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Tested and on
* Skroback Roadable Airplane-1934 Tested only on the ground, this vehicle used 3 pairs of short wings in tandem.
She also appeared on Bonnie Raitt's 1995 live DVD Road Tested singing the song " Never Make Your Move Too Soon.
Tested successfully by ace Georges Guynemer, the general conclusion on the SPAD XII is that only very skillful pilots could exploit its powerful armament.
He also played drums on Recipe For Hate ( 1993 ), Stranger Than Fiction ( 1994 ), The Gray Race ( 1996 ), Tested ( 1997 ), No Substance ( 1998 ), and The New America in 2000.
* Tested on TIROS-8, launched December 21, 1963
* Sony PlayStation Portable supports gapless with ATRAC file formats ( Tested on 5. 00 M33-3 firmware )
A band called DNA formed by Rick Derringer and Carmine Appice released a cover version of " Rock and Roll, Part 2 ", complete with crowd cheers, on their 1983 album Party Tested.
He composed it for an otherwise unknown person named al-Hasan ibn Abi Yahya ibn Barakat, whose name is mentioned in the title, which translates as " Useful Information for Hasan on Tested Medical Remedies ".
In recent years Target has begun to focus on improving quality of products, and has since advertised the Target Tested campaign.
( Tested on 32 and 64 bit platforms, various integer byte endings, etc.
Sloppy Seconds ' first studio album, " Destroyed " will be officially reissued by the band on Kid Tested records.

Tested and
* " Holding Power " 14 Anchors Tested from SAIL magazine October 2006
** K-15 Tested
Tested Positive For MIRCERA Stripped of stage wins
#" Tested " 3: 26 ; produced by Felix Tod
#" Tested " 3: 26

Tested and .
* 1976 February: Tested a diesel engine for the Volkswagen Golf passenger car.
* Tested: Every change must be tested in a safe test environment, which closely reflects the actual production environment, before the change is applied to the production environment.
Raitt's collaboration with Was would amicably come to an end with 1995's live release, Road Tested.
* " Model Should Be Tested First With a Poll for Governor ", Sydney Morning Herald, 26 October 1999.
Follands also used an airfield at Chilbolton formerly RAF Chilbolton where they Flight Tested the Folland Midge and Folland Gnat.
" Mammogram's Role as Savior Is Tested.
" Mammogram's Role as Savior Is Tested.
The Chasers War On Everything " Ad Road Tested " The Ad.
* Darwinism Tested by the Science of Language.
Tested by doctors, he was diagnosed with liver cancer.
Tested by Levene's test of equality of error variances.
* Ancient Tactics Tested: Swiss Pike and Ancient Phalanx.
Tested, but not adopted.
It represents the sound and variety of their early career with heavier songs like " Pressure Tested 1984 " open the album, whilst in the middle are more classic rock songs like " Repeat " and " Don't Go Away " and then towards the end the ballad " Bad Funk Stripe.
Lethal Force expert Massad Ayoob has stated that the " Tried, Tested, and True " + P or + P + is the best self-defense load in this caliber.
In the first weeks of September, Ronaldo's physical performance was subject to scrutiny by world media, after Castrol released a television film named Ronaldo: Tested to the Limit where he was put to test in several fields, including mental and physical.
In September 2011, Castrol EDGE presented " Cristiano Ronaldo: Tested to the Limit ", an award-winning documentary that showed Ronaldo undertaking a series of challenges while under scientific examination.
Tested three seat version of Soyuz T. First Soyuz since 1971 to carry three cosmonauts.
" Kid Tested, Mother Approved.

Tested and seconds
Tested after eight hours ' exposure, the bacteria could still contaminate bread and bologna in under five seconds, but a minute-long contact increased contamination about tenfold ( with tile and carpet surfaces only ).

maximum and power
Such permutation tests characterize tests with maximum power against all alternative hypotheses, as observed by Rosenbaum.
RF amplifiers are often specified in terms of the maximum power gain obtainable, while the voltage gain of audio amplifiers and instrumentation amplifiers will be more often specified ( since the amplifier's input impedance will often be much higher than the source impedance, and the load impedance higher than the amplifier's output impedance ).
An alternative view suggests that the optimum tension for power depends on the player: the faster and more accurately a player can swing their racquet, the higher the tension for maximum power.
Small could mean less than 3 dB below ( i. e., power output < 1 / 2 or voltage output < 0. 707 of ) the maximum value, or more rarely 10 dB below, or it could mean below a certain absolute value.
This is also the range of frequencies where the amplitude gain is above 70. 7 % of the maximum amplitude gain, and above half the maximum power gain.
This same " half power gain " convention is also used in spectral width, and more generally for extent of functions as full width at half maximum ( FWHM ).
In basic electric circuit theory, when studying band-pass and band-reject filters, the bandwidth represents the distance between the two points in the frequency domain where the signal is of the maximum signal amplitude ( half power ).
Alternatively, there may further be requirements for maximum terms that a government can keep power before holding an election.
The maximum allowed power for portable equipment as well as base stations is 250 mW.
Although the engine produces just 92 millinewtons ( 0. 331 ounce-force ) thrust at maximum power ( 2, 100W on DS1 ), the craft achieved high speeds because ion engines thrust continuously for long periods.
* maximum power: 2, 500 W ( of which 2, 100 W powers the ion thrust engine )
Problems with Bluebirds fuel system meant that the engine could not reach full rpm, and so would not develop maximum power.
Inefficiency comes not just from the fact that the device is always conducting to some extent ( that happens even with class AB, yet its efficiency can be close to that of class B ); it is that the standing current is roughly half the maximum output current ( although this can be less with square law output stage ), together with the problem that a large part of the power supply voltage is developed across the output device at low signal levels ( as with classes AB and B, but unlike output stages such as class D ).
Loading to the minimum power level listed in the reloading manual, instead of the maximum, can significantly increase case life.
Freight locomotives are normally designed to deliver high starting tractive effort — needed to start trains that may weigh as much as 15, 000 tons — and deliver sustained high power, at the sacrifice of maximum speed.
The stopping power and hence, the density of ionization, usually increases toward the end of range and reaches a maximum, the Bragg Peak, shortly before the energy drops to zero.
* Since a ship traveling at impulse velocities ( slower than, but approaching, the speed of light ) is still traveling in the normal space-time continuum, concerns of time dilation apply, so high relativistic speeds are avoided unless absolutely necessary ; impulse power is therefore customarily limited to a maximum of ¼ lightspeed.
While the Pennoyer and later Shoe doctrines limit the maximum power of a sovereign state, courts must also have authorization to exercise the state's power ; an individual state may choose to not grant its courts the full power that the state is Constitutionally permitted to exercise.
For maximum power and efficiency, the turbine system is designed such that the water-jet velocity is twice the velocity of the bucket.
To find the runner speed at maximum power, take the derivative of P with respect to u and set it equal to zero, 2ρQ ( V < sub > i </ sub > − 2u ).
While most QRP enthusiasts agree that for CW, AM, FM, and data modes, the transmitter output power should be 5 watts ( or less ), the maximum output power for SSB ( single sideband ) is not always agreed upon.

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