave effect to the Terms of Union agreed to between the then-separate Dominions of Canada and Newfoundland on March 23, 1949.
Terms were agreed upon quickly and the MR started operations on 10 October 1844.
Terms of capitulation were agreed on the 4th.

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